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My Take on a Possible Bopen Origin

This is just to throw out an alternate theory, instead of Bopen being Zanaria's stillborn son, who became alive/dead with the ageless curse, or just another divine.

First, the few things we know about Bopen:
1. Not actually ageless (SoD teaser)
2. Not elven, or at least not full elven, because his bone structure is screwed up according to Phineas (SoD teaser)
3. Can have "his" skull destroyed (TSK)
4. Came about far after the Birth of Magic (SoD)
5. Appears to be a "spooky scary skeleton" (SoD teaser)
6. He himself does not perform the ageless ritual, perhaps because he cannot (TSK + SoD)
7. Mastery over telekinetics, that's what I'm calling it, not necessarily the in-universe name
8. Can form himself from the bones of others (FoD)

So what does this all amount to? Well, I have no idea. It's a lot to put together. 5 and 7 are kinda worthless as well. But the most important parts of this come from the teaser for Senate of Deadlantis and the final cinematic of the Fall of Dundinborough. He is not an ageless, is an amalgamation of bones, and his bones are not a preset thing. Remember, we've never seen him with skin. That's because he doesn't have any. 

I say that "Bopen" is actually a spirit. "Bopen" is actually the purple aura that surrounds him. My personal belief is that he is a Nimbus. So I offer three suggestions for what Bopen may be. One, he is the Nimbus of a supremely powerful being (such as Phanto, perhaps) and the raw power of the dead being caused the NImbus to have much more power than a normal Nimbus. Two, Bopen is a Nimbus that has undergone the ageless ritual, either before or after death. We have yet to see a Nimbus created from an ageless, say if the elven Bopen was some guys brother, elven Bopen "drowns", but gets saved by the mermaids, and the brother creates a Nimbus of his "dead" brother. Or, the Nimbus could have had the ageless ritual performed on it, which is a kinda weird thought and seems unlikely. However, the third, technically fourth option, is one I think is very likely. If you look at windwalk , you'll see that it says that the monk transforms into a Nimbus. Imagine if, say, Nisovin, was experimenting on windwalking by becoming a Nimbus, and one of his test subjects, because you know Nisovin would never try it first, became stuck in the Nimbus form. As opposed to the Nimbus familiar, the windwalk Nimbus can affect the physical world, as it created Rough terrain. This is why I think this one is most likely.

So overall, I'm probably wrong. However, I think I've made some decent points that will uphold my thought that Bopen is a magic user stuck inside a Nimbus form.


