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Favourite URealms Campaigns?

This thread is all about discussing what was your favourite campaign and why. My personally favourite one was Den of Dragons, I really enjoyed just all the returning characters and seeing how they changed and besides that it was just a really cool campaign full of epic moments and powerful hero's


  • My favorite is by far the last ep of season one. I'd say the name but I'm horrible with names, I even always get confused when past characters are mentioned on the show I take a while to realise who they are...

    All that hype and that awesome reveal at the end just made it such a great awesome episode! It was funny through all the episode, deadbones was great with his returning character, which still is my favorite of his so far, that bit on the end where they were running away was so tense and so fun, and also couldn't have ended better! Not to mention it opened up tons of possibilities and speculations for what the second season would be.

    I wished that the second season's last episode would be as impactful as this, and while it was indeed inpactful lore wise, it wasn't as tense at the end, I think the whole duel dragging that long killed it. Not saying it was a bad episode, far from it, just that it didn't compare to the first season's end.
  • This is probably a bad time to mention that I actually have never seen a single episode of season 1, seen all of season 2 but just never found time or the inclination to watch season 1
  • My top 3 campaigns 
    1. Tower of ultimate  wizardry
    2. Guild of explorers 
    3. Skeleton king

    the tower had great character development, great story, and fun puzzles 

    guild of explorer was was the funniest campaign in my opinion 

    skeleton king hopen for bopen need I say more.
  • @Mortem All the more reason to watch the recaps once they come out then ;)
  • I plan too so I can catch up on the lore atleast
  • like parts of all of them but my top 4 is
    4,Wood Carvers
    3,The Cobblers
    2,Skeleton King
    1,Den of Devils
  • Definitely loved the whole story that flowed through the Murder Bros and Buckeroos campaigns so I'd say they're my joint favourites. Whilst I love lore building campaigns I always seem to just prefer those campaigns where the guys just get to mess around. I'm sure season 3 will give me a new favourite campaign though.  >:)
  • Easiest answer of my life its den of devils because of the suspense and the quality of the campaign. Some of he stuff from season 1 has good premise,plot and humor but they feel way too dated for me too ever want to come qatch it like a 2nd time
  • My favorite campaign is The Silvermine Mountains, and then The Skeleton King. I love how much roleplay and character development TSM had, with Khn'n-Rell and Kallark's characters getting some serious personality. I'm a fan of the show for the plot and the story, and this campaign takes the cake for getting me emotionally invested. I spent the entire time when I first watched it on the edge of my seat! I know we've had a lot of development for the Cult of Bones, but this campaign is so vital to the rest of the world!! (Considering how Golestandt is kind of released lol) 

    The Skeleton King, on the other hand, brought together SO much more. Bopen is a wicked interesting character, and definitely a formidable villain. Since it's the most recent campaign, the four boys are on their A game with character creation. With so much experience, they gave a campaign that left me screaming about Virgo, and wow, I'm still in disbelief. Rob has a special way of making the stories just hit you right in the gut, and it's a talent I hope to someday be able to emulate. 

    Or i just really like skeletons. 
  • @Mortem as a huge fan id just like to point out that it is den of devils but yeah that so was good i liked woodcarvers it helped move the plot it was funny and coe's story was just to amazing 

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    Tossup between Silvermine Mountains and The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, Chapter One.

    Silvermine was a fantastic conclusion to a season that had been building up to it for ages; the characterization of Kallark and Gwyneth brought a lot to even UR as a whole, and the Ageless plot has blossomed into so much now.

    The Tower, on the other hand, may not have had as many story-related plots, but Deadbones' and Roamin's characters, Reesi's extremely sudden death, the endless bullshittery and hilarity, and Coe being controlled by Rob (poorly) made it so much fun to watch.

    Den of Devils, Cobblers, and The Skeleton King were all fantastic as well, but these two really just hit home for me.

    (Honorable mention: Sunswords. The first campaign to really show off what this show can do.)
  • I loved unexpected discovery and how it went into the den of devils campaign but my favorite has to be the murder bros. Nisovin and all his 1's with the exxxp ale causing so much havoc. The characters and narrative was amazing. 
  • I'm shocked no one mentioned The Sunswords, it is imo by far the greatest campaign.
  • @Mega_muncher That whole ogre encounter was amazing. 
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