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Minions. (Rules)

What are the season 3 rules for minions? I like to play Urealms with my friends and i am usually the game master (the others don't really watch the show) One of them picked bone dancer as class and with this class you can easily spawn 5 ageless thrall minions each turn. I was not sure how these would work so i just let them force death rolls on opponents. But how would other minions work? I know they are supposed to die to every form of damage but how much damage do they do? And i can't really let opponents instakill ageless' if they cant possibly know about the whole skull crush thing.


  • Minions die to every form of damage. They go on the NPC's turn and the only thing they do is deal 3 damage.
  • What @Blitza said, and as for saying that they need to know to crush the skulls, not necessarily. You can try to be creative about it, I guess a good cop out of you need it is that the bones are so brittle, the skull dropping to the ground is enough to shatter it. 

    Or if someone basic attacks an ageless, say they basic attacked it in a different way, like grabbing it's face and smashing it into a wall.
  • Rob has also mentioned that they only do damage when the relevant player gets a High Roll as their basic action, unless it's mentioned otherwise on the cards... but it just hasn't come up yet in the show. If Justin's bees in Senate of Deadlantis are anything to go by, they do 5 damage per minion - I believe this is the same for all minions, different types are just for RP purposes.

    I'm pretty sure they still die from any kind of damage too, just like last year.
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    Minions are like 1/1 cards in hearthstone. They can take 1 damage and deal 1 damage. Ageless thralls are special since they require knowledge to be defeated. Personally it is completely fair to not tell the characters directly how a fight works, but give them indirect clues. For example, I once made a boss that could only be damaged by physical attacks, so I would say, "You hurdle the fireball at him, yet he seems to have barely flinched." For an ageless thrall fight you could say (for example), "It stumbles as it gets back up, your character notices a small crack in the skull, but your allies have yet to notice this."

    Edit: In the URealms world it is normal to not know what an ageless can do or even is. However usually elves would know and probably the more intelligent Dwarves and Gnomes. Usually knowledge for the character about the ageless is through experience since there are not many schools.
  • It amazes me how many people keep quoting season three rules (or even rules that don't seem to  come from anywhere) very confidently when we either have definitive information to the contrary, or an absence of information.
    Just to start out by clarifying, Rob has said recently that he needs to write some core rules down for how minions work. You are right in thinking this is not clear.

    @Blizta is quoting the season 2 rules. As far as I'm aware, there's no source to say that this is still the case, and we know for a fact that at least some minions deal five damage each in combat, which is unsurprising given the new mathematical standards for damage in the game, where almost everything is done in increments of five (most likely to make counting it easier). We don't have a source on how much stamina minions are considered to have, although likely candidates are one (due to the season 2 system) or five (given the mechanics of soulmail and trashy). That being said, The Grand Paladin Order makes it very likely they die to any source of damage. It's worth noting though that player minions and GM minions may work differently.
    @Tripleat is inaccurate based on season 2 material, and players probably do need to know about how to kill ageless, however we don't have any current information to disagree with this. Since this is an RP answer, however, I think this is a fair suggestion. It's really just a question of GM style, not an empirical rule.
    @WwWwW_734 is spot on the money, as above, although there is question over what damage can kill them. Still, it's one of the two likely answers.
    @Traitor is incorrect about minions dealing one damage, as above. That being said, he is very correct about giving players hints to game mechanics instead of just telling them outright. Very good GMing tactic in general.

    Some points that are worth noting that haven't come up yet:
    Minions definitely do not death roll.
    Minions are treated mechanically as their race, at least in part (bees do not block a player's movement).
    Minions are not necessarily linked to their summoner, and even if they are, this link may be broken.
    GM ageless minions may force death rolls. It is currently unclear whether or not this applies to player minions, or if they are able to deal stamina damage.
    Not all minions attack the turn they are summoned.

    I think that's all the hard information we have on the subject covered right now. If anyone has any alternative sources that demonstrate that this is incorrect, or adds new information to this subject, feel free to correct me, but I'd greatly advise sourcing your information, rather than just throwing out more unsubstantiated suggestions, since we already have so much inaccurate information given as statements of fact.
  • Thank you so much guys this is great you guys helped me out a lot!
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