  • "4. Came about far after the Birth of Magic (SoD)" - That's not actually said in the campaign. He appeared to the ageless of Deadlantis a while after the Birth of Magic, but could've existed long before then. - I think the most popular idea so far is the Bopen is Nader (or Louis), since he had the ol' cane, seems to have bound his soul else-where (Nader was apparently researching stuff like that) perhaps in his sword (related to the ring in the Bopen song, melted down and made into a sword... perhaps in FoD) and makes a reference to "feed the beast" with gold which may be his actual form. Some people think he may be a gold (or bone) golem with his "true" core else-where hence his immortality.
  • @UnluckyBimi Oh whoops. I guess that point doesn't make sense then. But the Nimbus idea still works without.
  • Well... the major problem with the Nimbus idea is that on the Nimbus card it says that a Nimbus can not interact with the physical word. Bopen clearly can interact with the physical world
  • @Toruk Yes, but that's the nimbus familiar. The monk windwalking as a nimbus can interact with the physical world, as it creates rough terrain.
  • I agree that Bowen probobly is his aura but... How did he kill the dundinborough family? Is the nimbus so strong it can attack the physical world? It seems so. How did the nimbus become so strong? Some questions to bring up.
  • Bopen is one of my favorite Characters and I believe that even if you don't like him as a Character now, you will once you get to see the campaign with his backstory. It's hard because I only get to do maybe 1-2 campaigns a year with bopen in it so it will take a good amount of time to develope him.
  • It is just I don't understand how he exists if he is technically not an ageless. However Bopen is still awesome when he is not understandable and probably we will see his true powers once his backstory is made over time. Just got to wait it out @Rob ;
  • @LuckyLOO My thinking was that because it was someone trapped as a nimbus, he was much stronger. 
    @Rob I completely believe it. I was just trying to give a possible origin that I hadn't seen yet.
  • @JewishHoneybun I do like your Nimbus idea as it's pretty "unique" in the sea of theories about Bopen's origin, although I personally prefer branching it off from that idea he's a follower of Nader or learned similar soul-binding type magic. Died while binding his soul to the ring (in the song), also was a strong dark-magic user, but his brother or what-ever didn't know this and as you said; made 'em a Nimbus (of sorts) which lead to him being split into two but due to the effect of the splitting and so-on he can recreate a body of sorts from bones.
  • I made a post about this a while back as well. its not as thought out but its pretty much the same thing but diging more into SoD information.
  • See, I don't think any of Bopen's story is new. The character development is, but I guarantee that Rob had Bopen's general story written down at Dundenborough. That and I don't think Rob would let a few dice rolls out of the blue make Bopen's story unless it was predetermined then or around the Skeleton king campaign.
  • @CaptainDeston I think his backstory is already there, but it's "loose" enough so that it may be adapted based on the situation that may come.
  • @JewishHoneybun I would like that Phineas stated in the SoD Teaser that Bopen doesn't have the same Dark Aura that other Ageless have. Bopen has always been shown to a Purple Aura, also in the FoD a lot things were shown to have the same Aura.
  • Back in the Fall of Dundenborough, we had that skeleton Elephelk, and it was controlled by a purple aura at one point. I think that this was Bopen trying to find a new host. He eventually rejected the elephelk host, and eventually ended up using the bones of the royal family to make his new host as a skeleton. It seems that the golden sword could be where his real self lies, since it was also present during the Elephelk part. 
    We also know his aura is purple, like arcane magic, and can manipulate objects around him, like arcane magic. I think he could be connected to something arcane, perhaps even a descendant of Quintara Lotus. 
    We know from Phineas that he doesn't have the same dark aura that ageless do, so he likely isn't an ageless, and is probably pretending to be an ageless for whatever reason. 
    Maybe he's connected to the Order of Chaos, though that's just a blind guess.
    He has that gold golem, which if I remember correctly, also had a purple aura when the guys fought it. I'm guessing that this thing is Bopens power source, as it consumes gold, which is magic. Perhaps the golem is actually a part of Bopen, and as such gives Bopen power from the gold it consumes.
    I'm guessing Bopen is something we haven't seen yet, but is connected to arcane magic in some way, rather than dark magic or Goldstandt.
  • @Caprikel That seems like the most likely theory so far, that the Sword is "him", the Gold Golem is "the beast" (he says something about using gold to feed a beast or something) and the "Bopen" body we see is just a host. - He may be connected to Quintara Lotus, but he may also be a descendant of Golestandt. He could also just be Nader, or the child of Rohbear and Golestandt's daughter.
  • edited July 2017
    I like where this is going you have a good point. For me personally he is the power of the golden sword in FoD and that the bones are actually just a kind of shell for "him" to mentain his form(would explain FoD cinematic and the fact that virgo crushed his head in TSK) also this would also kinda explain the "telekenisis" thing bopen has as if he was just the sword's power this would allow him to control other objects without being seen. We know that the sword is in facy magical as seen in FoD when coe's character gets knicked by the sword and is forced to death roll. -The only thing that i see as a potential problem to my theory is that the chatacters in FoD were able to see the sword's power(atleast i think so iay be wrong)thus ruining the whole telekenisis bopen has -
  • @sofakinggood I think the aura thing in FoD was because he didn't have an actual stable "host" at the time, that or when he first gets a "host" his power isn't fully reigned in so the aura is visible but when it is reigned in then it's a suppression type thing. Well, that's my idea that solves the problem.
  • @UnluckyBimi how do you define stable exactly as in FoD he seemed to have controlled the skelephelk and the golem
  • @sofakinggood I see what you're getting at, but you have to keep in mind that they only seemed posessed upon the sword being in proximity to them so in assuming that they were posessed shortly before they attacked/animated seems likely. By stable I mean that the host had fully "accepted" him which may take a bit of time, but the golem and the skelephelk seemed to have been beaten before the aura was properly accepted since they didn't seem to have the full strength of Bopen. - This also short of has the idea that the posession being stable and the time it takes varies based on the host, since he somehow killed the royals... However, it could be an Arthas type deal (from Warcraft) where the sword was whispering to the kid that got him to kill his parents. He then re-animated from their bones and finished off the kid. As in the aura-reanimation speed thing.
  • @UnluckyBimi that explains a lot we should send this to @rob
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