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Whats your favorite non-Urealms internet roleplay show?

Mine is Thrilling Intent, run by Jay, Faust, Matt, and Janckson.


  • Critical Roll is great, but there's so many episodes and every episode is so long that I usually put it on in the background.
    HarmonQuest is really funny and the animation makes it even better. I just wish it was on Youtube or even Netflix or Hulu.
    TableTop's RP Game episodes, including the most recent one, have been fantastic.
  • @Petertwnsnd Yeah, I love Critical Roll, but you need some real amount of dedication of time towards it. But the voice actors are great at roleplaying, especially Matthew Mercer, so it's entertaining. I still like URealms better, though. :p
  • @Astora URealms is clearly my favorite, but honestly I watch different shows for different things.

    URealms is what got me into RP Games in the first place
    Critical Roll helped me ease into actual D&D

    Now I GM two D&D games and and going to join a third.
  • Thrilling Intent as well, with Critical Role being a close second
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    Yaaaay a club member.I also watch thrilling intent i have not seen anyone else who has watched it . Finally.@badcompany1477
  • Critical Role! It was actually the first time I realized that DnD could be really fun and not all about number crunching (as most of my DnD friends love to minmax their damage output and I'm the one who is like "Can I role to seduce the boss?")
  • Critical Role is amazing. I get so into the characters because they portray them so well!
  • Jelloapoclypse anime campaign. Their rules are inspired from urealms
  • I watch a lot of different ones, but my favorites (besides urealms, which is by far my favorite of them all) at this moment are Rollplay: Court of Swords and Rollplay: Nebula Jazz, both by itmeJP.

    I know a lot of people like Critical Role, but I can't enjoy that show at all, everything feels staged with that many voice actors, even if it isn't. Not to mention that the series begins in the middle of an already ongoing campaign which makes it all more boring to start watching.
  • Its not quite a "D&D" podcast as all these other suggestions are- Its not even fully known which game-system these guys do.

    They're called Film-Reroll, and the premise of the show is to start off the campaign following the script of a movie, playing as the main characters. But the roleplay or random dice may drastically change how the movie ends up by the end.

    Its a very intriguing exercise for DMs to see the futility in planning their campaigns at times, seeing how off-the-rails the party gets even when they're literally following a script. 
  • This is actually the only one I watch... Something about URealms keeps me way more into it than other ones have. 
  • I watch/listen to the Heroes and Halfwits podcast.
    If don't have anything against RoosterTeeth or AchievementHunter then you should give it a shot. Quality humour and really good DnD playing as well, it reminds me of the style my friends and I have during our own table sessions.
  • Lords of Minecraft, din't 'spect that one didja!
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    I've been watching Critical Role religiously since just before we started URL S1, Matt Mercer is some kind of DMing god and the whole cast are some of my favorite voice actors in the industry.  I've also been listening to The Adventure Zone podcast on and off, also a pretty fun humor based DnD Podcast, would recommend.
  • @DeadBones How have I never heard of this show? Mcree, playing D&D with other VO's? I'm going to be busy for WEEKS! Thanks!
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    I first thing I watch was critical role then once I heard about urealms I feel in love with it. I then caught upon everything this is going to be my first time watching it live  :)
  • I tried watching 1 random critical role video and couldn't get into it. Cool intro though.
    For me I just watch Urealms. It set the standard so high for this type of show that I don't think I could enjoy another one.
  • Critical Role. Holy shit Matthew Mercer is a god. I don't have like a celebrity idol, but holy shit Mercer comes close for that.

    I've just started watching High Rollers as well because I've loved the Yogscast for a long time, less so nowadays but Trot always give me a nice laugh. And knock off Turps (Just kidding I love Mark) is very clever man in his own right, if you like tabletop stuff you should check out his channel Tabletop Weekly
  • @DeadBones ; I'm so happy to see another person on here that listens to The Adventure Zone! I love the McElroy brothers and I've physically hurt myself from laughing at taz on numerous occasions.
  • Critical Roll has been mentioned a couple of times already, for obvious reasons. 

    For something slightly different I found enjoyment out of the Cry and Friends D&D campaigns. There was someone who was taking one called The Eye, The Truth and The Beholder and abridging the sessions into animations, sort of like what URealms (I imagine) is going to try to do.
  • The Third Wheel people are some my favorite content creators

  • Twits and Crits done by Funhaus and Heroes and Halfwits by Achievement Hunter are both awesome. The format for both is very similar but different stories and the interactions and how they approach the game and most of the time end up taking control of the role play from their DM's is always hilarious.
  • I really enjoy Neal/Koibu and his D&D 2e streams but they have a very different feel than urealms. His streams are a lot more about the game and using the complex mechanics to make a story. He does lots of dry nerd stuff like historical research and figuring out the economics of the world which I enjoy but I can understand why he mau not be for everyone.
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    I used to listen to a lot of "realplay" podcasts, mostly stuff by Geekly Inc, such as Drunks and Dragons. My favorite podcast has to be their sailor moon RPG podcast because I'm a huge nerd and the players are just the best people imo.
    Aside from that, I've listened to Crit Juice, the Third Wheel, a bit of Critical Role, Improvised Star Trek, Cthulhu & Friends, and probably a few more I can't think of off the top of my head. Lots of iTunes stuff.
    I used to have very very long commutes, but they've recently gotten shorter, so I'm not really keeping up with all of them, but I used to listen to a lot of podcasts. There are probably some more I can't remember off the top of my head.
  • I've watched all of Anima Campaign during the S2 and S3 wait, that Voltron esk fight was glorious, I was going to start of Critical Roll, but URealms S3 (Number 1 priority) and life gets in the way
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    I love watching Critical Role (Watching tonight infact!) also The Adventure Zone, the McElroy's are really fun to listen to. Not exactly a show but theres a ton of videos on youtube about tales from D&D, Dwarf Fortress, etc.
  • I'd rep The Adventure Zone to anyone anytime. It's actually nearing the end of its current campaign, and it's just been a really incredible experience. The show starts as light humour and messing around, but when the ball gets rolling it rolls HARD. Also the music Griffin does for it is fantastic. Just, real good stuff.

    Very recommended.
  • @Petertwnsnd That latest episode of Tabletop was so good. I love the Fate Core system, the collaborative on the fly world building was really fun and the system was just really refreshing. The GM was really good too, he let the players build this world but he was never not in control and was able to steer them into some great little twists which just makes their experience all the more thrilling. I'd love to see more stuff done with that system after watching that ep.
  • I watch Roll4It and Heroes and Halfwits. Roll4It got me into both D&D and Shadowrun with awesome campaigns and characters.
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