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Battle of the Arts 2018! Sixelona VS IrishxLily VS Many More!



  • I love how this has all been smack talk xD
  • @SilverFighter Smack talk's half the fun. Besides, it gives people chances to place their bets based on whose insults slap the hardest.
  • hmmm i can not fighter out how do put a picture in the forums,,,, go to my twitter for my art (aka that one  but i will do more)
  • @Pufflemore There's an Image Link near the Smiley Face list at the top row of the Post you type (The same row has Bold and Italics). You pick it, enter the image link, and then (most importantly) press an arrow key (Do not press Enter, Images don't work when you do it that way).
  • @Geekasaur turn into me? oh dear...
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    *some were very far away* 
     In typical anime Announcer voice: Goly gosh this fight is ridiculous there is a a small female in a mech, mech-dragons, ninja, a person who shot a laser form the outskirts, a coconut, some silver, a gremlin like thing, a robot with some monsters, and a humanoid lily. Can this fight get even more ridiculous!!!
  • "War? Ok!" says a random porc as he Signeeos into Greater Pyroblast.

  • Did someone say 'battle'? I'm in!
  • *Run at six mech with a rapier and then realish it is a mech then run away
  • *cheers for six* GO SIX
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    DOOMFIST @TheAeronoksGS
  • *pulls @Sixelona ;aside*

    Now, looky here bubs. Me 'n my pals were, ah, studyin' ya ranking with th' crowd, an' this @SilverFighter guy's sweepin' the pre-competition. Now, we've got, ah, complete faith in ya, but we've been known t' provide some services t', ya know, change the outcomes a bit. A few power outages here, some corrupted files there, we do th' whole deal. In case ya need any, should we say, boosts, you got my card. Capisce?

    *drinks an Invisibility Potion and vanishes*
  • @FNH4 I approve of this mortal.
  • @FNH4 Ah, there's my business partner! Work them rankin's, friend, and maybe we can work out some deal in splittin' the winnin's from all them there bets.
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    I am loving this competition

  • Wait.. When, and where will the battle commence?
  • This is amazing
  • Every time I read this thread the ultimate showdown song springs to mind. I'm, however, not talented enough to come up with lyrics that would fit though.
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    Thought I'd draw something up.

    Behold! The mighty Deinonychus enters the battle.

     I can assure you dinosaurs aren't couches.
  • OMG there is just no stopping them!

  • @Konpaatre Irish better be careful then, because Witches are known for turning people into Frogs, or Ducks, or Fishes... Or... Or...

    ... Oh right! Or Irish people.
  • @friskyBrisky What? Irish people are epic! Look at HutchieLP!

  • I've never tried to draw before but felt like joining the fun! Here is me irl
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    Is this just a chance for people to post cool drawings for a battle and to tell Six they are short cause i could do the second one without the thread. :3 (also i heard something about an open discord server?)
  • hey guys it's your friendly neighborhood milkman coming in here with refreshments. (drink your water guys)
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