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What did you like about the Senate of Deadlantis?

Title says it all. What things did you enjoy about the campaign and would like to see more of in the future? This can be anything, from characters, rp-to-combat ratio (my personal favorite), how lore heavy it was, or anything else that was done that you liked! Please keep it only to what you enjoyed, not what you disliked.


  • Pebble boys
  • The tear-jerk of Romain's kids.
  • I liked everything but the end. Charming the end boss to end it is kind of boring. Otherwise it was fun. It should have had to be a 20 to charm a boss, not a 19 or under.
    The characters and whole thing was fun. Got to explore Lore stuff more then anything else.
  • Every single thing Roamin said in act 4.
  • cain and krungors interaction was marvelous.
  • The Senate itself was probably my favorite because of how ridiculous it was
  • I am a big fan of RP, and deadbones character was one that we dont get to see that often in the show. 
  • Everything about Roamin's politics was great
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    I loved the council part and i hope to see more council scenario's like that where @Roamin can let his imagination go free, also because i would play a character just like that, money and power.
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    @Blastercaster I 2nd the Senate in it's entirety. How useless, incompetent, and stupid the whole thing was. It was absolutely hilarious!
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    We got Pebble Boys 

    Also, the Senate part was hilarious and I wouldn't mind if it continued for a long time
  • @Blastercaster ;Maybe I'm weird, but the Senate scene was actually my least favorite part. I guess I was expecting something a little bit more serious.

    that being said I loved everything about the Ascension party like when Rob tried to explain the birds and the bees.

    Also Kickstandt!
  • @Invidia Kickstandt is the best name ever
  • This campaign was almost perfect...the only bad thing was how Coe had to leave (and that kind of messed up the Senate part).  Other than that, I loved it and hope that there's at least one or two campaigns like this every season.
  • My favorite part was when Justin blatantly called Roamin's kids stupid right in front of them.
  • Are'ani getting medusa charmed by Phineas was awesome. It was great getting to see the aftermath of the Season 2 finale.

    I thought the second act did a really good job of introducing the characters and their relationships and to make them feel like full characters in just a single act. It basically did just as much character development as WoodCarvers did, which I think is super cool. All of the characters were super entertaining.

    The soft combat of the Birth of Magic was super cool and I thought Rob did a great job of describing the chaos of the people in the city. It was definitely a unique and really entertaining encounter with lot of meaningful smaller encounters in it.

    I think almost everyone enjoyed the Senate.
  • Woulda thought that your favorite part was the divine decision ;) @Caprikel ;

    I agree; the characters were phenomenal @Tudd ;
  • Seeing a lot of the old characters being RPed was fun too - it's crazy to think that we haven't see characters like Cain for almost two years now... so definitely nice to see them pop up again. :)
  • I enjoyed the pre-birth of magic section, but I honestly kinda felt like it lost momentum after they switched over to the senate. Sure, there were some funny moments, but it kinda was just them trying to see how much they could screw up deadlantis before Rob stopped them.

    It was kinda like a filler episode for a tv show; sure, you enjoyed it, but it really just boiled down to people doing nothing half of the time, and any real conflicts were shut down almost immediately. 
  • I loved the one elf that ruined the party's day before they got onto the boat! I think it would be really cool if he had developed into an actually character. I mean, after three 20's I think he kind of deserved at least a name!
  • @LadyOutlier How about... Ghostblade? >:)
  • @FNH4
    Hehe, that would have been too obvious!
  • @WwWwW_734 ;
    It would actually be pretty dang cool if they incorporated him as Ghostblade. Of course it wouldn't be canon unless someone in a campaign said it.
  • @Insane2201 See you seem to think it was an end boss. It wasn't. It was a PVP encounter but everyone was on Bopen''s side. Because we allow improv to control the show, you can't have "big end bosses" every week. if we did that would get stale. I'm okay with a slower, less impactful ending because URealms is a giant world fill with lots of stories and you really never know what is going to happen.

