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How Long Have You Been With Us?

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I was known as TheAlphaWolfKapu during the Bruce's Gym Alpha, all the way through late BuffaloWizards, when I changed account names. I remember when I got picked up by Vlarunga and survived the fall, somehow. I also used to hold the account name Vlarunga, because I was a twisted turbo fan at the time, and I still kind of am.

Edit: Didn't expect so many people to go so far back!



  • I've been an on and off fan since the rework of the original Unforgotten Realms Web Series. I was on the original forums posting about theories and favorite jokes and stupid stuff like that... Ever since, I've been into his DvZ and LoM stuff, but it never really stuck. I enjoyed Murder/TTT stuff with the Buffalo wizards before, and watched alot of his Pokemon Rawb stuff, but it still felt like something was missing... Then the Nuren Campaign went live on Twitch. It had Rob in a world that was basically Unforgotten Realms and had Arin Hanson as a guest star (I'm an avid fan of Arin and his projects as well) and a bunch of other cool characters. It was like a dream come true. And I've been hooked to the show ever since. Been a supportive wiki member and forum user.
  • I joined during his DvZ videos, specifically I think the first ones with Roamin were up when I started watching them regularly. As much as I miss those hilarious videos, I can't really complain, as URealms more than makes up for it.
  • Long time lurker here. This is my first time participating in the community.

    Been around since the original Unforgotten Realms on Escapist (back in my Uni days). I get all the call back jokes.

    PML was fun, as was Realm of the Mad Rob, DvZ, Pokemon Streams, GRR Podcast. Rob's work has been constantly high quality so I've stayed quietly along for the ride.

    I'm glad things have come full circle. I look forward to really getting into the community at last.
  • Watched DVZ videos but never played until DVZ was on PMC, immediately after the transition from Bruce's Gym. Watching URLive since day one.
  • ~_~ I've been here since the near start of DvZ. I never had the computer to play on the servers so I was a luker on the streams. I still watch his old streams on youtube. Now I can truly participate in the community----Kobald Kobald----

  • I haven't been here for too long but around the end of Season 1 of the Urlive live-streams (as I watched the last S1 episode live for the first time) But I got into it from my best friend @Chaszzo ;
    (thx man) and since then I've been a huge fan of all of the BW works ~_~
  • I've been involved with Rob's content since the Mindcrack UHC. I was Snarkyslytherin and slacktherin over on reddit. Before that, I lurked.
  • i watched a lot of the mindcrack guys i started watching rob when he started doing LoM. then i followed everything rob did, I lurked until Urealms live season 1. now im here 
  • I started watching around beginning of LoM, been watching DeadBones streams as consistently as he streams since.
  • I've never been active as a community but I've been watching Rob's stuff since the original Unforgotten Realms on newgrounds (I watched it on a site called flashportal though) so I guess since 2006... I just realized I've been watching this dude make stupid jokes for almost half my life, I think I need to sit down a minute...
  • been a fan of rob since before the gym back when etho would partake in the stream games of dvz 
  • I was introduced to Rob through the mindcrack group. Have been watching since the original DvZ stuff.
  • @Kapu After someone took the Name TheGamingArtist, I've had the name, I've been a casual since the gym days 
  • I've been around since the first video that Rawb made with Pause on DvZ, and been following ever since.

    I tend to be a lurker, but I'll try to be a bit more participating in this community, since I love this series so much!
  • I first got introduced though mind crack, since I found the content funny I subscribed and watched him play TTT and LOM 
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     Wow you're old!
    I was always a lurker myself, with the exception of my DvZ persona, which was well known back in the day.
  • Been around since I first signed up for Youtube as a pre-teen. Saw the Jimmy WoW story as part of the Blizzard contest within my first day. Got hooked by the antics of Steve the raid leader and devoured once I went through everything on the rurikar youtube.
  • I've been a Lurker since the early-ish days of Dvz. I mostly Lurked through all of this, only posting the occasional overlooked comment. I've unfortunately never donated due to severe lack of monies, but as soon as i'm done paying off student debts (Sometime next century) I will donate all of my money. 
  • I have been a Jimmy since the last third of Bruce's Gym. Been a huge fan of DVZ and loved all the videos on it and loved playing it. I stopped playing as much nearing the time when the DVZ server split to its own once again. But I still love Rawb and all his stuff. I watch Urealms on and off, burned myself out somehow during the first few months of it.
  • Been a loyal fan for a while. Caught sight of a wild rawb in minecrack UHC and have followed his work ever since. I went back and watched about half of the original Urealms animation and dvz. Finally I mingled just a little in LOM and watch most of the TTT. Urealms Live though I have consumed like junk food on a binge diet. 
  • Definitely through Mindcrack, but before UHC. I vaguely knew about Rob when PMC first formed. I really got into him through TTT.
  • I remember the last like 5 episodes of Unforgotten Realms coming out back on his old site. I watched DvZ, and played with the stream a few times, but started to kind of fall away from his content with LoM. I came back after the first season of URL aired and got all my friends into it, and now we're all anticipating season 3 together!
  • @Volastern I've been watching since autumn of 2013, so not as long as you, but I'm in the same boat of being a lurker. I've always loved the content Rob has produced, but I was never active in the community. I've finally decided to get my foot in the door and actually engage with other fans!
  • I discovered him via the UHC he did with Sethbling, Pakrat, and BdoubleO on Mindrcrack. Followed him to the GMod stuff he did with Mindcrack, then to the Buffalo Wizards. Been watching ever since.
  • @ofalo Don't worry, you're not alone. I know I'm in the same boat, and others likely are too!
  • I first found Rob from Unforgotten realms but a friend of mine was hiding the real shit until coe's quest in which they showed me it on the release of the first episode, then I proceeded to binge urealms live
  • Found Rob through Pause's dvz videos, been a fan ever since.
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    I started watching when the GRR (Gary, Roman, and Rob) podcast was going on (i think that was maybe 8 or 7 years ago?). Been a fan ever since.
  • I found Rob through DvZ. I've enjoyed his content and been watching since the "build your own keep" days.
  • I started watching DvZ streams after really enjoying one of Pause or Etho's videos. From then on, I watched pretty much all of Rob's YouTube content for a long time. Tuna Bandits. TTT/Murder. LoM. More DvZ. Mindcrack UHC. Lots of quality stuff.
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