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  • Hiya! I'm Taey Rurj here, but in other places I go by Grace! I'm so excited to see where S3 goes, and I've been around since a little before S10! DvZ originally brought me in.
    Many rolls, fellow campaigners!
  • hello i am luxray978 i watc rob videos and play pathfinder 
    (i lack the ability to spell) 

  • O/ Hello everyone, I'm MilesC. I've been watching Rob since his old "Dwarves vs. Zombies, build your own keep" days, I've been a long fan of his work and been trying to find ways to support Rob. Hearing about Rob's URealms live inspired me to take up DnD on my own time and build some of my own campaigns. I'm a Lurker >.> and I won't say much... Glad to be apart of the community, and I'll see you around.
  • Hello everybody, my name is Tyronius_Maximus, nice to meet you all. I'm looking forward to all the fun times that come the new forums. I'm new to DnD like things and look forward to meeting new people and playing with you guys. :)
  • Hey. I'm Upuu. I've been a fan since Band of Theives, and I'm a new-to-the-industry (video) game developer. I've always been interested in role-playing games, but have never gotten the chance to play one. Hopefully I can change that here!
  • Hey I'm Beelze. I'm very quiet but my love for Urealms can't let me pass by this forum without making some insignificant contributions. I'll play myself out.  :3
  • Hey, I'm Unic0rnb0i (Also known as Unic0rn the B0i), Found Bruce through Bruce's Gym (Dwarves V Zombies) and my favorite Ace is Bipen.

    I'm a URealms enthusiast and have converted multiple D&D campaigns to a URealms format to play with my group!
  • Hey I'm Blastercaster I'm new to the forum but I started consistently watching Urealms live after The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, and my favorite campaign is Murder Brothers. I plan to gm some community games and get a bit more involved, finally, I was introduced to Rob through YouTube with Lords of Minecraft
  • Hi! I am Kasey, I have always been a big fan of Rob's stuff, and I am really new to all of the roll play stuff but I honestly love it and I cannot wait to see more!
  • I am a lonesome pork that needs loving... help me
  • Hello everyone, I'm Solar.
    I mainly lurk, but hopefully I'll get more involved in these forums.
    Been a fan of Rob since being introduced to him from PauseUnpause playing DvZ back in the 'Gold For Etho' days.
    Female, and live in New Zealand, but I always make sure to wake up early for the live shows when I can. (Usually at 6am).
  • Hey, friends! I'm Zephyr or Z. I've been around since Pause and Etho joined a couple DvZ games a few years back. I enjoy long walks on the beach and lurking. The new site inspired me to actually join in on the community!
  • Hello my fellow dudes I like pie. I am Kat.
  • hello and introduce yourself!

    I kid but thats pretty much me, been a fan of rawbs since I found the archives of the DVZ steams on pauses channel and joined in the community, loved the pkmn rawb stuff as well.
  • RangerCado reporting for insanity!
  • Hi! Nice to meet everyone! I'm Italo (Pronounced E-tal-o) and I'm happy to meet everyone.
    I play Pathfinder and 5e (soon Shadowrun) so I'm excited to meet new people to play TTRPGs with!
  • Hello, Aryava, Arya for short" is me!

    I'm not a huge talker normally, but maybe I'll be active on these forums  ~_~

    Nice to meet y'all! :3
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    I am Gorof Gorofson, son of Gorof Gorofson, from the Gorofson line.  uncounted in their name.
    I followed this great creator since the giving of thanks great pilgrimage, but have known of his deeds since the story of poor poor jimmy.  I'm a quiet one, little awkward, but friendly enough I suppose. 
  • I'm Koyukuk.  I'm not from any of the towns named that.  I just thought it sounded cool.  I love watching Urealms and most of Rob's work.  I'm probably too lazy to actually play a full game of it.
  • Hello everyone! I have been watching Rob since his weekly DvZ streams, When you had to answer a question right to even get a chance to play. I have never been a part of a forum before but I am very excited to become more involved in Urealms live!
  • Salutations, friends! My name is Moe the Sheep, but you can call me Moe. I am a huge fan or URealms live and all that Rawb does, and I look forward to Season 3 coming up here soon! I've never really been one to do forums, but for URealms, I think I'll have to give it a shot! I think my favorite campaign is The Zarlin Catacombs! What's yours?
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    The Name is Gabe! (Totally) Mostly plan on being a player in pick up games, and lurking on forums a lot. 

  • Hello there everyone~ I'm Wrecklessangel. I came across Rob back when Unforgotten Realms (the animated series) was first started and he's the only content creator I've stuck with since because I absolutely love everything he does and makes. Can't wait to keep showing my support and I look forward to meeting others on here :)
  • Hey everybody. Been a fan of URealms from the start, but never got involved in the community before. So, I'm gonna try and do that and see how it goes. 
  • Hey.  Gyrozen here.  
    Been watching these guys for many, many years, so when they started doing this show, I was hyped.  I try to make the livestreams whenever I can- they're a blast.  I've always been a fan of D&D/Pathfinder etc, so the progress towards us playing urealms together ourselves has very much peaked my interest.
    Besides this, the theory crafting and lore is what draws me to the community, so I cannot wait to see what we come up with.
  • Hi, I'm Donn. Been following Rob since like 2010. I'm super jazzed that these forums exist and I look forward to hanging around this community now and into the future.
  • Hi! My name is Snowy! I'm a long time cosplayer, short time fan of Urealms. I found the series through an ex of mine playing DvZ, and then I fell in love. I started binging the show in the break between season 2, so I was ready to go into another journey immediately! I love doing fanart of the characters, musical arrangements, and am working on a Neena cosplay! I hope to become a regular and maybe even well known face around here  :kiss: 
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    Hi I'm RommelsSun,
    I started watching Rawbs work back before clocks where a thing in DvZ, Smoopy was but a young lad, and before the great Deadbones had taken his position as the right hand of God (Rob). I've been watching urealms since the first campaign and have been rolling on the ground with laughter ever since.
  • Hi! i'm HandyManatee and i usually just lurk around, so i might or might not be around. Anyway, i'll try to be kinda active on the forums and i hope all of you people have a good day!
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    Hi I'm Keko. I first discovered "Old Man Willakers" from Etho when he played DvZ lol. After that I discovered Rob's Pokemon livestreams and fell in love with them. Then I saw the pilot episode of URealms and I thought it was interesting and watched it. And when he did the very first campaign, I knew that that would be my life from now on.
    Edit: I also watched most of his DvZ vids and LoM vids and very muched liked both, but Urealms is much better in my opinion :smilebold: 
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