    Except maybe season finales. Those I try to have big endings always!
  • Personally I enjoyed the constant role play and changing of character due to the events, by far I'd say this is the one with the most character development and I constantly felt engaged.
  • @Maesquin I felt the exact same. I think the lack of Coe's presence sorta threw off the rest of the role-play, plus he may have helped his uncle in the end battle.
  • @WwWwW_734 ;
    Everyone's definitely seemed to have made this connection, and I totally want it to be true! I was hoping that he would get burned across the right eye or something to make that connection to Ghostblade.
  • @Rob I did like the rest of the show. Just smile gripes I have if any. I do think you all did really well with the characters and humor. Even with Roamin's character at the end flip flopping from his political group's whole ideals. Which I feel only was brought about with Deadbones and Justin siding with Bopen. I do look forward with what you do with Deadlantis and the Ageless. Especially the mystery of Bopen and how he is not exactly an ageless. I also like Daedric's side of things since I am sure there are ageless who will refuse to join Bopen. I just hope he isn't just made into a random mindless thrall for Roamin as that seems boring and a waste of a character.

    To get real though, your show does make me laugh and happy. Even with my rough living status and depression. Brings me some joy, even after losing my job I'd had for a number of years.
  • Acts 2 and 3 were really really good. Thoroughly establishing all of the characters and their relationships and then following into the tragedy of losing their families really made me feel for them. I also loved the seeing the lore about what it was like during and immediately after the birth of magic. I love the lore of this show and this campaign had lots of it.
  • Why do we have a separate thread for this when the main campaign thread exists lol. Anyway just gonna copy paste what I wrote there-

    Honestly, I thinks campaign was the best campaign yet. By a factor of 20.

    Everything about this campaign was amazing. After the first act, I thought it couldn't get better. After the second act, I thought it couldn't get better, After the third act, I thought it couldn't get better. And the fourth act was equally as amazing as everything else.

    I came into this campaign skeptical about how it would turn out. New Crew always put me off a bit because of how long the roleplay took, it got a bit repetitive for me personally. OGH felt like it was missing a bit of substance and coherence. So I was a bit unsure about how an entirely RP campaign would go. But you guys entirely knocked it out of the park.

    The first act provided excellent closure for the stories of all of the Bocoe crew and Bob while actively starting new opportunities as well. Every conversation was amazing and hilarious.

    The second act was a very interesting look into what life was like before the Birth of Magic. I don't think I was able to truly imagine what life was like pre-BoM before this. It went from a rather vague description of a utopia without pain to a more understandable casual life without many greater problems that we'd see in the future. Not to mention the setting of how bright and upbeat everything was perfectly sets up for the hammer of the Birth of Magic to happen, pulling an insanely massive 180 extremely effectively.

    The third act was beautiful and sad in the right ways. Rob, as GM you expertly were able to portray this world of chaos where nobody knew what was going on, describing each individual they came across and how they were affected by this event. One person is just uncontrollably casting spells and calling for help. Another is blind on the side of the road, who can't be helped because he inadvertently attacks the one person who helps. Another is using his skills for sport, attacking every person he can. The scenario was excellently portrayed.

    Before talking about the fourth act, I think that once again Rob, you perfectly explained each of the various political parties and what they stood for, as well as *why* they stood for it. It could have just been a basic explanation of what they stand for, but the long description of what lead to each of their beliefs was masterful.

    And finally, the debate in the senate was great. I'd say it's an astounding feat to take a topic as dull as congressional debates and turn it into one of the most amusing and ridiculously funny role play encounters of the entire show. Some people may believe that it started to drag after a while, but I think it lasted exactly as long as needed without overstaying its welcome. 

    Honestly, this was such an amazing campaign that I don't even know how it could possibly be topped. But if anyone can do that, it's the URealms crew. Keep up the great work. 
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