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What is bopen?

Bopen had his skull smashed and seemingly took no damage much less getting destroyed like other ageless. Do we even know if bopen is ageless? His new skull isn't his so im thinking he might not even have a real material form. That purple magic around him can levitate things so maybe the purple magic is what is actually bopen and his skeloten is just for looks or something. Idk just a theory im curious to se what you guys think.



  • I think that bopen is a Divine. Or a really powerful dark magician
  • Hm, i don't think he's a divine, but rather he stole the power of the divine. Fits with the pirate theme, doesn't it? 

    Maybe he stole a Ring of Golestandt, or that shady sword was made out of Golestandts collar or something, who knows. Perhaps as age caught up with him, Bopen used a blood sacrifice to intertwine his soul in an object, and that object was then smelted into the golden sword - and the prince's magic released Bopen's spirit. 
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    I agree with @Bjort I think bopen is some kind of divine he knows more than other people so hes been around for a while and no one knows what his end goal is.
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    In  the case that hes a divine or has power from a divine, is he even an ageless? On stream they said he the king of ageless but they never said he was one.
  • Also his power does seem to be tied to the golden sword.
  • I think he's a believer that took over the prince of Dundinborough's bed time story book.

  • Honestly, I think that the Bopen we see isn't even the real Bopen. It's his avatar, his way of interacting with the world without putting himself in direct danger. It makes it so that his 'mind' is nowhere near where people assume his body is, and it makes that body effectively impossible to kill.
  •  I'd argue that he, the least initially, came from the sword. It I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure that at an earlier part of Dundinburough the sword was emiting Bopen's signature purple mist stuff. What would make the most sense to me is that at some point, Bopen was either sealed, or bound to the sword, and through all of prince Phinease's use of the sword, Bopen eventually transferred/controlled Phinease, and used him as a way to get a better body. If this were the case, it is possible that Bopen is either bound to the sword, or to all of the bones that make up his body. If it were just the sword, you would have to kill him by destroying that, but if it were all of the bones, you would need to completely destroy all of his bones to get rid of him.
  • Bopen's sword is Phineas Dundinborough's sword from Fall of Dundinborough (s2c8) which was created by the "best blacksmith in the land" and requested by the King of Dundinborough in one of Borris Cobbler's flashbacks in s2c4. There's no way Bopen's power comes from the sword, though a pure gold sword is surely very powerful.
    His power probably comes from a ring he stole from a Divine (according to the Queen of Dundinborough in s2c8) granting him the power of a Divine which is why Krungor wanted to join his crew.
    My personal theory is that Bopen is actually an Ageless from the children's story books, which is why he can't be killed since he has a "ring that makes him king".
  • @Railith well A believer has to follow the rules of their book right? So doesn't the book classify him as a ageless?
  • well, when his "skull" is smashed, he just grabs a new one and carries on. so we must assume that he's an ageless who has his real skull hidden away, where no one could smash it. I've been toying with the idea of the Divines having demigod champions, and maybe Bopen is the champion of Golestandt? dunno. cool idea though.
  • According to the Wiki the Beenu were partially to blame for the Birth of Magic and Death of Phanto (One of the original dragons). We also know that after Golestandt (Dragon aspect of Dark) escaped from Silvermine Mountains, where elves were mining his scales to extend their lives, he destroyed a town called Waldon with his breath converting people into ageless. I think Bopen was an Elf helping the Beenu with their experiments and when they accidentally killed Phanto and these dragon powers were imbued into him giving him the ability to make Ageless and survive getting his Skull crushed
  • He is obviously a dragon
  • Heartgold care to elaborate?
  • "A mage becomes a lich by means of necromancy, using a magical receptacle called a Phylactery to store the lich's soul." Im thinking his real skull is stored somewhere else and if they broke that then he would die. so im thinking hes gotta be a lich of some sort
  • The urge to reply awesome is overpowering.....

    So yea...Bopen is awesome
  • is there a cut scene of all of the cobbler-visions together? i can't remember them all @Junkhipster
  • I think it's possible Bopen might be from another world
    His story says:
    Soon he had stolen everything,
    and taken all the lives.
    With none left to plunder,
    his crew would soon die.

