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Who would you like to see Guest star on URealms Live?

Now I know Mr. Rawb :rawb: has said in the past that he doesn't want to promise having on new guests to play in the Urealms live games, but I think it'd be fun to hypothesize possible Youtubers/interneters/real world celebrities to appear.

Personally a scenario I'd love to see is WowCrendor and Jesse Cox playing at the table. 
Rewb has stated in the past how Crendor was a fan of his old works, and they even do a Thanksgiving series every year now. Crendor could bring on Jesse (who also has experience in doing these roleplaying sessions in youtube series) and they could have just the randiest of times. :dank:  

Who would you love to see on the show, Arin from the Nuren Campaign to make a return perhaps?


  • Pretty sure there's a thread about this already, but like I said on it, Danny from Game Grumps is really chill, funny, and has prior experience with D&D. He would be my vote.
  • @Astora wait really? I didn't see such a thread. But then again, it was probably lost way back in the aether of the forums~ 
  • Not really a guest, but I think it'd be fun if Rob was one of the players and perhaps Deadbones GM'd. I know that's not likely to happen and Deadbones has said he doesn't feel he could preform well enough live yet, but I still think it'd be fun to see Rob create and flesh out a character live.
  • I want Etho on a campaign... he would probably troll too hard though
  • @JSeaxe It would be interesting to see, but DB would have to be verrryyy well aquinted with all of the mechanics behind the live show.

    @TinyBomby Has trolling really stopped any of the guys before? :dank: 
  • Crendor or Matt Mercer
  • Etho best guest 

  • Crendor seems like a good choice. I'd kind of like to see Pause again too, since he hasn't been in anything since the Nuren campaign.
  • Gimme dat Co-Optional Lounge plays Die-Kea: Urealms Edition :bopen: 
  • I'd love to see WowCrendor as well, but it should be known that Rob has said he'd likely never invite someone bigger than his current audience (such as wowCrendor). It would mess his ability to interact with the fans if suddenly his fan base doubled. Not to mention the impact it would have on the chat vote events he's planning on adding. 

    I know everyone is speaking hypothetically, but I thought it would be a good idea to have Robs reasons here. 
  • I'd love to see Pause in a campaign. He was great in the Nuren campaign and has so much history with the guys.
  • @RisEltrut I love Matt Mercer and Critical Roll is great, but I don't know how well he'd translate into the kind of game.

    Crendor, however, fits in great with the guys. His appearances with them in TTT were great.
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    Simon and Lewis from the yogscast, Simon would be the derp of the group and Lewis has already proven that he can keep an RP up for hours and be funny in character.

    They are also familiar with RPG games, they wouldn't need a lot of explanation to understand the rules.
  • @EssenSlug Yes! Love Quill18! :D 

    @Tmarrsy Wellll crap...

    @Swampmist @Sangui I concur to those both. :)
  • Johnny Voruz always liked the legendary heroes podcast

    Gaary was cool would like to see him again

    But my top possible pick has to be Crendor, I don't think his audience is as big as rob thinks, he only gets ~900 people in a regular stream and ~30,000 views on youtube videos I think at least a few of those are overlapping with Rob too (I know at least one and thats me) 

    I know he's said straight out he won't do it, but regular guests at the table seem to be a ways off so I hope he'll reconsider when we get there.
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    Etho boys 
  • Gaary or Shay both make great background jokes
  • Spencer Crittenden, from Harmonquest would be interesting.
    Jake Kaufman from the Nuren campaign making a return would be great.
    Millbee has been great when he was on, not sure if it would be possible to get Pyro.

  • The Smooth Lads. Any of them.
  • LittleKuriboh, just because I can only imagine how insane his character would be. Imagine having Deadbones, Roamin, Coe, and LK in a game. It would easily have the potential for the best group of four from the campaign.

    Also, give that man disguise... making LK do voices to use a spell sounds so awesome.
  • I'd love to see milbee back on the show, he added a ton of laughs and weird shenanigans @SMS00
  • @Nikerous ya got that right for sure. XD
    cpMetis Would love to see it. So long as he doesn't do that "Marrick" voice variant he seems to use a lot of. Kinda wears thin quickly.
    @olesideburns Pyro or Spyd would be great to see again. Specially the Prince of East Philadelphia~ 
    @Wulfmir Concur concur. Specially since we've never had a female on the show yet.
  • I loved the addition of Millbee to the crew last season. I'd like the idea of adding Pause as an alternate, just like back in ye old Nuren Campaign
  • @NiceDragon Pause would be great to see again. Tragically the life a parent can be very time consuming.  :(
  • There should be a female or more on the cast, maybe one of the artists. Hey! Rob has a sister, who does stuff, that's be cool 
  • I'd love to see Crendor or Jesse Cox.
  • Sips and Roamin have never been seen in the same room before, hmmm....
  • Milbee, I want him to accidently come up with some insane lore and change up the game...also he's funny so yknow
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