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Bennu Theory

edited May 2017 in General Discussion
So ill make this quick, At the end of the the "Unexpected Discovery"  they Find a Genie who tell them there are no Living Bennu. could there be an Ageless Bennu out there? i bring this up because that's what i think would be a cool char consept, maybe wear a plague doctor mask and cloak, sais they are a dwarf?

Anyway i would not be surprised if in season 3 there is an ageless Bennu, whats your thoughts?

I will be having more Bennu theories in the future! Also some Phanto stuff aswel!

Tell me if you agree!


  • I like the idea of Ageless Beannu existing and hiding off somewhere.

    I also like the idea that an Ageless Beannu created and leads the Cult of Bones, but that's just my headcanon and is less likely then the Ageless Beannu in hiding.
  • Good theory, could that also go with believers?
  • Oh shit. CONTEXT CLUES!? Rawb you clever dastard.  >:)
  • @AnimatedTiger72 I think that you could 100% make a  Bennu Believer, it can be any sort of book. but maybe there is rules agaist it
  • Considering the Bennu's physique have been shown, they must hold some kind of significance to the lore or a later campaign so they can be recognizable to the viewer base. I wouldn't doubt there could be one or a few Bennu still "alive" out there, maybe through becoming Believers or something. But maybe Rob really wasn't trying to use context clues, but wanted to create a mysterious ancient race that is unknown. Sometimes the mystery is the fun part.
  • I think a Bennu Believer is possible. However I think due to whomever writes the book the Bennu will only do what the book is about. Much like if we made a raptor Believer of the book Jurassic Park then the Believer would be a large murder reptile instead of being the more scientifically accurate (and lamer) ancient chicken thing. 
  • Just a silly thought 
     Is there any character in ureals that ever met a Bennu? Is it possible that the Bennu never existed and every relic is just part of a huge ruse.
  • @Wade_the_Cow The Elves and High Bears that existed before the Birth of Magic knew about the Beenu. That's how anyone knows that the Birth of Magic existed at all, because the Beenu caused it, right?
  • @Wade_the_Cow Db's char

    Orvan Weiss

    Is an ancient Elf who remembers the Bennu
  • @Astora A lot of people (Elves and High Bears, specifically) know the Beannu existed, and everyone knows about the Birth of Magic, but beyond a select few, most people don't or wouldn't put the two together.
  • @friskyBrisky Well, yeah, not all Elves or High Bears lived at the time. I just can't remember how the Beenu causing the Birth of Magic was mentioned...
    If it wasn't explained if only few knew it or not, you know? Because for all we know, it could be an ancient secret or common knowledge.
  • Slightly fitting with this idea, I think it would be a cool twist to learn that the Beenu were the original Ageless (creators of?) It would fit them to have a lust for furthering their lifespan due to their lack of a reproductive system and eventual extinction.

    Just a thought, but this idea of hidden Beenu ageless, if true, could make this a possibility.
  • @KnownScone All the Beenu are now hiding as Ageless in Deadlantis. That would be pretty cool.
  • Nah. the Beenu all mechanized themselves and became elemechs.
  • I feel like the Beenu wouldn't have had a chance to become ageless as they died out quite quickly after the birth of magic and the ageless ritual may not have been discovered yet, while Golestant was first rampaging. Also wouldn't ageless beenu have bone wings?
  • @Astora ;
    I looked at the wiki for about an hour and figured out this much. 

    Im mostly thinking about how not one character(and this is to my memory not 100% sure) has mentioned how they interacted directly or knew any Beenu. The wiki does say that the Beenu made " obstacles courses" for elves that were only deadly after the birth of magic. These courses could have killed the elves that were close to the Beenu, leaving nobody who knew the Beenu. Its a long shot but what if all the stories of Beenu were myths. The wiki says " may have caused the Sun Dragon Phanto to die, which caused the Birth of Magic." (this could be an error) but "may" means either two things. One: sun dragon isn't dead and something else could have caused the Birth of magic; or Two: Beenu didn't kill Phanto but something did kill the Sun Dragon, possibly using the Beenu as a ruse  to cover up something. Once again this is a long shot.

    There is a huge chance that I spent an hour connecting the dots of just a bunch of errors in the wiki.
  • @Crash I'd have to watch the murder bros again to see but from looking through the wiki I couldn't find if he did or not.

  • I could have sworn that Rob and DB had planned that there is a sole surviving Beenu but he had separated hundreds of times to go out and collect the stories and writings of the world. 
    But that could have all merely been in one of the lore episodes early on and has now been scrapped.  :|
  • Didn't rawb say that the beenu knew about the old gods (the viewers) and so the old gods had to destroy them in some way, which may have caused the birth of magic
  • Nah, they're just the dwemer
  • Assuming the Bennu have hollow bones like a birb, I think its unlikely they'd survive as an ageless for very long. However, given their technological affinity it may be that one or two transfered their consciousness into a machine, so they wouldn't technically be 'alive.'  
  • what about beenu staying alive with dragon sliver?
  • I think a Bennu Believer is more probable than a ageless one
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