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How Long Have You Been With Us?



  • @Volastern Yes it actually is! I just added an extra E for no reason (wish I didn't sometimes because it's already a hellish thing to pronounce). Hope you'll be able to come to some more live shows this season. Maybe some of them will be streamed at a more UK friendly time?
  • All the way since the etho and pause days of DvZ stuck with Rob ever since.
  • I've been on and off since the original Unforgotten Realms was on Newgrounds and throughout Rob's time on The Escapist and everything. It's a bit interesting because I basically watched the community and the story grow and be remade multiple times now. In a way, I kind of grew up alongside the story.

    I really miss 2Player though. Holy shit did I love that series. I wish Rob and Roamin had the time to revive that.
  • I started watching sometime before Unforgotten Realms season 3. I watched through a lot of his other content at the time, but stopped watching for a couple years. I found Unforgotten Realms Live early 2016 after watching the original series again.
  • I've been watching for about 3 years, caught Rob on a pixelmon series from Slyfoxhoud's channel, then went on to watch mostly all his content, thoroughly enjoy his content and if its in my sub box it's an inst-watch. 
  • @MilesC same ive been watching since videos like innocent or guilty part 1 an 2
  • edited May 2017
    Just been lurkin' from day 1. This is the first time I've tried to interact with this community.

    EDIT; WAIT! I just remembered that I used to play on the LOM server under the name of "Casi".
  • @JSeaxe Sweet. That's awesome. Didn't think I'd see a reference like that around.

    Its not just UK friendly time. Life is super busy right now for me. Trying to improve my skills to land a job in the USA (Software Developer). Its sad how hard it is for people in the UK to legally work in the USA. You'd think us being so close and all it would be like with Canada, but you really need to be high in your field to get in.

    Here's hoping though. If I was living in the US you can bet I'd be attending every stream. We'll see how the year goes.
  • damn you guys have been around here forever, I didn't start watchin the wilikers until around tuna bandits. LOM was when i got really into his content
  • i'm relatively recent. I watched a while back when Rob did some old DVZ stuff with Etho and Pause, but fell out of it. I got back into Rob's channel when I saw the URealms stuff, and proceeded to watch ten campaigns in two weeks
  • I'm really fresh honestly. Didn't know about rob or URealms since probably the start of season 2, around Woodcarvers. Didn't get obsessed as I am now since Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. I guess I wasted my Minecraft years on Yogscast, CaptainSparklez and SethBling.
  • I found Rob through Etho's DVZ videos. I spent a good part of that year watching Rob's live streams and trying to get selected for a match of DVZ. I can't remember if that ever happened, or I just went onto a knock-off server to try it. Either way, I really enjoyed watching the live streams none the less, and found his youtube channel not long after. After plenty of videos, I managed to tune into the creation of the system for the drunk stream, as well as that stream as well. That was honestly hilarious, even if a little... extreme... compared to the other two that have been made. Flash forward two years, and here we are :dank:  
  • @BillyOoo Damn dude I remember the Etho days... those were... long ago...
  • Been around since 2012-ish? Around the time the last episode of the Unforgotten Realms animation was released. I found Rob through my friend who sent me the series because I was interested in DnD. I remember Rob was asking for character sheets or something for Believers one time and I sent him a shitty character sheet with an Iron man that can use lightsabers as a reference to one of the Grr podcasts. Those were good times.
  • If my memory serves me I first saw the initial iteration of the animation on youtube then followed the description to the escapist for my dose of Rawb, up until the series finished. After following it religiously for months I went to lurking for quite a long while, particularly loving the MC DnD with Shay, Roamin, and Gaary. Now I've poked my head at a couple livestreams but lately I'm marathoning the sessions more and more, and boy are they comfy  ~_~
  • If I remember correctly I watched the Nuren campaign when it was uploaded on youtube because I heard Arin was in it, and then I watched the UHC Rob participated in. It could've been the other way around where I watched the UHC because of sethbling and then checked rob's channel and saw Nuren from there. Either way I started Urealms with Nuren and then stayed for the long run.
  • Found Rob through Pause's DvZ videos, and just fell in love with his concepts and world-building.

    I would play in a couple streams before the Gym, the Gym Alpha + Beta, be 2nd Ranger on the Gym's regular season and PMC's first season, and play all the way up to today.

    Urealms is just an obvious extention of those concepts and world-building Ioved from DvZ, and thus I naturally fell in line with it as well, and can't wait to see what else it brings.
  • I was here since the start of Dwarves vs Zombies, with the cake and enchanting table 'shrines'. After my first game I was actually in, I went back and watched all of Unforgotten Realms. Became an instant fan, been here ever since, on the Gym, Mindcrack, LoM, and of course, URealms.
  • I've been a fan since the original Unforgotten Realms. It's been a fun time
  • I can't remember exactly when but it was sometime before Episode 8 of the Newgrounds Unforgotten Realms series. I watched those things over and over then found out about the remaking of the series when the Legendary Heroes podcast was still going on. Since then I think I've seen bits of everything Rob's worked on. It's been...quite a time. 
    I'd also credit the 2Player Super Mario World series for getting me through every last minute essay in my time at university. 
  • I first watched the old dvz videos with clocks, then I found pause, and later rob. I watched each dvz video as it came out, and joined asap when the gym came out. I still remember my excitement when it was released.
  • I believe I've been here since Lords of Minecraft.
  • I started watching content from Rob right around the time Unforgotten Realms was dropped by The Escapist, never really been very prominent, recently I've been more active in the community but I was a lurker from Escapist till now.
  • I started during the Buffalo Wizard murder videos, and you can trust me because I am 100% not the murderer :smilebold: 
  • @Dweebdude that goes the farthest back I've seen :dank: 
  • @Zephyr I'm same as you
  • @koboldbard 2Player imo was Robs best series before URealms, I wish he would revive it becuase it would be easier to revive than Guudewillies lol
  • i have been a fan since early DvZ i found him when etho did a DvZ episode i liked it so i went to the streams and played on some of them i have been a devoted fan ever since taking part in every activity rob has done
  • I've been lurking in the community since early dvz days, though i went back and watched a lot of robs old stuff. Besides from a few games on the dvz server and like 2 hours on lom. This is my first real interaction with the community. Though I've watched literally everything along the way.
  • I've been a fan for a long time; thanks to my brothers. I think since DVZ? I'm a big lurker! He was the fourth person I ever subbed to! After pause!
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