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Deadlantis Hype Thread



  • I am leaving on Friday for a week long trip where I won't be able to watch this or game of thrones until I get back .But I want you to know Rob, I'm watching Urealms first.
  • JENATHORN IS RELEVANT?! @Rob thank you for making my avatar choice worthwhile!
  • @Infinity_Storm 90% sure he already did in New Crew, while he was talking to Bob. Rob said he did not seem to change.
  • @AwesomeName7 I know he already did, but I love the idea of Phineas' continually rolling ones on Blanket of Darkness to the point where you have to question if Phineas is actually doing it by accident or if he wants to actually embrace the insanity. Or something to that effect
  • I'm so excited!
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    I was sad that I was going to miss the second half of the campaign because of work....but then somebody needed to switch shifts with me! I may be working at 7am on a Saturday now, but that is worth it for URealms Live! BOOONNES  >:)
  • Yo... all you losers be here yellin about bones and whatnot and you're not even getting giddy over the real shit that's gonna happen this campaign.  

    Ye that's right, I'm talking about a certain patchy friend once lost to the ocean who will be making an explosive entrance.  #PatchesIsBack
  • @Ferretex
    Patches? You mean that old Cannon ball in the Skeleton King? Don't make me laugh What you guys should prepare for the real deal. The real captain and sailor of the bocoe

    That's right. We shouldn't get hyped for bones, or for a few patches. What we should get hyped for, is the ultimate Sailor and savior. For our favorite Pot Puppy/Dog

  • Bone hype train
  • @Phendrix @Ferretex naw both of you are wrong ya'll forgot the best character ever 

    Disposable ageless minion 257

  • @Phendrix @Ferretex @sofakinggood ;
    Now all three of you are actually wrong. The best character coming back is Tom, the Kobold Skull on Cain's Finger. He's truly going to play a pivotal part in this campaign and potentially best Bopen in a battle of will.

  • hype for how this is gonna all turn out
  • IT ALL MOST FIRDAY!!!!!!!!!!
  • i bet khn rell is gonna come back he might even be a senate member or a special agent since he awakened goldstant i think that would give him some brownie points
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    Hype roll!

  • roll for hype  >:)
  • He got that bone vision son!
  • question what is it that Boben says when he gets angry in the senate of deadlantis video? can't really make it out. he starts with enough! and then i dont really hear what the rest is
  • @LexderMob Enough! You dare to insult the great Bo- :bopen: 
  • HYPEEE!!!!! plz don kell sun tanx.
  • I am super excited about the join the Crew one. I wasn't sure if my username would work so I used both my regular and made up the name Gray Morales
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  • I hope Rob gets enough sleep this time.
  • Hype roll time:
  • Roll for hype!!!
  • >TFW you think there's going to be a field after you donate to "Bopen needs you!" to put the name in, so you don't change the autofilled name from your own username.

    >TFW you donate again to do it properly this time and the name "Debbie 'Slagathor' Sulfur" doesn't fit the character limit so you just put "Debbie Sulfur"

    (Other possibilities for a last name included "Sulfureon, Sulfurson, Sulfursmith, Sulfurton, Sulfurtin, Etc. (feel free to use any of those =P ))
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