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Campaign Thread: The Senate of Deadlantis.



  • roam1n for ageless  ganndi

  • This was an AMAZING campaign. I loved every moment of it.
  • I feel sad for the players of this campaign. Really and truly I just feel for them. The Birth of Magic was just a kick in the teeth, and groin, and kidneys, and stomach, and funny bone, and... I think that's enough. Good campaign, good lore establishment, and I look forward to seeing all of the things this set up.

    Too bad the ghostbusters campaign didn't happen.
  • One of the best yet in my opinion. More lore campaigns!
  • Thanks for the great show rob!
  • The improv was some of the best the show has seen.
  • Man. This campaign was wild. I love what Roamin has done as senator. Too bad about the Ghostbuster campaign. Although I hope this means ghosts get used for something else. Since they still would be a problem.
  • That was an absolutely incredible campaign. The entire thing, for the first three acts, was very clearly meant to break the guys, by building them up with all of the fun party stuff and funny sexual jokes, and then the third act was just there to absolutely annihilate everything that had been built up. The donation events were spot-on, props to Six for that, and the RP overall in the third act was really well done.

    The Senate section dragged on a little while, but it was absolutely carried by Roamin's incredible political skills. At the same time, though, it felt like Roamin overpowered the act, which was also a symptom of losing Coe. After Coe left the campaign felt pretty weak, but the first half was easily enough to make up for it.

    All in all, a pretty great campaign. Personally I wouldn't rank it too highly, probably around 10th or 11th of the campaigns we've had, but that's still pretty damn good. I think a massive bonus of the campaign was potentially redeeming the Death Roll system for some people, by showing that the occasional Death Roll leads to much more interesting suspense than what we had in the first campaign.
  • I personally think this is one of the best campaigns yet, even beating out Den of Devils which is crazy. Rob, definitely take this as affirmation that you can do more low-combat weeks in the future, I personally love it and it seems a great deal of the fandom do too.
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    Honestly, I thinks campaign was the best campaign yet. By a factor of 20.

    Everything about this campaign was amazing. After the first act, I thought it couldn't get better. After the second act, I thought it couldn't get better, After the third act, I thought it couldn't get better. And the fourth act was equally as amazing as everything else.

    I came into this campaign skeptical about how it would turn out. New Crew always put me off a bit because of how long the roleplay took, it got a bit repetitive for me personally. OGH felt like it was missing a bit of substance and coherence. So I was a bit unsure about how an entirely RP campaign would go. But you guys entirely knocked it out of the park.

    The first act provided excellent closure for the stories of all of the Bocoe crew and Bob while actively starting new opportunities as well. Every conversation was amazing and hilarious.

    The second act was a very interesting look into what life was like before the Birth of Magic. I don't think I was able to truly imagine what life was like pre-BoM before this. It went from a rather vague description of a utopia without pain to a more understandable casual life without many greater problems that we'd see in the future. Not to mention the setting of how bright and upbeat everything was perfectly sets up for the hammer of the Birth of Magic to happen, pulling an insanely massive 180 extremely effectively.

    The third act was beautiful and sad in the right ways. Rob, as GM you expertly were able to portray this world of chaos where nobody knew what was going on, describing each individual they came across and how they were affected by this event. One person is just uncontrollably casting spells and calling for help. Another is blind on the side of the road, who can't be helped because he inadvertently attacks the one person who helps. Another is using his skills for sport, attacking every person he can. The scenario was excellently portrayed.

    Before talking about the fourth act, I think that once again Rob, you perfectly explained each of the various political parties and what they stood for, as well as *why* they stood for it. It could have just been a basic explanation of what they stand for, but the long description of what lead to each of their beliefs was masterful.

    And finally, the debate in the senate was great. I'd say it's an astounding feat to take a topic as dull as congressional debates and turn it into one of the most amusing and ridiculously funny role play encounters of the entire show. Some people may believe that it started to drag after a while, but I think it lasted exactly as long as needed without overstaying its welcome. 

    Honestly, this was such an amazing campaign that I don't even know how it could possibly be topped. But if anyone can do that, it's the URealms crew. Keep up the great work. :)
  • I really enjoyed the campaign.
    And that psycho shapeswordsmen elf, hope to see him again at some point and find out who he was, maybe even as a player character. 
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    Definitely in my personal top 3 campaigns, if not my favorite. Great balance of lore, story, and humor. Daedric so quickly became like my favorite character, I was cheering for him at the end there. Glad he's still alive. I mean, at least for now. Season 3 is keeping up that good good urealms quality. 

