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What does everyone eat/drinks when watching urealms live?



  • I usually just have a bottle of water, sometimes I also have whatever snacks I have around the house (cookies, a bag of popcorn, some bananas, etc)
  • Whatever I just happen to have on hand. :smilebold: 
  • I prefer to be eating Chinese Take out, Two large orders of Fried Rice, one chicken, the other beef.  :D
  • Usually pizza or boneless wings since both would last me long enough to watch the entire stream, than a 1 liter bottle of brisk even though i always break the seal 1/4th of the way through and have to go to the bathroom all the time during the show. Stuff like chips or a bag of chocolate would be nice but aren't as important as the normal food.
  • I buy some oven French Fries from the store and I slowly snack on the whole bag all day. 
  • I usually get a glass of soda (Usually Coke) and and nice bowl of chips. (Usually Ruffles)

    A few times i"ve made dinner and eaten my  meal while watching, like dinner and a show!
  • pizza and a coke or last time i had a spicy cheese burger and some ice tea w/ french fries
  • Good ol' pizza and energy drinks! Sometimes chinese food.
  • Whatever unhealthy and suger filled thing, i can find.
  • Pitcher of Cuba Libre, Pringles and then I fall asleep mid way through the stream.
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