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Deadlantis Hype Thread



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    rolling to see how hype i am for the elmar donation

    Edit: VERY HYPE >_<

    (needs phineas emote plz rob)
  • Rob keeps talking about how insane Phineas is, but we've only seen it a few times. I hope this campaign truely shows the severity of his madness (although that video definitely does a good job of it as well)
  • Roll for not killing the BoeCoe please 
  • Roll for hype
    Roll for Bones!!! 
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    Oh gods this campaign involves Phanto?! F$#^ my expansion pack might need to be reworked entirely based on how this turns out..

    What are you and Nisovin testing in the livestream section? Im very curious about what a "wiw" is.
  • Omg that was the most amazing intro video. Phineas is so amazingly insane. 
  • I love the near logo behind Bopen. I  so hope something hits the wall and the things fall in place to make the logo? 

    Plus I do wonder why Bopen doesnt have the ageless aura.... hm... *tin foil hat put on*
  • it appears as if this campaign is going to have a type of Act structure where it goes back in time for the third act. I'm so excited to see how this turns out!

    (Also I thought the game was called Chilly Willies? Though that could be an entirely different game. Or it could have just changed naturally as time went on in the realms. Or it could just be retconned. Or it's an error. All of these are suitable explanations.)
  • 7/10 not enough BOOOOONNNNEEEESSS
  • I'm on summer break so i'll actually be able to see this one live! I'm so excited :D >_<
  • Man the hype is real.  I managed to donate for the first time and in such an awesome week.  I just wish I could make it to the live show.
  • Thanks for the hard work all. just went to live page and rawb and niso are still working and testing junk <3 the love and care is adorable <3
  • Is that a new ribcage? 
  • Hyped for some sweet lore.

  • Can't wait, this looks like it will be an interesting one. I wonder if all the donation goals will be met in the first 5 minutes again  :)
  • "an ancient game from before the birth of magic where powerful ice mages would conjure different simple shapes in a sort of rock, paper, scissors like game."

    How is this possible? How are there ice mages before the birth of magic?

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    Roll for hype
    Roll to see if bones have bean said enough (high means it has)
    We need more bones to be said
  • This is going to be a good one. looks like we have our new earliest campaign in the timeline of everything. Paradoxes here we come
  • i hope to be able watch the entire campaign this time, i had to leave early for swim practice (stupid Dad) and had to watch the rest on YouTube. though knowing my luck, ill have to leave, again.

  • roll for hype 
  • @Tamwin5
    Rip me, no hype allowed  :(
  • Can't watch it live but still hyped! 
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