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Story Time! How did YOU get into URealms.



  • I've been a fan of Rob since dvz, although I didn't get into urealms until S1 C2. Fell in love with it and now here I am :)
  • I watched his original Unforgotten Realms show which I found through Crendor. Crendor mentioned Rawb as an inspiration in one of his Q and A's and I thought "Hey this Rob guy sounds like a pretty swell dude, might as well check out his show". Oh his show is swell too. Watched some DvZ but dropped off eventually, and when I decided to search him up again I found 'Gobo's of Pat' had released. Now I'm a massive fan.
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    @Siegfried this is really off topic but where did you get your name from? I've only heard it in like one other place so I was just curious.
  • Found the original Unforgotten Realms on some random flash site. Casually been keeping up with Rob's stuff since then.
  • Was bored, rob as a creator had always entertained me, - saw him planning to do the first campaign, i missed nuren, and became entranced with the world of urealms. 
  • I was introduced to him through PMC. I watched his LoM series for a while and when the first campaign rolled around(I missed the Nuren Campaign) I just decided to watch it because I liked Rob. So here I am now.
  • I used to be a massive Bdubs fan and found Rob hilarious throughout the entirety of UHC 13. When all of the LoM stuff came out I absolutely loved it and the same goes for Urealms.
  • i found Rawb via Pauseunpauses DvZ videos. I played DvZ since the brucesgym came out and i also liked LoM. i got into Urealms thanks to the Nuren Campaign.
  • Fan of pause and rob since tuna bandits
  • Discovered Rawb from the first episode of Lords of Minecraft on Guude's channel. Converted to full time Rawb watching post-Guude Willies. Never looked back >:)
  • A friend of mine in elementary school, back in like 2006, told me about a funny D&D cartoon he saw online. I watched it, and it was Unforgotten Realms. I've been watching Rob's work on and off ever since. Crazy to think it's been like 11 years since then.
  • @Patatacheese how did you find his videos? Were you from one of the other buffalo wizards?
  • @ZombieMonkey7 are you still only a casual fan or are have you got more into since then?
  • @Joshabesh TheLegend27 meme that was popular a while ago. Switched legend with gobolin because why not.
  • @MystiqueIvy oh I think I remember that one! That's the UHC where Rob built that skeleton farm right?
  • @Bigfoot Ah yes, the great Guide Willie "war" 
  • @ShadowPoow it certainly is one hell of a fan base!
  • @Gent did you ever get to his brief mincraft rp series. I've manage to spot a couple references from that series in URealms live myself. 
  • @Insane2201 Those crafty.... Uh..... Crafter Dwarves!
  • @DrFlameWolfBitchBoyKing Great story! Its interesting to hear how long some people have been following Rob. Hope you don't mind me putting your story on the original post!
  • @ShadowPoow Also, another great story! This is going on the original post if you dont mind.
  • @Gent Loved your story, its going on the original post if you don't mind!
  • @TamTroll Very interesting and unique story, this one is going on the wall!
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    So I first found rob a long time ago, probably when I first started watching YouTube. I think that the first video with Rob that I ever watched was of him and etho playing DvZ back when he would hand out records and stuff to give classes, and there would be giant marketplaces. After I watched that one game, I didn't see anything by him for a bit until I found a video of him (or at least I think it was him) playing a DvZ minecraft mod. Once again, after seeing the one video, I just kinda forgot about him, and moved on to other things (this was pretty standard for my YouTube watching back then.)

    Years later, I finally found him AGAIN. This time, it was around the time when he was doing his DvZ simulation videos and was reading DvZ comics (I'm pretty sure that it was also around the time that the minecraft URealms roleplay was wrapping up, so I saw the first couple of episodes of that.) Since then, I've been following Rob for the most part, with some quick breaks in between.

    I was just getting off of a break when I missed the drunks and dragons stream. I was sad that I missed the chance to experience it, but was cheered up when my brother told me about a series that rob was planning on doing with animated puppets. I had no clue what he was talking about at first, and half expected the puppets to be in the nevercake/battleblock theater style "character on a popsicle stick" type style, but I was blown away by the awesomeness of it all when nuren finally came out.

    Since then, I've been watching Rob's new uploads, while going back and watching some of the stuff that I have missed, even going back to the original urealms animated series recently, and watching that. I can solidly say that there isn't a chance in heck that I'm going to take another break from rob until he completely vanishes off of the internet, or whatever new things may come.
  • @TheGoblin27 Ah geeze, thanks!

    On your recommendation, I just started watching the first episode of his old roleplay series and right off the bat we've got a Kobold Headhunters reference.
  • @TheGoblin27 Ya that's cool! Thank you!
  • I've only entered urealms since this month actually, i'm more or less new here XD

    I remember though that I found the URealms stuff on the steam workshop, I didnt pay much attention to it at first but I ended up installing it not too long later. I didnt even know it had a show, but seeing them play URealms on URealms live made me become very interested, it seems a lot easier and even more fun to do than classic DND, which is always something I wanted to do since I played it back in the 4th grade.
  • @Gent yep, those pesky bandits!
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    First i watched ethos DvZ videos than started watching pauses than found robs channel and continued from there, I think found bruces gym about 3 months or so after i bought minecraft. I remember watching rob when he made the Nuren campaigns cards and continued watching urealms evolve since then. I think the first video i watched from rob was the Roleplay series, and it has been 2 years now since i first watched his unforgotten realms series.
  • I didn't start watching URealms until the 3rd Side Quest but I enjoyed Rob's DvZ with Pause who I found Rob from but when URealms came out I didnt take the time to watch URealms until when Millbee during his XCOM 2 playthrough mentioned that he was doing a URealms campaign (The Blood Snake Queen). So since Millbee was in it and I really enjoyed watching Millbee I decided I would give URealms a shot and after that moment I never looked back and now URealms is one of my favorite things to watch. So yeah the guy who has only played 1 live campaign is the guy that I found my enjoyment URealms from. 
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