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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • I am not a butler It could not have been me!  I prepare the pasta bread not serve it. Thats just how things work. I don't even get to leave the kitchen!  How could I do it?!  And the expense of an assassination.  Do you know what the pay is like back here?  I don't even get the mild comfort of tips or suggestive eyewinks. All I get to do is torment the poor head chef back here with constant talking.  It does make up for it in some ways but really not a tip no number scribbled on a receipt saying messenger raven me.  And when you guys throw a high fallootin party who shows up and takes the credit?  Not me after cutting up your meal.  Nooo. all the glory goes to that bloody jerk.  It just is not fair.  Especially with being nagged by those damn servers about things out of my control.  You millitary boys have it made man.  I should join up or something. Sure beats this.
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    My good man Galen, I can assure you that I am very innocent of this ghastly murder. Perhaps my innocence can be proven with these here two Tambok tickets. I'm sure and a lovely young lass (or lad, no judgement) will greatly enjoy seeing the grandest show in the Realms. I had been oh so looking forward to going, but I'm willing to give them up if it assures my innocence.
  • Amadeach would totally say "Um...Mr. Galen, I don't think I could have done it If I did, I'd remember doing it. Which I don't! Um...So I couldn't have done it. Right? I, um, I plead not guilty? Is that what I'm supposed to say next? I didn't go to gnome college, I don't know these things. I'm just a bard. Oh! That's where I was! Boot practice!"
    She's not the most intelligent dwelf.
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    Unlike you, Galen, I intend to get things done. If you believe I killed a man to stop my progress, you are nothing but a fool. Besides we all know you are only accusing me because you have a strong disliking of me. Now if you had brains you'd let me go at once!
  • Come on Galen, Seriously, it would be way to obvious if I did it, and I'm not even nearly stupid enough to commit a crime that would so obviously incriminate me. Unless, I'm playing the double bluff? Huh? You ever think of that Galen? Maybe I perpetrated the crime to make it look like I obviously committed the crime, in anticipation of me coming under suspicion, with full knowledge that people would dismiss me as orchestrating such an act only making it look like it was me? through the process of my superior intellect I must be innocent Galen. Duh



  • Someone died? would you like some help catching the dastardly murderer? Who am I? None of your business, but I can dig out secrets like none other. .
  • (Victim) and I were close, I would never have killed them like that. Where was I during the murder? I was over by that group of people over there. You can ask them. This weapon I have is for self defense only, I haven't hurt anything with it yet, it's new... a present from (victim). (He\she) always told me I had to look out for myself, that they wouldn't always be there to watch my back. *sobs* I'm sorry but you will have to keep looking for that piece of shit who killed (victim). Please tell me when you do.
  • You know damn well that we have tensions Galen, and I know too well that you don’t want to believe me. The trouble is, you and I have history, and you know better than all people that I didn’t kill [murdered person]. I know that you you could prosecute me right now, you have the full capacity convince every goddamn person at this party that I killed [murdered person, but I know the only person who wouldn’t believe you is yourself.

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    I know my innocence and the Light knows too. This is not about the murder, Galen. It is about your own pride. You know damn well I had nothing to do with the murder. If anything, I was one of the victims. He/She/It was like a family to me, the only semblance of a family I have left. Now that he/she/it is gone, you go up and accuse me for his/her/its murder. It is laughable; That a Sunsword, let alone you, would do such a despicable thing. Leave and never come back. 
  • Oh boy.. I-I didn't... I *cough*, Rinnex.. well, i dont have a last name.. but i kinda, ya know.. um - wait.. i'm a bandit, wtf am i doing here? *dives through window*
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    My dear sur, I don't think you realised this but I rolled a 20 my explanation and you rolled a 17. As I won that roll off you have to let me free because of that.
  • I know you are but what am I?!?
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    Oh you are saying that because I am a gnome eh. Well I come from a family swore by honor and we will do nothing of the short unlike you Sunswords killing people who you believe they are ageless.(edited after this and before the bribed) And I was talking to some of my colleagues... the matter we are talking about is non of your business   *put amulet deeper in a trench coat pocket and  trys bribed Galen 

