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Should these items stack?

Dream Staff and Gnomish Scopeye
should it double the range of all your spells twice?


  • It depends on what you want to allow and how the campaign is set up, if it can be abused don't let it happen (obviously) but if it won't make a difference and they just want a character that can theoretically shoot fireballs from downtown that'd be fine by me. It sure sounds like a silly combo regardless
  • Mark of summoning EX is what I was looking at.
  • summon somebody to a space 20 spaces away from you
  • Most GMs don't allow for doubling a double, but if you're the GM and you're okay with it then go for it. Everything that's allowed and not allowed all depends on the GM.
  • When Rob talks about doubling doubles he is usually talking about damage so I feel like this is different 
  • I'll add in the option of using DnD logic, since no-one's brought it up yet: Doubling a Double is a triple.
    (Basically, read "Double" as "+100% original value")

    Honestly, I think doubling a double in this particular instance is totally fine. Like we saw with Karl Landers, you're probably not going to have enough space for huge range increments to come in to play. Remember the trick to good design for combat is to have places people can get cover, to make any major exploits redundant.

    For the particular example of Mark of Summoning EX, it's really not a big deal. In combat, it's basically just a dodge, and your player isn't going to want to use that entire range increment (they have to stay in range to actually do damage, after all). Out of combat, teleportation is always a puzzle breaker, regardless of the distance, because people will just chain teleports.

    TL;DR? Most important thing to take away from this is that the ability has to be line of sight, which should make the question redundant most of the time anyway.
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  • @speckz  He was saying in DnD terms double is really shorthand for add 100% so if you double some thing twice you would have 300%.
  • Well the show has the rule of you cant double a double
  • @MericanMeal (Not really to answer the question but remember you can link cards on the forums! Some people may not be as willing to look up the information themselves.)
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    To actually answer the question, yeah it depends on what they're trying to do. Allowing you to summon a character basically anywhere on the battlefield seems a bit overpowered compared to just having a 40 range fireball. Maybe as a GM you can specifically nerf it to only apply to certain spells and not others.
  • No. They do the same thing so they don't stack. You can't double a double.
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