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(Spoilers) Divine Decision Discussion

What were your thoughts?

Personally, I think that because there was an option to stay safe, the ageless are going to suffer massive losses in the war. That's what they get for putting faith into a pirate (although they may or may not have been forced into war).

Congratulations [whateverthenameofthechosengodwas] you killed a lot of skeletons, and maybe some important Sunswords and Paladins.


  • Hey, at least this way we can make a bunch of fan-made ageless war campaigns! I know I'm going to be making and running one!
  • Pretty sure a "war" campaign was going to happen regardless. I don't see Bopen take no for an answer.
  • With the grand paladin order, we knew we would get to see Bopen in a fight eventually so voting for him to go to war with the living kinda felt like a waste. I also would have liked to see what would have happened if noone would stand with Bopen. Maybe he would go out on his own and make his own ageless empire as he seems like that kind of guy who probably just does what ever he wants.
  • @KaeawynShifter Oh that sounds like fun!

    Also, you just reminded me I forgot to buy Tabletop Sim. in the steam sale. Gotta wait for the fall one I guess.
  • @Yellowdash34 I'm sure someone will be willing to buy you a copy, unfortunately I do not have the money to do so and will probably be running my campaigns on a real-life table, and do all the randomization through my computer running TTS...
  • Actually I am not sure why people are so sure that the ageless will lose, or even lose a large percent of there population, since the location of Deadlantis isn't known by the other side but the GPO headquarters is then this war is only a matter of time before the GPO falls as the GPO has no way of striking back. Also casualties isn't an issue for the ageless as if there are any civilians anywhere there go, which there would be tons of, then they can forcibly recruit them. The ageless also don't need to worry about food, water, weapons, armor, or anything else needed to sustain an army. Finally the GPO is slightly rattled from the death of the likely LONG time Grand Paladin Virgo.
  • @Gterra2 Exactly! We didn't need to vote for war when there's no way Bopen was giving up on war. Although, maybe voting for no to war would get Bopen killed?
  • Also, there was that donation where future ageless would be named after donors, so I suspect some  people voted for war because of that. I chose war because I like chaos in fiction.
  • @Yellowdash34 The only difference this divine decision may have done for Bopen is increase the scale of his "war forces". Voting for reclusive peace potentially would have benefited character development for Bopen, Phineas, Daedric, and the council members who we are going to see in future campaigns, (sadly not anytime soon).
  • Since Gwyneth was going to go after Bopen either way, I think it made sense for the Ageless to start the war. With an organized Ageless army, they would have a much better chance of survival, and could start with a surprise attack to cripple the elves. 
  • @Insane2201 Yeah but if he didn't have the whole of deadlantis behind him then there is a good chance he would have lost
  • @H0tpixel I am not entirely sure on that. I feel the only way to kill Bopen is if we get a donation event that lets us do it. Even then the "Hopen" event was a false donation event. He's shown to have probably what is almost the strong power among men. Not including dragons or that two headed Ogre who uses dragon magic. I am sure he'll be a big antagonist for a good duration of the series. While I just hope he gets cut down.
  • I am always a huge fan of the villain! I always back them! After all, what is the point of a story without a great villain and hero
  • I'm wondering now, what will happen between all the ageless? I know the majority would probably follow Bopen, but what about the others? I don't know if we will see the other side of things, but it's just a random thought I had.
  • I thought we were voting on if Deadlantis would side with Bopen in this coming war(allowing the characters in this campaign to return), or stay neutral forcing Bopen to recruit others for his ageless army allowing focus to be shifted to a different undead faction like the spiders, mermaids, or cult of bones(possibly leading to new factions, items, classes, or even races,) 
  • @Insane2201 How could you ever wish death on the great skeleton God Bopen?!?! He will slay you like the little sheep you are!  >_<
  • @H0tpixel Bopen's a villain I love to hate. Feels like the Elves haven't caught a break since the silver mine mountains. As for calling Bopen a god? Nah. He's just a very strong skeleton, Aren't even sure if he's truely ageless with him being able to exist without a skull.
  • @Insane2201 Lol I've always loved the villains in stories and movies. Im on Bopen's side all the way  >:) I also dont think he is a god either i think he is some sort of powerful ghost.
  • I really hope Bopen makes Phineas his apprentice, and encounters Gwyneth with Phineas by his side. It will make for a great moment when Gwyneth and the sunswords are betrayed by Phineas. 
  • This war is going to be amazing. I think the ageless are going to be extremely outmatched though, because in reality it's them vs ALL of the living, that means the op race like high bears and the op characters that wouldn't of normally sided with the elves. 
  • What I'm thinking is that the ageless will lose, just because In my opinion it doesn't seem like Rob would have it end with all the living becoming ageless or face death. But I could be wrong
  • I don't make Divine Decisions that have bad options. When the story is more progressed, I can explain past decisions to give you the context of what you were truly picking. I would never pick on what you think is a better story, but rather what story you want to see. 
  • @Insane2201 Do you really think Rob would create a war campaign despite making a divine decision specifically for it? 
  • Honestly, I love Bopen, he's a great villain, but the GPO (and other living) just have so much soul and fight that it makes me always want to root them on. Agelss are cool and all, and I like the ageless characters, but I just don't feel nearly as attached when they go through significantly less struggle. Like, when I see characters go through hardships and fight tooth and nail, giving everything they have to hold onto hope in an attempt to persevere, I can't help but cheer them on. (I haven't seen the latest campaign yet so sorry if my comment has any contradictories with said campaign).
  • @Azurillkirby Yeah I do because that's where this is all leading anyway. Qwen and the sunswords were going to bring the war if Bopen was ready or not with Deadlantis.

    @TDScott8 That's exactly how I feel about all the ageless as well. Apart from the recent campaign there has not been much of a struggle or hardships for the Ageless. Then you have Kallark who's been through all sorts of crazy shit. Falling in love, going to have a child, that child then be killed while inside the mother, Gwen breaking up with him, going literally crazy due to a funk, trying to prove he's still a good guy, saved kids from a burning building, tried to protect those kids only for the elves' dumb crap taking those kids away and locking them away, trying to sacrifice his life for Gwen's, and saving people from a collapsing building/mine. Kallark to me is a badass character with a lot to fight for and with.

    Then again Kallark has had several campaigns to develop. While characters like Bopen have had like 2 or 3 I wanna say. Really it was the donation event called Hopen that made me dislike him the most. As he'll exist for a long time I am sure due to a donation event, he wont be going anywhere for a while. I just want to see the Elves get a lucky break. They've been losing people left and right lately. Though I tend to think the opposite of most people that think "Evil is cool". Sure evil can be neat, but what do you do when the whole world is dead, ruled, or under your weird magic curse? Not much because it'd be about as boring as the times before "The Birth of Magic"
  • I bet you'll end up liking Bopen @Insane2201 , just give him a chance till about season 9.
  • @Rob I look forward to it Rob. Keep up the great work man. I'm glad you talk with the fanbase as much as you do. Gives me more hope even if it does make me feel like a shithead for complaining sometimes.
  • @Insane2201 Will you be, hopen for Bopen? ;)
  • @Insane2201 Would you say it gives you Hope...n for the Bopen? >:)
    (I hate myself.)
  • @Astora DAMN IT. Do we just think alike?
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