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New Players in the Player Tab

When we look in the players tab in the about section, we see out normal players and participants(Rob,Deadbones,Coe,Justin,Roamin, and Nisovin and MIllbee a few times). HOWEVER, there are 2 mystery players darkened out. NOW, when observing these images, I noticed something odd. The "Player8" image is just a darkened out image of our favorite elf, Dave. But, "Player7" is a darkened out image of the old Gwyneth Sunsword art by RadioactiveK. I found this interesting, because there is clearly a newer Gwyneth image to use. Maybe this "Player7" is RadioactiveK? I don't know, this is just something I found interesting.


  • @bl1ndn3rd Well the art for Dave is also the one done by Radioactive K, so I think Rob or Nisovin is just using that art there as a placeholder.
    Now, this might signify that one of these new "players" are female and another male. But hey, that's just a theory.....A UREALMS THEORY!
  • @Guyver  True, but Dave doesn't currently have updated character art on his page, so for now that's just the default Dave. I was thinking that too, though. Thinking about it, a female who would make sense to join would be Sixelona. I don't know about another male though. 
  • @bl1ndn3rd
    I'm guessing it's going to be someone in the buffalo wizards, or is close and has worked with Rob in the past

    But my current guess is someone from the Buffalo Wizards TTT.  I mean, all 7 current Players have been on that series, so what stops it from making 8 of them,
     (I'm talking about the male avatar. My guess on the female avatar is Necomi or Shaye)
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    Id be totally hyped to see a new player introduced, get some more variety. I might have to think that Shaye might be the Female avatar, or one of the other guys girlfriend/wife. The Dave Silhouette... Dave is a fan fic writer so maybe a Fan? IDK. I doubt spyd would be able to do this sort of stuff. Pause? I remember rob saying something about begging Pause to come play... Now that I think about it... I dont want Pause to play. <_< I dont think he would take anything seriously enough xD
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    Edit:  If I had to guess who they were, I would say the female outline is TotalSpiffage, an amateur voice actress that Rob, Justin, and Deadbones all followed on Twitter a while back.  Rob says that neither of them have been in his videos, but the guy who voiced Gallen in "The Grand Paladin Order" teaser video could be the other one...not sure.

    Especially because Rob said he either wanted either a fan or an amateur voice actor on the show and with all of these new animations coming out, it would make sense he would get two voice actors.
  • They aren't Buffalo Wizards and neither have been in any of my youtube videos. They are fun new additions you'll meet this season.
  • I'm excited, I've been pioneering for Haunter to get on a show since the day this forum opened though I doubt it'll be him. 

    I'd like to see some of the art team get involved in a campaign. Meganzoor, Irish and all the other hard working people behind all the animations and artwork, would be nice to have them on the show.
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    People we haven't seen in rob's videos before?
    My oh my
  • Rob sure knows how to set the hype train to max speed and disable the brakes.
  • Well one of them may be sixelona!
  • Anyone else notice that Coe's character isn't doomed?
  • Apologies to you all for making the other thread, I had not seen this one so in the future I will look deeper as to not create a pre-existing thread.
  • @Caspian
    He is super doomed.
  • All these people over here guessing Six or K and I'm just over here thinking one of them is probably a Mindcrack member since Rob is close buddies with Poose and has already had Milbee on the show. Wouldnt be too surprised if I was incorrect though.
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    @Davrial Yes, but Rob said they haven't been in one of his videos before where Poose has been in many.
  • Really the "Gwenyth" player is obvious. It's IrishLily. She's the only person on these forums to use Gwenyth for her Avatar.
  • Maybe it is Rob's sister? That would be interesting! 
  • @Zsane That's why i didnt say Poose. I said a member of Mindcrack, and then listed Poose and Rawb's friendship as one of the reasons I find it likely for another Mindcrack member to be a possibility, with the other reason being Millbee having already shown up.

    Honestly if I were to hazard a specific guess as to which Mindcrack member, I'd say probably Aurey or Vechs. I prefer not to hazard a specific guess tho, I like to make more general predictions.
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    No evidence to go on, but I'd love if it was one of their siblings, SO, etc. I'd love to Rob's brother or sister, or Necomi.

    EDIT: I also really like the new Millbee art.
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    New Players wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • "neither have been in any of my youtube videos" Dang, I was hoping for wowcrendor.
  • @Coldfire4134 I was hoping for Slyfoxhound, especially because of Rob's random tweet at Sly yesterday.
  • Well, if it's two completely new people who haven't been in any videos, we should start making a list of possible players! Well-Known Community members and Artists would be a start.
  • I bet it'll be two people we never expected to be on the show, or two people who aren't that well known and who have basically just showed up outta nowhere ready to get their roleplay game on.

    In other words I don't think it will be a community member of any kind, kinda like in Millbee's case but a lot more distant.
  • @Rob ;
    Question, are we right about one being male and the other female? Or are you not going to give any more hints out?
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