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JoJo Stands (Part 4 In Progress)



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    new stuff soon. Geb and Sethan done.
  • Geb

    Pretty straightfoward, make sure that you have an actual place to fight, and a way for the players to actually find the User since he should at very the very least be on the complete other side of the map. If you didn't let any Players receive The Fool Stand, a great time to bring in Iggy is right before this fight like the normal story.


    Try to isolate Players with this Stand, as the User should be a complete pushover that can be defeated just by punching them hard enough. This Stand can also be used for some fun RP since anyone that gets turned into a child probably wont remember anything about the group or what the hell they were doing.
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    Wow that's 17 completed Stands so far, not counting those 3 I made for DiU. Lots of material to use here. Adding more cards to the mod right now.
  • Workshop mod updated to include a couple more Stands and some of the non-important ones in a group. 
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    custom card

    If you know anything about this Stand, it's that it's meant for comedy. Tohth's predictions are ALWAYS 100% accurate, in any case, but they often hilariously backfire by some convenient coincedence. Actually using this Stand to kill Players would be really lame.
  • I'm debating on doing some things because some just don't fit and I don't see a way to change them enough but keep them generally the same. Like Wheel of Fortune. It's literally a car. I can't just have a car in the Urealms universe. And I can't just make it like, a wagon or something. So not sure what to do about that. It's not very important, but I still wanted to try and do all of them if I can.
  • Horus
    custom card

    This Stand is mainly meant for a short side story because in our source material The Fool's User, Iggy, is a complete asshole and it's basically his redemption fight. The User for Horus should either be a Harpy or just some bird if you have a tile for it. It's abilities are meant to be super augmented with the agility of a flying creature. I recommend looking up the actual fight for ways on how to play it out.
  • The Lovers
    custom card

    This can be a fun fight because you have to have several people go on a tiny-adventure to defeat it inside a Character's head. Also make sure to have the User do stuff like cracking his knuckles or twisting their ankles to show how painful it is for the other person.
  • I would love to play a "The Lovers" based encounter. :wow: 
  • I think I'll finish up Part 3 Stands with Justice, Empress, High Priestess, Death 13, and one of the two Stands used by the D'arby bros. (because they're almost exactly the same.

    I'll be leaving out Wheel of Fortune, Dark Blue Moon, Strength, Ebony Devil, Judgement, Khnum, and Tenore Sax. I'm leaving these out because some of them are just not very fun to play and they either (A.) exist in way too specific events and would be a serious hassle to make room for in a Campaign (Like Judgement and Strength,) or (B.) do not make sense in the Urealms universe (ike Wheel of Fortune).
  • Empress
    custom card

    Empress can be a really fun encounter, because you have the potential to get one of the Players in a hilariously deep pile of shit, depending on what you have Empress say to the people around them. Make sure you have this one in a crowded place!
  • Death Thirteen
    custom card

    This one also has the potential to be a great roleplay encounter, as all it takes to win is for one person to figure out a way to warn themselves of the dream. The most obvious way to handle this Stand is to have the original story, where the group agrees to deliver a baby to a village in exchange for transportation in the same direction. Little do they know that the baby is an intelligent Stand User. It'll drive whoever's Character that figures it out crazy because no one's gonna want to kill a damn baby!
  • High Priestess
    custom card

    High Priestess can be used for a really fun gimmick encounter. It just keeps moving around the room or area, transforming into random objects so that the Party must determine how to find it. If they manage to catch it, just transform into a razorblade or something and cut their hands to escape!
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    custom card

    quickly did this one during a break in the campaign today, but I've had the concept done for a bit. I'm only doing one of these gambling Stands because both are essentially the same, and your Players probably wont want to do 2 of them in the first place. Also changed up a bit of the ability to spice it up a bit, and now the game isn't constricted to poker. You could literally just bet on dice rolls or something if you want to. You could play a meta-game of Pokemon if you wanted to. Doesn't really matter.

