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  • Howdy all, my name is BewareTheDragon. I've been a fan of Rob's since just before the BruceWillakers channel was made. I'm an avid fan of Rob's work, but I get around quite a lot. I'm a major lurker, but I hope to break that habit here on the Urealms forums.
  • Hello hello! Long time fan of Rob, from the Unforgotten Realms days. Been a lurker all the time, but shelled out for the Unforgotten Quest back when that was a thing. Never really got into the Reddit but now the forums are here I hope to be a bit more active in the community.

    Favourite character is Borracho.
  • Hello I'm VodkaDiesel, I'm italian and I love the Urealms show, I'm quite new on the whole RPG world but whatching the show i totally fell in love with the show and the game, too bad my friends aren't so IN on RPG.
  • Hi, Hi! Lia here, I've been watching Urealms since.... since the noncannon first campaign with Arin and Pause XD 
    Huge fan, and glad to see all these changes and updates over the seasons.
  • I'm Dubir! I randomly and almost never post. When I do it's about my favorite character Margaret. White collar crimes for the win!!  >:)
  • Hello. My name is RomanQrr. I GM RPGs, do maths and draft some games. Looking forward to running campaigns and pushing the boundary of the system.
  • Hello everyone! I'm Leekit! :)
  • Hey i'm new to the forums but been watching Rob for a while now since his nuzlocke runs
  • Hi! Im pawsome379. People call me paw for short. I like things that Rob and his friends do. So in a way I'm like most of you on here already. I've been a lurker for the most part. Been around since the Dwarves vs Zombies with the clocks and stuff. I also like Urealms, like most of you. Anyway ill stop it here nice to meet you all. 
  • Hi I'm Disgumiting. Have fun saying that  :|
  • Hi, I'm Petertwnsnd. I'm a mod on the wiki. I've been watching URealms since the Nuren Campaign.
  • Hey! My name is Donkzin and I'm a RAWBaholic. I've been a long term lurker but trying to break the cycle because I'm hyped to play urleams with you guys. I've only GMed once before so will be looking out for tips from some of you RP veterans
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    @Chilly_Willy You may need to go to the help desk and change your name.
  • Hey guys, I'm DxRed!
    Kinda new here, so be nice!
  • Hi my name is Krosis thats about it I've been watching Rawb  videos for a long time and I'm a fan of the elderscrolls games. So yeah thats about it. 
  • Grzegski here, been watching Rob for quite a long time, cant wait for S3 to start!
  • Hi i'm Scout i've been following rob and the crew for a while. i'll mostly be a lurker
  • Hi, I'm Elementricz. I've been watching Rob and Coe since a little while before the TTT days and I've followed whatever they've been doing ever since! I mainly lurk, but hoping to stop that. :peace: 
  • Hey everyone, I'm BKL. Found URealms through Coe back near the start of Season 1, and have been here ever since.
  • Hello, the name's Seath. Been a long  time fan of Rob, back when he was making the Unforgotten Realms cartoon in the Escapist, as well as his old WoW machinima. Hope to see you all around!
  • Hello i am Thecrazybat i started watching Rob for Lom but then i started to like Urealms
  • Hi I'm Wulfmir I have been watching Rawb since Unforgotten realms and love the "search for trap" and "I cast Flare" I also supported Rawb in the URealms video Game on Kickstarter. But I did not discover UReals live until half way in the second season and I got my Husband hooked. Now I GM my own TTS game that I made myself. I'm excited to watch the new season.
  • Hello, I am Tea_And_Tea. I started watching Rob's Lom videos. After that I totally fell in love with his content. I really wish I could watch the show live, but I simply can't (combination of shitty internet and living in Europe). And of course I dislike tea and only drink coffee.
  • Hi. I'm DrunkenFive. I have no life and I've been watching rob since I was like 11. 
  • Hi guys, I'm Noareames and I can't wait for season 3!
  • Hi everyone, I'm Dftreeko and its been amazing to watch this show grow!
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    Hey, I am GreenPhoenix, but I go by Phoenix. I have been watching robs videos since early dvz when there were still jobs and you would have to catch him streaming to have a chance at playing. I have watched every campaign of urealms and hope to be able to hope on for the live stream on the 27th, provided it doesn't get pushed back or something of that nature.
  • Hi, I'm Jurmes. I do stuff and things. I found Rawb through DvZ in like 2012 or something. I liked TwoPlayer, PkmnRob, and other stuff and things aside from URealms too.
  • I am Kapu, I have been watching and engaging with Rob and his channel since the Alpha of Bruce's Gym. There I was known as TheAlphaWolfKapu, and the holder of the account with the name Vlarunga.
  • Hey, I go by Bastian in many online games, but this is the first time I participate on any forum. I'm recently new compared to many, but I'm a huge fan nontheless.
    I already love the sense of positiveness and fun around here, almost as much as I love the show as a whole.
    See you around! :)  ~_~
    Here's a roll for you
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