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Bopen: Created by a Series of Catastrofic Events, Destroyed by the Most Powerfull in the Realm

For anyone who hasn't watched the second campaign of season 3 yet, I Highly suggest watching through the campaign first before reading this post. I say this because this post will contain spoilers from the campaign that are crucial to this theory that I am about to put forward.

---------Spoiler Warning---------Spoiler Warning---------Spoiler Warning---------Spoiler Warning---------Spoiler Warning---------

From the second act of the "Senate of Deadlantis" we see that Deadbones character ends up asking Golestandt to magically impregnate his character and his wife. We also see that it was Rob playing as Deadbones wife who initiated this conversation which solidifies the possibility of  this being part of a bigger story. We also end up seeing that Golestandt seems to like Deadbones character as well. When Golestandt goes to impregnate Deadbones character and there is a dice role, Rob roles a 1 which leads to him saying that Deadbones child will be a stillborn being born but being dead. (or something like that). Anyways we know that Bopen is the ageless king and that he gets his power from a ring, but we don't know where Bopen comes from. Judging from the information that we have so far from the show, I think it is possible to make an educated guess about how he came to be.

It would make sense that since Deadbones character was divinely inseminated, and then we see the birth of magic happen, that it is not just any child that is inside of Deadbones, but it is actually Bopen. With the unborn child inside of Deabones being present at the time of the ageless transformation via mermaids it is possible that unnatural scenarios took place freeing the spirit of the child but leaving it bound in reality never being able to rest in the "heaven" of Urealms.

My theory is that with the unborn baby inside of Deadbones character, when Deadbones gets his soul consumed by the mermaid, the child's soul is released similar to the way that the believers work. Because of the divine creation of this child, turned into a spirit, and its natural connection to Golestandt because of his role in the creation of this child, it is possible to assume that we have witnessed the creation of a "demigod" that is trapped as a spirit. This makes sense that Bopen would be a spirit and that he would be able to swap body parts as in essence, he is possessing them. I also believe that Bopen would have possessed the body of The Great Blacksmith mentioned throughout season 2. It is reasonable to assume this because doing so would allow Bopen to "enchant" the golden sword that the Blacksmith made with his magic and link his spirit to it as well, allowing him to control the sword with his spirit. It is also reasonable to assume that the reason why Bopen allowed the sword to fall into the hands of the prince of dundenburow is so that he could take it over using the extension of his power which is the sword. (the reason for this is because if his soul is linked to it then he would most likely have access to the power provided by the gold. The reason why and how Bopen has his ring is because it was most likely given to him by Golestandt at some point after Golestandt learned of Bopen's existence. The ring would allow Bopen to have more power in reality, being able to control more of his surroundings. Basically what I am saying is that Bopen's ring gives his spirit the ability to affect reality and this is one of the reasons why he seems to be indestructible. Bopen takes on the forum of the ageless because he is the son of Golestandt the dragon aspect of Death. 

I'm going to go ahead and say sorry for the length of this, and I am also going to say sorry for this post being confusing at times as well.

Also based off of this theory, since we know how Bopen works and how he came to be, we also know how to destroy him. Any physical attack will be pointless in this scenario because of the fact that Bopen is not a physical creature but a spiritual one. We also know (based off this theory) that his ring links him to reality and is what gives him the ability to use telekinetic, Physical, and telekinesis based powers. If the ring were ever to be removed from Bopen and destroyed, he would loose his grip on reality. I would propose that it could be possible to trap the ring in Some sort of box that accesses a pocket of the Realm of holding that is not able to be accessed by other points of the realm. This box would then have to be magically enchanted to lock it and make it be inaccessible to people. This would trap Bopen's soul in the realm of holding because of Bopen's link to the ring. (the same process would have to happen to Bopen's sword as well). Bopen wouldn't be dead but he would be traped and be unable to affect the regular realm. At this point you would have to destroy the realm of holding to get rid of Bopen for good. A powerful mage (or a bunch of them aka the Nisovens). It would also be possible for Dalfgan to destroy Bopen as well.
Otherwise you would have to destroy Bopen's ring, His sword, and then his soul which at this point is imposible because there is no way to affect someone's soul except the ageless curse which only locks their soul away.

one point to consider as well is that it is also possible that the Mermaids are the most powerful creatures out there because as Rob said "they consume souls" which means that they are the only creatures that can actually harm a soul and ageless that are turned ageless by a mermaid should not have their soul released when they die. Furthermore it is possible that a Mermaid could consume the soul of Bopen which would official make them the most powerful species of all.

it is also possible to conclude that if a mermaid was powerful enough, they could consume the soul of a divine being.

anyways that's all I have for now. fell free to leave your opinions and comments. if you have any points for refining this theory, please let me know and I will do so.


  • Rob didn't say that DB's child would be born in a peculiar way, he said it would be stillborn, as in dead before it ever came out. Also, while Rob initiated the pregnancy conversation, Rob suggested that Nader do it, I believe. DB suggested Golestandt, but DB knows a whole lot about the everything so Rob could have told him to suggest Golestandt.
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    In theory, you could still greater pyroblast last him.
  • @JewishHoneybun ok. I fixed the part about the stillborn. Thanks for letting me know about that. anyways the ageless transformation as well as the spirit being removed from the unborns body still works with that.
  • @gunner_ammo
    Holding you say? So what you're saying is that Bopen is secretly Jimmy Blant? Mein Gotts, it all makes sense now!
  • Also a side note, this video shows that Rob was planning to do something with this baby situation and hopefully still will. give it a listen for a minute or 2 to see what I mean.
    in talking about him saying why do I plan anything.
  • I've seen people saying this for awhile, and I have a few problems with this theory. First, the die roll Rob wouldn't normally risk something like that especially by saying if it's a one then it's not going to work. Of course, he may have just assumed it would'n't be a one, but the fact remains that it was so if this was the planned story i imagine that one probably changed the story. Second, Bopen doesn't appear for until thousands of years after the birth of magic, and no one seems to know of his origins. If Deadbones was pregnant for thousands of years and then suddenly gave birth to Bopen it's unlikely it would be a secret. Thirdly Ageless are just that ageless Bopen would still be an infant. 
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