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Straight from the old forums! 
Say hello and introduce yourself!


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    Hi, I go by the name Jack Ironhide which is one of my Dungeons and Dragons characters. I am a Moderator for the URealms Wiki and have been watching Rob's content since he did the old Unforgotten Realms on New Grounds.
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    Hey guys! I was Cloud on the old forums too, albeit I didn't post much. I plan to be active this time around. I'm going to be DMing for some friends and hopefully uploading our games to Nice to meet you all, feel free to say hi! EDIT: Weird to think I've been watching Rob's content for a little over a decade. That's like, a large portion of my life.
  • Hello, my name is polutropos. I found Urealms thru Coe but I've been watching Rob since one of his Blaze Black Nuzlockes. I wasn't interested in his non Pokemon stuff, but since Urealms, I follow him on everything.
  • I'm RebekahWSD, heyo. I'm going to totally go get back to work on more fanfics. Eventually, yes, totally!
  • Hey, I'm Indestria from the old forums, the one who was making the text DvZ guide for a while until the forum shut-down, and DvZ changed a lot (In my mind, for the better). I've been watching Rob's content since the first DvZ Atlantis round (that was my first ever DvZ round I joined), and generally a shy person, but it's nice to meet you!
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    hi i'm poro the porc nice to meet you great to see that the forums are up.
  • Hi! I'm Emperor (also goes by Emp as well)! I am a Moderator on the URealms Wiki, and I have been watching Rawb since his UHC days with Mindcrack! Hope you all enjoy the Forums!
  • Rune, back from old forums, really glad to see this place again.
  • I'm bake, the closet cake
  • Hey hey! The name's Boolderdash. I've been watching URealms since campaign numero uno! A software engineer by trade, but I spend a lot of my free time either watching twitch/youtube, or playing games (especially Monster Hunter). Pleased to meet y'all!
  • I'm Phijkchu Shuckle. You may know me as that guy who is a Shuckle with Tentacles. I have been following Rawb back when he was playing DvZ with Poose and Etho, and even played a couple of games back in those days. I became a member of the Phijkchu cult around the time of the blaze black 2 runs and have been a more dedicated fan ever since. 
  • Hi guys, I'm PikaCraft Ive been a fan of rob's work for a few years now and absolutely feel in love with urealms. Super excited to be more active in the community with these new forums now up.  :D
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    So many familiar faces!

    To those that dont know, I am Agent Trap from the old forums. I watched rob since episode 7 of the Newgrounds Urealms. I may be best known for stating all of Rob's Nuzelocks on the old site. I tend to do my own thing, but I am an encyclopedia of knowledge if you ever have questions!
  • Glory is the name
  • Hi I'm Louis. I have been watching Rob since the Gym and played DvZ for a while 
  • I am a Mystical Traveler looking for Adventure.
  • Hi, I'm JakeLad and I have been watching Urealms since Woodcarvers, and I am the best bard ever. Praise be to Golestandt, and Kobalds are the scum of the earth.
  • Name's F I R E

    I belong to that Phijkchu cult
  • Hey I'm Gantaknows, I first found Rob through his DvZ video with Etho and Pause, I also found him through his Pokemon nuzlocke runs I didn't know they were by the same person for about a year I think.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Ahoy, I'm FungiWizard the self proclaimed greatest fool in the world. Currently working on a side urealms/pokemon related project that I hope goes well and was first introduced to Rob's content with Splash Attack and later officially through DvZ with PauseUnpause and the Mindcrack Network. I hope to interact more with this community and see it thrive for 50 more seasons.

    P.S. Make sure you follow six's streams because she makes the amazing character art on stream most of the time.
  • I'm Cave! Long-time listener, first-time caller!

    Started watching Rawb's stuff back when he made World of Warcraft machinima, discovered the oooold Unforgotten Realms show through that and have followed him since!

    These days I try to use Rob's Urealms-GMing philosophies to make adventures in WoW for roleplayers over there, and am hoping I can interact with the RPers here in Urealms proper!
  • Hey I'm Iceflame and I've been watching Rob since Poose and Etho played DvZ and I'm hyped to use these forums!
  • I'm rebloac, I'm a big fan of Urealms and the related family of internet content.
  • Heya I'm Fawn! I started watching Rawb through his super old DVZ stuff and I think that game's pretty cool. I love playing goofy Urealms campaigns and maybe doing art things!
  • hello i'm Magikarp, some of you should know me as PeterTheMagikarp and i also belong to the Phijkchu cult.
  • Sup, I'm Rox (Some of you might know me as Deku since I go by both depending on what I feel like at the time :P) and I've been lurking for the past few years. Found Rob through DvZ videos and decided to stick around since I loved his content so much. 
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    Hey, I'm Irishxlily. I'm one of the staff members on Urealms as an artist. In season 2 I did all the T-shirt designs, and this year I did some card art, companion art, stuff for secret projects ;), and future merchandise art.
    I started out as a big fan of the show, and Rob's Youtube content (all the way back since the Tuna Bandits). Did fan art until I was hired on by Rob.
    Welcome to the forums!
    Have fun!
  • Hey I'm Pillowkeeper and I'm a moderator on the wiki! If ya'll need help with anything let me know! :wow: 
  • Hai!  I am TigerSpirit, I am normally called Tiger but Tiggy works too.  I've been a big fan of DvZ since before PMC and but only started playing around then.   I am however quite new to URealms and am in the midst of binge watching the current campaigns to be caught up for S3 start. 
    Also, I was planning to lurk but fawn made me do this :)
  • Hi I'm DeadBones, I live here now. :p
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