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What have you taken from URealms into your other systems?

Well hey guys! If I know GMs, we tend to like to move around between systems, or at the very least, start "borrowing" ideas and integrating them into our games. As simple as URealms started, it's been getting many more defined and complex mechanics and concepts as it grows. I'm interested in hearing what everyone's taken from the game and used for themselves outside of URealms.

As for me, I took and tweaked the original stamina system into a homebrew system of mine, which replicates the "oh shit I can't keep using this nuke" concept, without the defeatist "I've killed myself by using my abilities" hangover.


  • Funnily enough during season 2 of URealms, in my own URealms lore I have, we already had status effects such as: Fire, Poison, Stun, Silenced, overheal, etc.

    I just also used the effect of spamming certain spells get more and more harder, increasing the rolls for just a "5 or higher to pass" to stuff like "15 or higher", this also effected for trying to combo, aka going all out as a wizard, but not in the sense of improving the rolls, but just making it so the enemies become more aware and dodge aside. In otherwords it was sorta one of those "Why am I standing here and taking all of theses hits!?"
    Though I never did that with Bosses since you're ment to combo them otherwise they'll blast out dangerous combos on the players, only weak bosses would dodge aside or low on health.

    There is alot I've done, but i'd also love to hear other people's!
  • I have made my own Homebrew TTS game and have taken some ideas from Urealms. I originally made my homebrew cause there was no Urealm mod but with S3 coming out I decided to stay with my Homebrew cause I put in too many hours to change.
    I used the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry rooms for my first campaign and my party got stuck at a door for 30 minutes trying to open it.
  • In the 5e D&D homebrew games that I run, I have started having the player and enemies have group initiative and turns. It makes combat flow very nicely.

  • One thing I really like about UR is how from the moment a character is created, they feel powerful and competent. I like watching a character grow and change over the course of a DND campaign just as much as the next guy, but for the sake of creating characters quickly it'd be nice for my DND games to have a mix-and-match setup like the UR cards. Still trying to figure out how to transfer that, though.
  • I wanted to include npc characters along with the party but always had a problem with making them interesting without taking spotlight away from the players themselves. So to get around this, I started giving them support abilities unique to them. By far the most successful version of this is when I gave a character a limited version of "Divine intervention" that let them reroll a bad roll once per initiative order. He's by far their favorite character I've made just b/c of that. 
  • I've only ever DM'd once for my group (4th Edition), and it was an impromptu moment. We had just wiped in the main campaign (our DM at the time was very vs. Players lol). So they told me to keep the evening going and wing it! I did a hastily put together Ocarina of Time campaign, and we all actually enjoyed it! The encounters were challenging, but I did make a new loot system and items like in the game right there on the spot. Fun Times!!

    As a player, I have incorporated one very important thing from URealms shows - Roleplaying with personality. Not to disrespect my friends, but they've been playing for years and never make *interesting* characters. They either min/max, or try making an anime character but they don't actually roleplay it.

    My last 4th Edition character was an Elven Ranger who was more like a good ole western Ranger/Cowboy. I did the western accent (to the best I could), uttered funny quips, and gamed like a cowboy (without a horse lol) would! DM totally underestimated me!

    Recently, I joined a Pathfinder campaign with fellas at work. Keeping the idea that a thematic character is more fun to play, I went with a Dwarven Cleric of Desna. I didn't even build the character (except I overrode the deity choice, I picked Desna since she's way more chillax), and just went with w/e the DM pre-built. What I did spend time on the weeks leading up to the campaign is practicing that Dwarven accent and learning about my patron Deity. Watching YouTube videos and recording myself over and over again, even practicing my shouts in the shower lol.
  • Hi, brand new user here! I'm actually going to base my entire story in the URealms system, and instead homebrew the setting entirely. I'm also taking the Kobold species type, since I like the look of canidae Kobolds better than reptilian. One additional change I'm using is no grid movement, meaning that the Line tool in Tabletop Sim is going to be the most important. My party will be able to utilize all 360° of movement! =D I'm so excited to start campaigning. It's gonna be a blast!
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  • I've never been a DM, but what I did do was take the idea of tabletop RPG dice-based decision making and used that for my sort of hybrid-webcomic project. (because I'm not very good at writing and need the RNG gods to tell me what to do) Also, this is more LOM that Urealms, but I borrowed the idea of Dragon's Blood making people immortal in my fiction.
  • In my pathfinder campaign I've started referring to gnolls as kobolds and to kobolds as gnolls. Urealms has forever ruined my ability to correctly name races. Q~Q
  • I've taken Rob's thought on why he doesn't have dragons willy-nilly and how escalation can ruin a game to heart. My home-brew lore is heavily inspired by URealms with the basic idea the dragons aspects that the players will rarely meet and definitely not be able to beat. I want Dragon encounters to be specially and I want to make sure I build to it properly and do it right.
  • I'm intending, in a pathfinder campaign I intend to start in the fall, to modify kobolds to be based on urealms kobolds and also potentially offer a homebrew class based on James Briggs.
  • @Petertwnsnd

    Overuse / early use of dragons has ALWAYS irked me... I have a buddy who loves to take the wheel and do short campaigns. Totally obsessed with dragons!! I mean, yeah dragons are freaking legendary and powerful! Don't dilute their power to fit them in a level 5 encounter.... There was nothing legendary going on there lol.
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