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How do you watch urealms?

I like watch the twitch vods. That way I get to see chat. Usually I watch them at the same time as the livestream is going on because I always show up late :(


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    I never really care for chat, it's way too chaotic and trolly for me to care about it at all...

    That said, I can't always come to the live show, so I tend to watch on youtube instead, but when I do come to the live show I just fullscreen it on one of my screens while playing something that's not very brain taxing on the other screen (I'm a bad multitasker)
  • With my eyes.

    Up until now I've watched on YT, but I'm gonna try sooo hard to get to a live show this year because I gotta get there for that divine decision 
  • YouTube watcher here. When it's airing the week after I usually try to watch the videos as soon as they come out. Then I go back and re-watch the campaigns whenever I need something to watch, either while doing low-effort things or trying to fall asleep.

    I managed to catch a few shows live last year, but I definitely prefer watching on YouTube. Fits my shorter attention span, lets me go back to re-watch especially funny segments and cool animations.
  • I like to see it live just because I like to watch the campaigns as soon as I can, sometimes I can't catch the first part though so I watch the vods during the stream, I even managed to catch up after a few breaks one time. I don't think I'll make it to the first campaign this season though.  
  • I love the tension of the live campaigns so i'll watch as much of them as i can before i eventually get too tired since its starts at 3am for me :frownbold: . I'll later finish watching the twitch vods from where i left off.
  • with my eyes
  • I watch it live when I can, will watch on YouTube if it's there, but will try to watch twitch vod if YouTube episodes are still coming out, but I usually dislike twitch chat unless there's a certain part that I want to see more reactions do, which would normally be in a YouTube comment somewhere.
  • If I miss a day, I watch the vod. I like it more than the videos on YouTube because it feels live to me.
  • I prefer to watch it on YouTube! I keep my ad blocker off, so the channel can make revenue. I'm personally not a fan of twitch chat, and find it distracting from the show (for me). I really want to support the show though, so sometimes I'll pop into the stream and donate, and I've got two t-shirts and the Bopen sweatshirt :smileneena: 
  • I have never been able to make it to a live show. I always forget, or show up late, and I have a weird tick that I have to watch it from the very beginning.
    So I watch solely on YouTube. But now, with the raffle system, I have a reason to start trying to watch live! 
  • just youtube unfortunately. 

    i work graveyard shift and unless i specifically ask off for a weekend like 2 weeks in advance, im not going to have one so i will basically only get to see it via some sort of video hosting. 
  • Generally I watch it live on Twitch. But if for some reason I miss it, then I will watch the Youtube videos. They are easier to watch than the Twitch VOD. The only reason I watch live is to donate and watch chat go nuts when something amazing happens.
  • Well back in the day when the streams started later in the night, I watched the first half live and then the second half using the twitch VOD. But ever since they moved it earlier to 1pm EST I can now watch them live from start to finish.
  • I can't stand not watching things from the beginning and the start time for urealms is like 4 or 5am australian on my sunday. I am not giving up that sleeping time for anything. So I watch the youtube during the week and then if there's a moment I HAVE to see chat reaction to I go find it on the vod.
  • I start watching it live... but then I fall asleep. Usually arond after the second combat. And then catching it on yt.

  • Where i live the streams start around 3 am but i managed to make every show live in season 2.
  • I watch a good hour or two every night in bed on my phone. Relaxing. I'm going to try to show up shows live now since they're doing it once a month.
  • I usually watch it via Twitch mobile when I'm at work but if I'm not I usually watch it live via Twitch.
  • I work from home so I usually watch live or via Twitch vod. The long length of the streams (compared to shorter youtube videos) while working is perfect; i can put it up on my bigger second monitor and work on my main with no problem. Helps me focus.
  • I usually watch the youtube post, though with the new season ill try and catch the live show.
  • I watch live but normally in Deadbone's chat since it's less chaotic and we play bingo sometimes and that's fun! I do watch the main chat but it moves so fast!
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    I try really hard to watch the live streams but fail severely every time; so I end up catching like an hour of the middle of Twitch, quitting so that I don't spoil it or have real life pop up, and re-watching the entire thing on YouTube.
  • I love supporting the show and making an impact on decisions, so I'm a live viewer. I like to put in a few bucks now and then for something interesting, and also spam chat with what choice everyone should support.  :p
    It just makes you feel really connected when it's live and interactive.
  • Live show with it chromecast'd to my TV.
  • I like lurking in there! @stormoftara
  • I mostly watch while eating dinner on youtube 
  • I mean, I try to make plans to set aside the afternoon/evening of the day of the streams, but as everyone knows, shit happens.  
    When I cannot make the stream, I typically watch the campaign on YouTube throughout the following week or so, but the Twitch stream is definitely the preference. 
  • Generally I am working when the live stream is up. I watch on youtube that way If I miss something I can just rewind it.
  • I watched the first campaign live but I couldn't really make the others live so I watched on YouTube, I plan on watching season 3 live.
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