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  • Hey! I've been lurking definitely participating in rob's stuff since the gym and watching URL since the beginning.
  • Hi I'm Squared I used to watch rob when him and pause played DVZ together and i never watched urealms until last year when it took over my life now im tying to meet everyone in the community so HI!
  • Hey there I'm Pulse! Long time fan of urealms, back when it was a cartoon! Glad to be here.
  • Hello. I'm Deified. I've been watching URealms from the beginning. Originally found Rawb through DvZ. I also loved LoM and the Pokemon playthroughs.
  • I've apparently been a fan of rob's stuff back from the newgrounds days... However I didn't realize it until just recently that he is the same person this entire time.

    Strangely the online content creator world is smaller than I expected.
  • Hello, I'm Radarian. I've been following rob since LoM started and since then I watched most of his content. I really like urealms, it actually made me get into DnD. I've been lurking around most of the time but I'd love to start talking to you guys :)
  • Hello all! Long time fan of Rob's. I used to post on his older iterations of forums from 2008 onward and went by "13thforswarn". Looking forward to posting on this new forum.  
  • Hi I'm Cornilaz (previously known as ScotDineHell) and I've been watching Urealms live since season 1 and from time to time try to make some fanart for it.
  • Names Zuliancy ( or just Doctor). Been a major fan of Rawb ever since the times he used to stream dvz and pokemon, and been lurking during the times of Urealms and on the subreddit too.
  • Hello Everyone, Joseph Kain, been watching since a friend told me about Urealms last year, Became a fan and binged watched everything to catch up. Til I saw my first live stream. Just got lucky my first one was the Murder Bros. Hopefully I'll get to chat with a few of you soon. 
  • Yo, I'm Faelad. Formerly known as Tyrryal from the dark age of camelot days. Excited for sesson 3.
  • Hey, I'm Palotheas. I made the name up for some game that involved every hero having a different god, and this is what I named the god. I literally made it up, probably isn't actually pronounced the way I think it should be pronounced (pal-oh-thee-ass).

    The story of how I got to urealms is a bit long. It starts off with a friend suggesting minecraft, and I decided to look into it. I looked at the tutorials on the website to see the gameplay. I liked the game, but I also liked the youtube who made the tutorial. So I bought the game, and started watching Paulsoaresjr. Eventually I came across his mindcrack videos, which eventually led me to colabs with Guude, watching guude's videos, and then guude colabs with rob. I liked Rob a lot, so eventually he created urealms and I started watching that. 

    And that's my story, looking forward to meeting new people.
  • Hey, I'm Omi :) Although I often go by the name Sigpiru online.
    I started watching URealms very late season 1- and I'm still behind, but almost caught up :)

    I'd seen a lot of Rob from other people's channels- but only got into URealms when a friend who wanted to run a campaign showed me it.
    I've been hooked ever since ;)
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    Hi, I'm Sabre. I've been following rob since old DVZ in 1.2.5. I still play DVZ and a bit of LOM on occasion. I'm a lore nerd and hope this community never dies. I'm going to be as active as possible this time around.
  • Hey, I'm thatParaox. Patreon supporter and too lazy to register on the forums until now. 
  • I am Fifty! Lord of! Um...well nothing right now. But I will be! You'll see! Achem...sorry, I lose myself sometimes. Anyway, I love URealms and all of Rob's work. I plan on spending a good amount of time on these forums as well as tuning in to all the campaigns, and I hope to see you all around!

    @DeadBones Also hi Deadbones! Enjoy the forum's life!
  • Hi, I'm completely new on the forums, and I use this name because it was named after my Pokemon X character, who was a girl because I thought the male fashion options were trash. I DM dungeons and dragons, obsess over miniatures, and am a pretty chill dude...when I want to be. Good on ya!
  • Hi I'm LAT. Been watching the show since the Nuren campaign (does that actually count as part of the show?), and I first found out about Rob and the original Unforgotten Realms back in '07 when Splash Attack was at the front page of Newgrounds. It's been a blast up to this point. I've kind of slacked off vis a vis actually watching the campaigns in season 2, as I was going through a bit of a stressful period where I didn't have a lot of free time on my hands, so I'm not exactly caught up on what's been happening. Looking to remedy that at least somewhat by the time season 3 kicks off, though.
  • Hello I am Blight, pleased to meet all you guys. First time I saw Urealms was back on the escapist magazine and now skip forward all these years and I'm back for more. Pleased to meet you all!
  • Greetings! Given that I'm no good with introductions I'll leave this short! I go by Zeklo, and love everything Urealms! Hoping to get more involved now with these forums, and can't wait to see where this goes ^^
  • Ayy i'm Brobot, I been a fan since the OG website beep boop.
  • Hi, Heson Shadowbane here. New to the forums but been a fan of Rawb since the days of Sir Shmoopy of Awesometon from Unforgotten Realms. I want to get involved with the people here, maybe post nuzlocke stories, and try to get into a Urealms group once the stuff is released!
  • Hello there! I'm Jay or Nite. I've been watching Rawb since Pokemon Coco, and URL since premiere. I'm generally a quiet person, but I love this community and I hope to get more involved thanks to this new site!
  • Jimmy James here,

    Currently a porc, but I'll sort that out eventually. Excited for the return of the show in 2 weeks!
  • Sup, Doggod100 here. The previous 99 found good homes in a gods home so its my turn now. Thats good enough info about me I would say  :|
  • Hi, I'm OctoDucky. I've been watching Rob since about 3 episodes into the Mobsters run of Black 2 and playing DvZ since early PMC. I also kinda dm'd a game of Urealms but it wasn't that great.
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    Salut! It's me, the nerd who has been lurking in the Rawb community since forever (even before then) I have decided that I should finally make my hello, Hello! I don't say much, and probably won't, but if you do see what I say take solace in the fact that you've just seen words written by someone you've never met before, YEAH! INTERNET! Anyway, I've blabbered on for long enough, you nerds take care. 
  • Hey, I'm Raandm (sometimes Raandm Neighm or Neighm or some pun thereof).  I've been around (mostly lurking) since the Gym and the DvZ and Pokemon streams from those days. 
  • hello, im Aurlean (you can call me by my irl name if you like, Seth) i got the name Aurlean from a book i read when i was younger... so you know... hi...   :)
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