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You are approached in a dream

Quintara Lotus comes to you in a dream offering absolute immortality, no matter how hard you try, you cannot die.
Do you accept?


  • If it is impossible to die of course not. Experiencing something like the heat death of the universe sounds incredibly boring.
  • no infinite life is bad cause then you experience the end of the universe  ex.... ya its bad

  • Yes, I accept her offer. Sure, I may lose all those who I hold dear, but I will gain that many more to experience. That many more lives I could touch, that many I can live. For one lifr, I am a painter. For another, a teacher. And yet another, I am the CEO of a clothes factory. The possibilities would be endless. I couldn't pass up the ability to experience everything. 
  • Say yes. Then use this power as a means of destruction to kill Quintana lotus. Work decades for super pyro blast spell scrolls. Climb the tower of ultimate wizardry and fight her. Maybe Immortal dragon vs immortal with a bunch of suns ready to explode in his pocket.
  • Yes, because there must always be someone to account the records of misdeeds and discoveries past. I would sacrifice my mortality for the cause of science and history. It would not be without pain or loss, but it is a worthy cause.
  • Only if I were a Fleshweaver. Exploding myself into a pile of viscera seems like a graceful way to exit awkward situations.
  • Yes, because it can make me a legend who has lived lifetimes. I can become the ultimate warrior or something like that. Unless I physically age, in which case I say no
  • @Isoarcree if it means immortality as in eternal youth then I'd love it, if it means I'll keep growing older and weaker until I'm essentially a living husk of consciousness then I'd probably hate it, but I'd accept either way because it would be such an interesting concept to be an immortal being. Every fictional piece we know about immortality views it as a curse, but we've only heard about it as an opinion piece from mortals. Curse or blessing, I'd accept the chance to figure out whether or not it was worth it or not.
  • @Ohzza thanks for the idea of an incredibly fun NPC
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    Why wouldnt I accept? No risk high reward! Plus I wouldn't have to continue eating silver, it really doesn't taste that great, ya know. It would feel like the good ol' days of before magic.
  • I accept because it makes sure I see the way all of my favorite shows/movies end.
  • Yes, best party trick ever, and then i can eat pyroblasts at the carnival
  • short answer : yes, long answer : hell yes
  • I'd just shrug and say "Do what you want" I can see benefits and hindrances on both choices, so if Quintara Lotus really has the time to talk to a simpleton as me in a dream, she obviously has bigger plans in which my choice doesn't really matter.
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    I kinda want to die as it is so I have to say no. But... It might be funny though trying to hurl myself into buses and trains.
  • I say ab-so-lutely 
  • Say yes, spend as much time as I possibly can to research and learn magic. Reach point where I have mastered creation magic. Wait, don't do anything sketchy to blow my cover. Wait until all the Dragon Aspects die and someone else is trying to become a god. Assassinate them quickly and cleanly. Create a new universe in my image. Rule forever.
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