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UR Weekly drawing prompt 1~~ Bopen v Virgo



  • this looks so cool! I like the lighting. @Gterra2
  • @MUFFINTOAST3R Dude, is that a sun Zweihander? That is awesome!
  • @Fitzy Yeah I figured he'd be the type to slug a big zweihander around. Leaves a good cut ;)
  • you didn't send this to me yet, am I to assume there's more changes or should I snag it now? @MUFFINTOAST3R
  • @snarkyslytherin I've got a couple more sending your way so I'll send them soon enough. And I'll have Virgo without the tag on it for you
  • how you spoil me <3 @MUFFINTOAST3R
  • Isn't much but had a silly idea I wanted to sketch out seeing this, unfortunately "finishing" arts is too time consuming/tedious for me.
  • Great job everyone! Keep it up!
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    Bopen as a Kefka-esque final boss.

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    Couldn't get the image to show the first time...
  • That That is just awsuome @DrFlameWolfBitchBoyKing
  • I made this mediocre art of Bopen

    I made Bopen as a only head and arms being levitated by the weird void mist that seems to have something to do with him. I totally didn't make him like that because I wanted to avoid drawing an actual body for him *shifty eyes*. I drew him chilling in his gold vault inspecting his sword. I was thinking of littering Bopen's hoard with various treasure cards and other people can guess what treasure they represent, but I realize I did not have the skill to do that.
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    I have no artistic skill of my own so.... i cheat and trace stuff from hand of things i find on the internets. The kobold head is just a WOW worgen head, the dwarf is a Warhammer dwarven hammerer, and Virgo is a profile of Geralt of Rivia. Sorry i'm a potato dont hurt me.
  • I decided to try my hand at this, here's the result:
    Bopen and Cothlin:

    I know I'm not really that good at drawing, so any advice on how to make my drawings look better is welcome :)
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    A quick drawing
    of bopen being annoyed by funk virgo. Someone mentioned on a thead and I totally fallen in love whit that idea.

  • I thought Bopen would look cool with a voodoo kind of theme to him. So I drew that in photoshop. It's not particularly good because I'm a musician :smilebold: 

  • @Nameless531 i love it, its oddly cute for some reason though
    @Gterra2 did you do that with source? hes got a ramboXvirgo look going on "back in virgos younger days..."
    @Sen_tron i know how you feel, so many unfinished projects myself, you still sketched something up for it, that takes dedication!
    @DrFlameWolfBitchBoyKing i cant express how much i love the old ff style of pixel art, monsters and the battle set up, i hope you make more art
    @SpenTheSlime its bopen, im sure hes done plenty of things much weirder, loving the pixel art @Power at some point im positive all artists trace in their beginning phase, it helps muscle memory and its great for learning, i did it all the time when i was younger, thanks for labeling your sources and keep working at it!
    @Radarian oooh man, this is giving me a desire to see a full blown skelly behemoth, that would be terrifying, love the concept
    @Simona i love this and he totally deserves it too! that virgo funk is cute!
    @ThatSyncingFeel this is a pretty cool idea, i can totally imagine him having a bunch of little tiki minions that have blow darts
  • @Qu33nAce Yes this was done in Source Film Maker and yes I was going for a nostalgic look/atmosphere with the lighting. I was originally planning on having a child/baby on his lap while he was holding a book but I was not able to find a good model for the child I had in mind.
  • Ooh! This is a fantastic idea @Qu33nAce ! I had a spare 5 mins today so sketched Bopen...It seems most folk are Hopin' for Bopen!  :)
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    I don't think images are working right now, or at least not on my end. Let me know if this shows up for anyone.
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    Here's my take on both of them. Pretty intimidating if I do say so myself.
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    I think he turned out kind of cute :smilebold: 

    Edit: I finally got it working. Thanks @Qu33nAce !
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    for you guys with images not working make sure after you upload it to imgur and right click the picture and choose "copy image location" then when you have the link, paste it here make sure you press space and not enter after you put it here, it should show the image in your post before you press post comment
  • @Qu33nAce Press space and not enter??!?! No wonder it wouldn't post the picture when I kept trying.
    Thank you for the help. 
  • I love this Bopen so much! It's very whimsical and fun! @Hdilie
  • @MUFFINTOAST3R I really like your art style!!
  • Drew my skeletal husbandoimage
  • Wow! I was going to post mine, but I'm a little intimidated by how awesome everyone's was. Great job guys!
  • @Reizel You should post it if you feel comfortable, I really like seeing all the cool art of Virgo and Bopen. :dank:
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