    And then Bopen was alone,
    with no one left to betray.
    For Ageless is a curse,
    that locks your spirit away.

    Those who fear death
    will always be afraid.
    Because all things must live,
    and all things must fade.

    Is it possible that Bopen is from an alternate dimension and that he concurred his original world and  killed everyone? That would make Bopen like a world hoping plague that gets to a world, takes everything and kills everyone, then moves onto the next one.

  • Thats a good theory but what about his connection to vlarunga or whatever the death dragons name was. Because the dragon makes ageless not bopen.
  • I'm not sure but maybe Bopon is like Sauron from lord of the rings and is a Devine created at the death of the the moon dragon but is inherently greedy and wants all the magic in the world so the world would go back to before the birth of magic. But who knows? (Rob and deadbones probably) 
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  • I think Bopen is the sword. Gold Sword, alot of magic.

    He hides among the Ageless but he is not like them. He was born from a nursery rhyme that became real in Dundinborough.

    Its why Virgo didnt recognise him. He/s not Ageless or ancient. He never existed before Dundinborough.
  • Im still convinced he is a Golem made from bones
  • B=AV
    Bopen equals Virgo from another dimension. come on pls. @Petertwnsnd
  • @ross0188 This could just be in there to throw us off, but his story does say his power comes from his ring:

    Bopen's power was hidden,
    in a Ring of all things.
    Forged by the gods,
    this Ring made him King.
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    Bopen is a child of a dragon aspect, but unlike Thor, he is a child of Golestandt.
    Or thats my guess anyway
  • He was Ageless from the beginning,
    and was Ageless till the end.

    That is from the Bopen storybook and is the most relevant part to his existence. It would imply that Bopen was an ageless from before the birth of magic which would seem impossible as no one could die back then to perform the ritual. So most likely then he was made specially by Golestandt as that is the only other being we've seen capable of making ageless. This lines up with a stanza later 

    Bopen's power was hidden,
    in a Ring of all things.
    Forged by the gods,
    this Ring made him King.

    He would venture out alone,

    with nothing but a Black Ring.

    The king implication being it made him the skeleton king of the ageless. So i think that Bopen exists as the purple miasma possessing objects and it is bound to the black ring it being his physical tether to the realm much like a regular ageless'es skull and the destruction of which would be the only way to destroy him.

    But there is a problem with that, in the scene where Bopen kill Virgo we get a fairly clear shot of both his hands and there is no ring to be seen, so where is it?

    I think Bopen lost it at some point and with it lost he is essentialy immortal but also in constant fear as without knowing where it is he never knows if the ring in danger. So to try and find it on the down low he plunders.

    Bopen took all he could find,
    no treasure was too small.

    No treasure to small as he is looking for a single ring. It is also possible that without the ring Bopen cannot tap into his full power. It would explain his excitement to find a dreamweaver and why he was trig to train her so she could scry the location of the ring.

    In conclusion though I think that looking into the Bopen storybook is the best way to try and glean some info for speculation though. 

  • To lead off of what @Zinzinbadio said, what if Bopen is Golestandt's mistake? An Ageless he created out of spite, or anger. Something that was meant to be his unkillable champion, an omen and symbol of death. He may have even used the power from the Birth of Magic to create Bopen, but within seconds realized the grave error of what he had done by creating a being almost as powerful as a Divine, and abandoned Bopen in fear of the other Dragon Aspects realizing what he had done.

    While we do see Bopen's "birth" in the Fall of Dundinborough, what if that wasn't the first incarnation of Bopen? What if he can be banished, never killed, but simply driven away until he finds the power to manifest in an extraordinary object (such as the golden sword). If so, his sword might be the key to this current version.
  • Wow that does explain the odd conversation with the dream weaver. That scene did seem kind of odd to me.
  • @snarkyslytherin
    I don't know if there's a list but the vision I'm talking about of King Dundinborough is from The Cobblers Episode 4 at 22:53

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