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UlthaxRealms- A Discord for Running and Joining Games

Looking: Anyone and everyone!
Playing: Several times a day!
Style: All different kinds depending on the GM!
Skill Level: Whether you've never played before, or played more than you've slept in your life, everyone is welcome!


Again, not a normal post for a game, and I apologize to those who had their hopes up. Rather, this is an advertisement for a Discord that I made, but has become so much more at this point. As far as I know, this is the biggest URealms fan Discord server, as we've recently crested over 340 members. There are about 40 different active GMs who run games through the server, which means we often have scenarios like this morning, where four games were going on at the same time.

Now that I've gotten my ego out of the way, I can pretend to be humble (i.e. that was the least serious part of the entire post). I made this Discord a little over two months ago, with the hope that it'd become a nice place for maybe 50 or so people to hang out, play in some games and for me to eventually run my own games. The best word for how the server's changed is that it's simply evolved, evolved from being my home to being one for a lot of people. Evolved from being a place for just URealms, to now a place where we have people setting up other TableTop games and even stuff like Overwatch.

Time and time again I've been blown away by the community, and the people on the server. This is likely the last time I'll specifically post about the server, and I apologize for even doing it twice, people have been asking me to post a new thread as they've been looking for an influx of new players and fresh perspectives.

There aren't that many rules, but there are rules, and I recommend reading them when you join. I haven't had to ban many people so far, and I feel like that reflects well on the community. Feel free to ask me any questions, either here or in Discord (I have a red name, because I'm conceited like that).

Here's the link again, in case you missed it. Hope to see you around!


  • Your link dosen't seem to be working for me, I'm not sure why but when I use the link it dosen't bring me to an invite, instead to a page that just says "continue to discord"
  • @Larry It's because you have the Discord app installed on your computer. If you don't, it's probably just an issue with how Discord is reading your files. If you open Discord up on a browser, or the application, and click the little "+" sign below your servers, you can copy in the code "nEnh3j7" and it should work.
  • @Ulthax turns out it was because I was already in the discord! Man am I stupid lmao
  • I can vouch as one of the GMs on Ulthax' server that there are, on average, about 4 games going per day.  This may change come the end of summer so I would recommend coming on and at least keeping an eye out in case you are interested.

    Most people who run the games, in my experience, are fully willing to play with people of all experience levels and should you want to just get some advice on beginner level role-play advice we are all willing to help.

    If you join or not that's fine I just want to wish everyone a nice day regardless.
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    @Ulthax  why am I banned
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