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Same Problem Diffferent Character (Minor Spoilers)

Isn't weird that Roamin has two Character who are loving father with no wife dead, Children and the desire to get it back . Also what other character that was made by the same play


  • Considerring that all of the Woodcarvers' children died (though one revived), no it is not that weird that there just happens to be another.
  • It is very similar to Justin's character this week, and Jormr's relationship to his family.
  • OOh What about the two kobold  character that roamin made that wipe out an entire combat
  • It's a circle of violence. It will continue to happen. It's one of those tropes of "X member you loved (be it family member or otherwise) dies to change a character fundamentally at their core." Some use to to turn into evil dicks like Injustice Superman, while some use that to fuel themselves towards justice like Batman.
  • Rob probably cast it this way on purpose because he knew that the players would be able to deliver well on their family situations.
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