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What Happened to Nader?

So basically it's implied that everyone who stayed in the city died, which is why they were trying to escape to the boat, but of course we also have to assume because of events that Nader lived... so the question is: What happened to Nader? And how did Bopen get his staff!?


  • Escaped some other way. We know not everyone in the city died since virgo and gwenyth survived
  • Yeah but what actually did he do afterwards that led to Bopen stealing his staff...
  • Maybe Nader is Bopen...
  • Well we know for a fact suspect that Nader survived, and the animation in Skeleton King shows that Nader has a pocket dimension he can go to, so I assume he just was like "Oh s*&^! I knew those Old Gods were going to kill the sun! Time to go to my pocket realm and read random stories of the realms to them!"
  • @ShadowPoow
    Thats possible, but I doubt it since Nader has taken up more of a narrator position in the show. I dont think he would be a villain that will probably die eventually. 
  • Wait he has a POCKET dimension? er I need to rewatch Skeleton King... where was that?
  • Honestly with Nader, I just think he left the city before the events transpired. It was explained by Rob that the actual Birth of Magic occured a while after what we saw in Act 2 after all. It would explain why we didn't see anything of him from that point onwards, and also means that it would still allow for Bopen to obtain his staff at some point in the future.
  • @TinyBomby It was in one of Are'ani's visions, the first one after her getting the staff from bopes.
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    @agenttrap I know! Just an unlikely theory. Nader could be a sin though, or something like that as he knows about us, the Gods.
  • I think Nader gave Bopin his staff as one of his MANY gifts.
  • Im thinking that since Nader gave Louis Tarciel'Embeart a "known" legendary, maybe it was his cane, and when louis either died or whatever Bopin recovered it
  • I assume Nader and most other characters that needed to survive had left quite a bit before the town fell to ruins. Golestandt also wasn't present, and we pretty much know what happens to him after the Birth of Magic.
  • @Gent It was a while after the party too
  • The birth of magic probably happened some time after the ceremony because Nader would still need time to be exiled by his brother as we saw in the skeleton king (I think, maybe cobblers).
  • I think nader gave gifts then went back to rohbear then got banished into his pocket dimension
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