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Streamers and YouTubers~

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Whether you've been doing it for a while or just starting out, let us know!
I've seen how great and supportive this community can be!

I wanted to know how many streams we have here so we can all support each other.
If you stream, here's a place to put your URL for others to follow and meet new friends!

Stream: Variety games, and art


  • Ooh, nice idea!

    I stream mostly on saturdays, but I'm trying to stream more during the week too.

    Art, sometimes animation, lotta urealms related stuff.
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    Due to finals/graduating and moving, I don't stream that much right now (plus I don't actually have any kind of schedule). However, I plan to get back into it as soon as possible.

    Anyways, I stream simultaneously on Youtube and on Twitch, with the VoDs going on Youtube the day after.

    EDIT: Since this thread extended to Youtube stuff, I do Let's Play content on my channel as well (linked below).

    Youtube: (Fixed the link since it was trying to embed a non-existent Youtube video)
    I mainly play a variety of video games (usually full playthroughs).
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    I'm meant to be streaming australian weeknights but I've been sick lately which has impacted that. Hopefully I'm back on my feet soon.

    Twitch here:
    And I uploaded videos recorded to Youtube here:

    Copying what bentendo did since youtube links try to automatically turn into videos
  • Unfortunately I don't stream at all (Yet?), but I do have a YouTube channel which you can find here.

    Its been a while since I've uploaded regularly, but I'm currently in the process of getting back into the swing of things and getting regular uploads up on my channel (New series going up within the next week!). I'm always working on improving as well, so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!
  • I tend to do the occasional art stream here: as well as other random little streams! I do them when I can!
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    I tend to stream my campaigns of URealms (called Nova Realms) here:
    Here is the latest campaign that we aired:

    (The first campaigns labeled "ProQuests (Prologue Quests)" have had some audio issues because I was mainly just learning how to stream then. Hopefully you guys can tune in for our Premiere Campaign, we'll be starting sometime in June!
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    I do streams on Fridays and Saturday nights, although once finals are over I will probably be streaming every other day (As I tend to do during summers). I stream Urealms content when i can get my friends together for it at You can however come and check out my other streaming content which includes a pretty wide variety of games.

    When my friend Ross gets around to uploading them, all of our campaigns have been recorded (We have recorded 8 so far and 9 will be recorded in the coming weeks). Anyway, those will be uploaded on Ross's channel at
    (He claims all of them should be up by the end of summer, the delay is because he wants to edit them and hasnt had the time).
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    I play Gmod RP (Which is exactly what it sounds like, role-playing in Gmod), make Internet V-logs, and other cool things!

    If you want to see an example of the kind of stuff I upload, this is my latest video I made of the eclipse: 

    Here is my latest Gmod RP video (This is an unedited highlight but I also do edited highlights):

    Also, I sometimes stream at

    Edit:  This thread resurfaced so I updated some things.

  • I don't stream, and rarely post on Youtube.
    But I did help out on making an AMV with a friend on their channel. It's a Little Witch Academia one if anyone's interested:
  • I stream @ (which also has my other links) Tuesdays and Thursdays, but right now I'm streaming a lot off schedule as I'm playing Persona 5. I'll be streaming games of URealms in the future too.
  • Been busy with finals and stuff but I stream hearthstone on occasion. I'm a legend player and sometimes like to play meme decks on stream. Watch live video from MooseyHS on
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    Youtube: https://

    I stream when i feel like it and nowadays do i basically not care for YouTube anymore. I still upload campaigns and future videos to explain custom assets i'm working on.
  • I occasionally post gameplay on YouTube, I've recently been playing through Outlast 2 if anyone is interested! Here is my playlist
  • I personally create Let's Plays on youtube with streams planned for twitch soon, but with no set date due to personal stuff. Once the mod comes out for TTS I will be streaming campaigns as well as posting them shortly after onto youtube. Here's the related URLs:

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    I'm currently streaming full-time hours at -- variety including URealms Tabletop.

    EDIT: Here's my twitter!
  • This thread deserves a bump, to spread the word to other content creators!
  • Streamed a little regularly for a bit, then health issues popped up.
    Now I'll hopefully be starting again next week after prepping for it this week. 
    Variety, not too sure what yet, but hey. Got a whole steam library to look at. :P

  • We haven't gotten started quite yet, but the UlthaxRealms Discord server has a joint channel that will hopefully become more active in the near future once people (myself included) start streaming on it. I'm hopefully going to stream a campaign sometime this weekend.
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    well i do a bit of you-tube stuff at

    mostly i do recording of our DnD games:

    but i am on twitch streaming these games and more

    i mostly use my twitter to tell when im broadcasting @GamingHippy
  • Hey guys! I've just recently became a twitch affiliate and plan on streaming Urealms games that I GM at least once a week along side my other Urealms games that I play in. In addition to Urealms I DM a D&D 5th edition games every now and then. If any of you wanna come check it out I'll be streaming this Thursday at 4pm EDT over at, and maybe tomorrow at 4pm EDT.
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    I have been streaming Pokemon Nuzlockes and Egglockes on Mondays and Fridays for about a year an a half now while going through each generation of the games with the hopes of one day beating them all.  Platinum and Sun are my nemesis's's's's.  I am very engaged with chat whenever I can be and love seeing new people show up.   One of my all time favorite moments was saved as a highlight here -

    I also recently started one of my life ambitions of learning to play Street Fighter which I also stream from time to time whenever the feeling arises with the goal of one day going gold in Street Fighter 5!
  • can i put my twitter here?
  • I've been a fan for about 2 and half years now, my best friend introduced me to this show and i just fell in love with it. After watching it on Youtube for so long I finally decided to make an account and try donating to some events. I wanna help as much as i can so i can keep on laughing and crying a tiny bit. 
  • On Twitch I stream every now and then (trying to be more consistent) at, currently in the middle of a LeafGreen Nuzlocke.

    On YouTube I upload primarily Let's Plays (currently playing Wind Waker), though soon I should be uploading URealms campaigns with friends. My channel is Red-Lion. Whether you decide to check my stuff out or not, thanks for your support!
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    Pfft didn't realize I already posted here woopsies

    thanks for letting me know @Toomblercazz ;

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    @CloudPelt I believe you already posted yours  >_<

    edit: no problem
  • I make shit posts and vidya game stuff with some of my friends the videos do have offensive content in them so you are warned I was in the middle of working on a huge project and my computer died so videos will be in  while latest would be two months 
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  • I make overwatch and other video game related videos I make films using Garry's Mod I had more subs but my channel was hacked 
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    Lately I haven't had the time to do much YT/twitch stuff Bu I am planning on streaming/recording my URealms Expansion and Campaign Pack, "Venture Town", with fans once its all done towards the end of (Rescheduled cause its taking way longer than expected ;_;)

    (this was gilded so why not put it out there.)
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