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What ever happen to Urealms side quest?

 Urealms side quest was a good side project that you can make campaigns and improvise. So what ever happen too it and can we bring it back?


  • They didn't do any between seasons this time around due to the developement of the season 3 cards.
  • @Loveland Well it might of have work if they let one of the guys like Deadbones as game-master and get a different player cast or get some other people in the role of game-master and player like Rob's other friends from other projects. also do you think they are going to make a new season for it?
  • @MrHealix It would've taken too much work inbetween basically re-writing the majority cards, making lore-stuff in the back and so-on. You also have to take the guys' other things into account and so-on, and in the end it'd have been more hassle than it'd be worth. - They most likely won't do make a new season based around the side-quests, and instead focus on their actual seasons.
  • @UnluckyBimi Not really if you look at the first season of Urealm side-quest it had  just  a normal campaign base on you playing  with  no legendary chance and donation events just a regular way you would do it in tabletop.
  • Side Quests have been basically replaced by DeadRealms.
  • Deadrealms is basically exactly what you are talking about. It serves all the same purposes of the side quests and even have a new and unique mechanic in it with the tricks and no tricks.
  • i know but i really like Urealm side-quest because of it was expanding the lore of the world
  • Dead Realms is essentially just Side Quests without the pressure of keeping with all the lore, rules and timeline of URealms. It's a lot of work to write a cool campaign and also keep up with all of that and the purpose of the DeadBones campaigns is to keep a consistent show schedule "last Saturday of every month!" while also keeping it fun and not a boatload of work for DeadBones to do.
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