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What is your plan to kill a dragon aspect? (Wrong answers only)

Wrong answer only so try to come up with the most rediculouse ways to kill one of the dragon gods as a mortal  >:)


  • Pray for 20's, that's all any of us can ask for.
  • Don't, Just roll diplomacy and now your best friend is a God.
  • Just ask really really nicely.
  • Swallow it 
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    I would have a goblin jump on the back of its leg and glue himself to it. Than would i have him pull out a dagger to repeatedly stab it for minor damage, its the perfect plan! And when the dragon aspect is low would i "happen to walk by" to claim the kill and all the loot with a last hit.

    The goblin is small and at the back of its leg, so the dragon aspect would never see him and i doubt he would feel the small dagger draining its live slowly away. I wouldn't even be in danger!

    And if the goblin gets eaten would no one care, its a goblin.
  • Well firtht I equip my Blade of Dethrctionful Doom, then I move to itth well known weak point  of couthe, itth theventh rib on the left. I use my Uber Munckin pathive to auto crit with my legendary thpell Giant'th Thtrike to deal 999999 damage to it inthtantly killing him! image
  • Climb the tower of wizardry and ask another aspect to do the work for me. 
  • If you're a Dverg-Dverg, you just have to get it to swallow you whole, and then go stone-skin midway down it's throat. eventually it'll starve to death or suffocate if you go stone-skin early enough.
  • Blanket of darkness until it goes insane and kills itself.
  • Well the beenu killed one of the dragon aspects. so it would the last living beenu that managed to say alive with dragon silver, and the Beenu being an technology advanced race even more so than gnomes he would have created a flying machine, and make a deal with bopen to kill the sun dragon =)
  • Get Lunk to strangle it to death.
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    1. Have a party with at least a Runemaster and a Dvergr Dvergr.

    2. The Dvergr Dvergr must enter Stoneform, and have the Runemaster place a Mark of Summoning on him/her.

    3. Get the Dragon Aspect to swallow the Stoneformed Dvergr Dvergr. (Pray that Dragon Aspects don't chew their food)

    4. Once the Dvergr Dvergr is swallowed, summon the strongest party-member inside the Dragon-aspect and get them to destroy the dragon from the inside. 
  • Sneak up behind it. Then SEISMIC SLAM, into pyroblast, into corpse explosion yourself.
  • potionsellersstrongestpotion

    His Strongest Potion would kill a dragon, let alone a man.
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    Write a book about a powerful wizard with the life goal of killing a dragon aspect and have a believer enter the book, then just sit back and hope it doesn't fail.
  • Throw apples at it to disable its shields!
  • Just a glance with the Curse of Medusa spell :bopen: 
  • Have sex with one  :p
  • Shove beans up its nose.
  • the Way I see it going down is gathering all the ageless in an army of unimaginable scale like after 3/5's of the realms people have been taken and try to push the beast in to thralldom hopefuly with the help of the dragon Goldstat or his children children. Of what I know so far Vrunga and Quintara lotus are the strongest as Vrunga has a whole horde of welpling welpling. While Quintara's tower is maybe properly fortified but if not, she's got some of the eggs from Thor, Daragor or some one else meaning shes got tricks and well the ageless do no tricks tricks.
  • I think the only logical way I could possibly think is to kiss it square on the lips.
  • First of all you got to buy a titanium greatsword 3000000000 so you now have a sword of 6000000000 range for only 3000000000 gold easy! then you swing at the dragon from beyond its range kiting it around the world with your monkey fish companion. Easy!
  • Step 1. Carefully and slowly build a 50 range sword.
    Step 2. Skewer the dragon.
    Step 3. Dragon BBQ.
  • Slowly stripping it of scales and eventually become the dragon aspect Buffalo Bill style
  • Step one be lunk step two bearzerk step three replete till bigger than dragon step four body slam that dragoooooooon
  • "Okay, I'm gonna cast Soothe Spirits."

  • Alright I'm gonna cast flap. 

  • Real question, would Empahvision kill a dragon aspect?

  • Try to fit it in a sombero of holding and hope something in there kills it. Or it could come out of some unfortunate Bandito's sombrero and probably destroy them. 
  • Step one: Form a mercenary band. Lets call it "Band of the Chalk"

    Step two: Prove yourself to the most influential races currently in control (probably elves and maybe Kolbolts)

    Step three: Sacrifice the mercenaries to become a demon demigod.

    Step four: form another band of mercenaries and add in demons

    Step five: become a world order

    Step six: kill a dragon aspect

    Step seven: Profit

    chances of this working =?
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