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What was your first piece of content that you found of Rawbs and how did you get to URealms?



  • I found rob thanks to watching Pause playing DvZ and craved more.
  • Technically the first video of his was Splash Attack. I say "technically" since I never got to the end of that video, and Splash Attack never lead me to consistantly watching his material. I only became a fan of his once he started submitting Unforgotten Realms to the Escapist Magazine. For some of the years since, I didn't realise that Splash Attack and Urealms were by the same person, but I guess that explains why Petey didn't know Hyperbeam.

    I only ever made one forum post where I proclaimed that Pokemon Black was a ripoff of a ten-year-old ROM-hack of Pokemon Red & Blue of the same name, just on the basis on that they had the same name. Then again, I may have made that comment on Pollama.
  • Pixelmon with Slyfox popped my rawb cherry. 
  • I started with Jimmy the WoW story and Pepitoz, and from there eventually found Urealms. I've just sort of followed Rawb's content from there really. Really, really glad and grateful I found it though
  • Avidya -> Mindcrack -> Coe -> buffalo wizards ttt n shit -> rawb
  • I played DvZ from the stream only times, and watched even earlier. Just became a fan of Rob's creativity and tend to like everything he does, including Urealms!
  • I started watching when he was doing his DVZ stuff. I kind of left for a bit and remebered DVZ one day and decided to go back to his channel and the first eposide i saw was the character creation for the Jewel of the Dingo isles. I have been a huge fan ever since :smileporc: 
  • I literally stumbled upon one of the first Urealms streams by accident. I've been hooked ever since. It's one of the only things I get genuinely excited for these days. 

    Mannn jimmy the world of warcraft story is 10 years old.  :(  I think the general sum would be: Jimmy the WoW story > Unforgotten Realms > Two Player, Super Minecraft, etc. > stream time > PkmnRob > TTT, LoM, etc. > Urealms Live

    It's been a long journey.
  • I have been here since he did some Dvz videos with the mindcrack guys. Never got to really play in his older videos, but I did try. I am a quiet guy and never really voiced out, but I have been watching robs stuff for a long time. Thinking back on the journey it has been, there have been many ups and downs but Rob has always been able to make content I love to watch. Sad when he has to drop things like pkmnrob streams, and Dvz/lord's of mnecraft slowly fading away, but I love Urealms and I hope for the best for Rob and the rest.
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    I found him with his DvZ content back in the era (That is both the website and the IP jimmy) and i have basically sticked around since than since he became my favorite content created and he still is.

    I also loved to watch his old machinimas way before that but i didn't realize they where from him until a year ago.

    Note: I'm still waiting for Time Gnomes III :(
  • Caught him on Slyfoxhound's pixelmon and subbed immediately. 
  • Originally my brother introduced me to his Dwarves vs Zombies youtube videos, and after that i continued to watch his videos on youtube (e.g. his TTT videos). One day, yet again, my brother introduces me to his first Urealms stream and after season 2 ended i decided to watch all of rob's original Urealms videos!
  • I watch rob during his Pokemon and minecraft stuff then after a while he went under my radar for a long time until 6 months ago I stumbled into his Chanel again and saw urealms I then started at season one to season two and a fell in love with it I've then kept a tab on urealms every since 
  • I know I found Rob though Mindcrack but I can't be sure what exactly it was. It was probably a GMod video. I got hooked by Buffalo Wizards content. I remember there was a Mindcrack TTT and a Buffalo Wizards TTT and the Buffalo Wizards series just had so much more energy, it had more of a playful energy which I enjoyed. I started watching old DvZ and I found Lords of Minecraft fun to watch. Been watching just about everything he puts out since. As well as Justin, love watching a Justin stream if I can catch it. 

    As for URealms I saw Rob talking about the original test show that had Egoraptor in it. I watched some of that when it got put on YouTube and didn't find it particularly interesting to watch. I decided to give URealms show a try when that came out and loved it and I've been hooked ever since. :smilebold: 
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    Found him through Pause/Etho DvZ videos and have been hooked ever since. :rawb: 
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    I first started with DvZ I remember how one time I got into a cat game and the game was too laggy so I was banned. It was the one with Guude and Pause I think. Anyway then I realized later that Rob made some animations on Newgrounds back when I used to post on that site! It's like everywhere I go on the Internet Rob is there. I used to work for a website called Gaia online and I found his account on there. Rob is eveeerrrrrywhheeeeerrreeeeee
  • I came back when there were the Dwarves vs. Zombies livestreams on Fridays with the super alpha bruce's gym
  • Unforgoten realms on Newgrounds 
  • Found Rob through DvZ with Pause and others and ended up sticking around since then. 
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    Back in the ol' DVZ days. I believe I was watching Etho when he uploaded his POV of a few games. From then on I've simple been watching Rawb's content and the rest is history.
  • A bud of mine linked a "Playn' it for the Plot" episode and I had to know who where these men. I then saw they did the "Nuran Campaign" with Arin Heanson and fell into the Urelms hole. So I'm pretty new but already love the content and system. :smileneena: 
  • It was that one UHC. Then I watched his stuff here and there. Then Nuren happened. Now I'm watching this wonderful thing.
  • Got my first contact with the rawbs as i watched a DVZ video on Guudes Youtube channel. Rawb made a stone helmet (out of cobblestone) for PauseUnpause. I was instantly hooked by that humor and checked out Rawbs channel. 
  • For me it started with me wanting to find a lets play of Ni No Kuni. I found Vintagebeef, and because of him started watching minecraft. From there it was MCGamer, Millbee, PauseUnpause that I watched and it must have been one of the collab videos that made me laugh a lot and I started watching everything Rob had to offer. I remember watching the old pokemon lets plays he had when the Nuren campaign came around.  From then I think I became a real fan of it all. XD
  • It's weird for me, I watched a lot of his stuff, mainly splash attack and the Unforgotten realms reboot. then when UHC 13 (Still the best season by far) came out, I was like "oh its that guy who made Urealms" and then I realized about splash attack. so i stayed, didn't watch much. until  the tabletop videos came out, Then waifu wars came out, and I think we all know where it went from there.
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  • I don't remember when exactly, but I know I started watching the DvZ videos back before PMC.   Although, I probably found them through Etho and/or Pause.   Its pretty cool watching DvZ grow.   I started playing however doing PMC and then later took a break after all the slots filled up and I didn't have the means to buy Super Jimmy.   I am back to playing now though as the numbers are now smaller, so if you see me around be sure to say hai! 

    As I stated in my introduction post, I've only started watching URealms in the past month... And trying to do my best to binge watch...    What are the main campaigns I should view?   In case I can't finish my S3 start?
  • UHC first I believe, then started binge watching every pokemon episode and any content I could find.
  • for me it was he  Dwarves vs Zombies and blaze black team echo 5th run  Pokemon Nuzlocke and 
    Two Player side note who remembers the Pokemon Nuzlocke and Two Player
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