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    Here is the character if needed 
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    Steve: ''Yes Galen i killed jenny and sue everyone thinks Jack killed them but no,i Steve the not a flesh weaver killed them,you are probably thinking 'why Steve(who is not a flesh weaver)why did you kill jenny,Sue,Jack and also Tim, Well Galen,Jenny almost discovered my plans so she had to die but i knew that Sue would not just leave so i killed her to,then i had to hide the body's but i where,then i had the idea to frame someone else,Jack specifically,so i killed Jack And Tim and planted daggers on them so everyone would think Tim found out and killed Jack but Jack Killed him too,so yes Galen i killed them...''
    Galen: Who's Jenny?
    Steve: Wait are you talking about a different murder?
    Galen: Yes?  
    Steve: Then i'm innocent.
  • Guys I am 100% not the murderer
  • @Potato_Chip nvm this is the best answer
  • Please Mr. Galen Galen! You've gotta believe me me! I never killed nobody nobody! A simple dwarf such as myself would never kill a noble noble! The copious amount of blood on my sure proves nothing nothing. Are you sure you aren't letting a little bit of predjudice warp you're judgment judgement?
  • Hey, let go o' me will ya? Did you just grab the first kobold you saw cuz I didn't kill your friend here. Just look at the body. It's covered in magic burns, and I don't do magic. I have my bow, and I have my dagger. So since this guy has no blood on the outside, it wasn't me.
  • Why would I kill someone at a party, not with so many possible witnesses...
  • 100% not the murderer.

  • You sir must be out of your mind. Do you think I'm so foolish to get my own hands dirty by killing someone? If I wanted someone dead I would just hire some assassin to do it. Do you mind if I go finish my drink now?
  • The fuck galen you know me if i killed this person the body wouldn't have been found but if you need help with the investigation i personally know how murderers think.
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    *bows and then looks way, way up into Galen's eyes*
    Well, your sirness, I think it'd be incredably unlikely that I did it. Honestly, I'm probably the smallest gnome you've ever seen, I'm suprised I was even let in here, at least some of you guys probably thought there was some toddler on the loose. Now, maybe if he died from being knifed in the ankle I'd be a prime suspect, but I very much doubt that nobody wouldn't have noticed if I had stabbed him in the throat or something because that would be a lot of climbing up someone. And I ain't that kind of gnome, sir!
  • Okay okay okay. Just because you watched me stab him 47 times in the chest after casting sandstorm, does not mean I killed him. Technically he was dead before I stabbed him. So technically you should be arresting the sandstorm. *uses ghost noise* You shoukd really go check out that sound
  • Oh Galen, darling.
    How could have I killed them? Everyone knows where I was~ 
    Almost all eyes were on little old me at some point during the whole evening as I sang to the piano man's tunes. 

    Now I can't possibly see what I could have possibly done to gain such suspicion. Maybe I caught someone's envy? I don't know~
    Hell, I could see even you admiring what I guess we all hope was my dress~ 
    Now could I please go? I need to meet up with Mr. Manager before I can see my darling Rodger~.
  • @luigiguy098 Haha, thank you

  • How dareth thee! Suspecting me of all people! Oh well, I can't be helped!
    If you must you can search me in the quests room~ *starts to pull down her dress a little* 
    Galen-chi~ ;)
  • How DARE you accuse me, Michangle Thorson, of killing this person! You can very clearly see that the body has scorch marks on the side, a sign of fire magics! Yet I am the greatest Sharpswordsman in all of the North-Eastern Realms, I would not need such magics to kill such an individual!

    I have sworn to never use such wizardry, bounded by soul to my blade in which is the only thing I have sworn to use, signed in my own blood. As such, it would be madness for me to break this oath solely for this individual!
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