    On another note, I fuckin' loved the nerdy lore shit about deadlantis. Those political party tidbits were great.
  • @Sylo You do know that could have been Ghostblade?
  • Really good. Freaking pebble boys. Man...

    Also really good job all around, especially with the animations.
  • Top quality campaign Rob.  :D  It was great and hit every joke perfectly. It also explained a ton of lore which makes me really happy as I love learning about the universe you have created. You really hit it spot on with this campaign and I couldn't stress it more. I especially enjoyed all of the power us Old Gods had over the campaign and how it progressed. Keep up the good work Rob!  :)  >_<
  • I loved how chaotic the divine decision was! It was much more fun being chosen when my decision was unknown, rather than just having the decision being known. 
    It was really exhilarating trying to get the decision seen in the comments, and having everyone's eyes on me. 
    That's what's great about Urealms, you never know what's going to happen!
  • I would love to see a whole campaign using this senate gameplay where the characters are just arguing with each other over made up issues. It suited Deadbones' and Roamin's improv styles so incredibly well. 
  • This was an absolutely fantastic campaign. Definitely in my personal top campaigns, possibly even the best. The Roleplay was fantastic, the jokes were hilarious, and the third act did a complete emotional flip that worked perfectly and made me love these new characters so much more. Amazing job by all the artists and everyone else who worked on this, it was fantastic!
  • That was a good campaign Rob, I quite liked it.
  • God what a campaign.  I think this one might be my new favorite.  Just all the tightly designed characters and well thought-out storylines.  Bopen is a really compelling character to watch since he is ruthless and gives no fucks.

    The elven party was on point.  All the interactions there made sense and helped us fall in love with the characters which was all a setup for the intense feels that the death animations brought out later.

    10/10.  You guys nailed it this week :bopen: 

  • Can't wait until the behind the scenes if he does it. It seems if there was a medusa storyline they didn't use and to explain the technical difficulties. Loved the campaign 10/10 
  • Justin was great this week, lots of great moments.
  • I enjoyed it quite a bit.  My favorite parts were the 3rd and 4th acts, 4th being fantastic in every facet, landing this campaign in a great place for me, though the 1st and 2nd were alright as well.  The whole pebble boy part had me in tears- easily my favorite bit this campaign, though other parts had my wife and I literally rolling laughing on our bed as we watched.  
    Now just to see the ageless wage an offensive war vs the GPO (and allies) in a defensive war, as the previous divine decision's outcome seems to suggest that Gwyneth would fight this way, as Lance would have supposedly been "the most aggressive grand paladin in history."  However, I'm still counting on him making a GPO splinter faction to take the war to the ageless before they can strike. Usually, you wouldn't want to wage war on your own soil, but this is multiplied in desperation, as every soldier you lose essentially becomes another enemy soldier in your own territory.  
  • This campaign was amazing. There were so many hilarious moments, particularly in Deadlantis and the party, and I was really impressed with Justin this week. Highlights included pebble boys and Justin calling Roamin's children stupid. Also I didn't really find myself missing the combat.
  • I loved the politic on this campane
  • This campaign was super cool, I loved the RP focus :D
  • Amazing campaign. The first act was a great answer to The New Crew, I love death so was happy when some of them died. 2nd act was good to build up the characters and then kill them in the 3rd. (For some reason I like small npc's so I wish we got more ice-elf girl) The 4th act was the best. Roamin is a master storyteller and makes up stories on the spot so well. I died at Justin's that's so raven joke. I was on the other side for the divine decision but I was torn between the 2. The final encounter was different in a good way because having small encounters makes the bigger ones better. The ending to nearly every campaign last season had a big twist or fight and it was nice to have a smaller ending for a change.
  • I feel bad for roamin.  his family murder event was WAY worse than any of the others.  I like when Roamin plays a dad, it always feels believable.  
  • I think The Campaign was really good throughout all the acts and loved that it was focused on role playing even though i think a little bit more combat would have been nice. Other then that i think the story and characters was great.  :)
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