    Only one left that I'm doing, and that would be Justice. After that I'll finish up the tiles I need to do and add all these to the mod and then start on Part 4.
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    custom card

    Justice should be an interesting fight, as the whole encounter is about finding out the mystery of the fog. Your Players might not even realize the fog is a trap until they find its victims inside. At that point its just a race to beat the User before they become minions to it.
    And with that, I am concluding Part 3 Stands. If you have any ideas for changes I could make, or things that I could add, just tell me. I'll be working on Part 4 shortly.

    (also if you really like JoJo I made a class based on The Ripple a while back that I almost completely forgot about, you can check that out here:
    It also contained some of my prototype ideas and someone had some ideas for a class based on The Spin.
  • Mod has been updated again, added the tiles for Geb, The Hanged Man, and Sethan. 
  • Part 4 has begun!

    Crazy Diamond

    You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a good piece of art or a panel that actually has Crazy Diamond's full body in it. Art kinda suffered, Tile will be good though.

    Anyways, Yes, the healing ability is as overpowered as it sounds. If someone is fucking blown apart into little chunks, you can put them back together if you're fast enough. Don't really have any tips on this one, as it's actually pretty simple. The Player can repair things. I just wanted to get this one done so that now I can actually start piecing together a Campaign.
  • Mod was updated again, just added the rest of the SDC Stands. Been inactive for a while because I'm almost done setting up my campaign.
  • Aww man. This looks really nice. Can't wait for stands like Bad Company and Highway Star, if possible. Keep up the good work!
  • A quick trace I did of Iggy in photoshop so I could make a tile for him
  • Killer Queen

    This is a really tricky kind of Stand to try and use in a game. It is literally and completely possible to get trapped in an infinite timeloop if you don't plan accordingly, your Players aren't too keen on what's happening, or you don't know how they actually beat Bites The Dust. Also don't be that guy and try to fight Players with the primary bomb, that's just being a dick. And SERIOUSLY, do NOT bring out Bites The Dust until the very final fight.
  • Should I just continue doing everything part-by-part or categories or something? I was thinking of making all of the main-antagonist Stands all at once.
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded I don't know if this was a design choice or not, but Killer Queen's user shouldn't be able to remember what's happened after Bites the Dust goes off. Still love it though, this is a really cool idea!
  • @Friday Oh god, yeah I forget. They're just supposed to know that it went off. Not what happened. I guess it can work however you need it to.
  • So I've been watching Jojo part 3 lately, and I'm wondering what the problem is with Judgement. It can't actually grant real wishes. Just make peoples wishes out of dirt. I don't believe he has to abide by the wishes either. So if someone wishes for world peace, he can either trick them, or ignore the wish.
    On a side note, are Dark Blue Moon, and Ebony Devil out for the same reason as Khnum (being boring)?
  • @Shuckle While I really need to finish my work on this, I can answer those last questions.

    Dark Blue Moon, along with Strength, I just thought were way too specific to do anything with, plus they kind of force you to do a couple of boat campaigns and that gets repetitive. 

    Ebony Devil I just thought is kinda lame and makes for a strange encounter. 

    Khnum was left out because it's basically just a disguise spell and we already have that in Urealms so there's no point to it.

    With other ones that were left out, like Wheel of Fortune, it's pretty obvious why I did so.
  • I really want Spice Girls and Foo Fighters in URealms! Sadly they're part 6.
  • I'm looking forward to your explanation of Part 4's Killer Queen.

    How does it even work?
  • @splash I actually already did Killer Queen
  • Heaven's Door

    And I'm back! Took a hiatus for a lot longer than I Should have, but now I can get back to it. Anyways, Heaven's Door.

     A Stand that should be pretty straightforward, and also fun. Not nearly as complicated as it might seem. This one could be used for either a Player or an NPC, but that's a GM choice. Not much else to say here because I've got a special batch I'm gonna do to compensate anyone who's been waiting.
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