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Don't kill the sun-god! (let the inhabitants do it)

i dunno, i just looked at the donation events here and saw the last one, where we the old-gods have the chance to kill Phanto the sun-Dragon and start the birth of magic.

personally, i don't think we should do this, i'm not going to be donating to the event. i feel like that would be too much power in our hands. we need to let the residents of the Urelms world make their own mistakes and shape their own destiny. us doing big things like killing (or creating for that matter) a god just seems a little too invasive for my taste. but that's just me. what do you guys think?



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    But the event will probably go off because of overflow. Because the donations don't have any indication how much it is going to cost, it can go off on $100 for example (just so that rawb can troll us). But i am on board #SparePhanto
  • i'm not sure if overflow would apply here, it shouldn't at least. if it does, then that'd be Rob killing the dragon, not us old gods. we'd be blamed for a crime we didn't commit!
  • #SparePhanto from death and #SparePhineas from the ageless curse.
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    One question: Can the dragon egg (the one in the ultimate tower of wizardry) become the next sun dragon god thing?

    Edit: I am on board with not killing the sun.
  • Didn't realise the donation events were already up... I never donated to an event so fast when I saw the first one.
  • First we had the Spell of Bearding, now we have the Spell of Breathing. #SparePhineas
  • To be honest, from the text and look of the Chilly Wizzies donation event, I think Elmar was secretly evil the whole time.
  • @PoweradeCookie That would be the twist of the century. 
    I think that the chilly willies donation is implying that Elmar and Denada were lovers before silvermine.
    Also, #SparePhanto
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    But it is interesting that you get a Accolade for donating for this event. Probably in the future there will be a Accolade for donating to a Sin of the Unforgotten.

    @TamTroll if this donation is super low rawb also killed the sun god. #SparePhanto

  • "As an an old god, your enormous powers come at great expense to the people of this realm as you must constantly burn your mark into Characters to gain power over their world"
    I think if we do this we get to do a lot more interesting stuff
  • Just putting this out here, it's still the Beenu's fault that this happens. They have become too aware and must be dealt with. Shame too, I do love the contraptions they come up with.
  • @Mari_Solaris "however should this trigger then the reason there's so much suffering and death in this world will not be because of the mistakes and errors of it's inhabitants, but by you the fans, the old gods. This event triggers at the start of Act 4 "The Birth of Magic". " 

    This part of the donation states it is our fault not the Beenu's.
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    I think it boils down to what we the old gods wanna be to this world. We can get a shiny badge all we have to do is take responsibility for a disaster that would happen anyway.

    We could look it this way as well, unite the people of the realms to collective hate us, to have a god to blame, instead of dealing with their own mistakes.

  • If anything I'd want to take the blame away from the beenu
  • I see it the other way.

    It's about time we own up for our mistakes. We've been making characters dance and tragedies happen for over two years now. Isn't it time that we accept responsibility for not only our actions, but the actions of those we've affected? Step out of the shackles of our own ignorance and realize that this world is only a world because we allow it to be one?

    If no one watched, there would be no show, and if there was no show there would be no evil. We are already responsible for all of the good and the bad in the world. Isn't it time that we acknowledge that fact?

    I've made my choice. Down with the Sun God. Down with the time of ignorance.
  • I saw this thread before reading the donations and was all for not donating to that event.  But then I saw I get an accolade on my profile for donating to the event  :o
    So conflicted.
  • *chants* accolade, accolade, accolade :p
  • @Ulthax We as a collective have the power to turn the other cheek, and together, we may break the shackles of what is to be expected of us- nothing should be expected of us, I think, and we have shown many times that our decisions not only can damn this world, but change it for the better too.

    Just a few months ago, we influenced this world in order to save the lives of four kobold children, and we will see the affects of our actions play out in due time. Some characters have damned themselves through what had been given to them by the old gods, and some characters have simply damned themselves anyway. Leave the Beenu to their games, I say.

    I do not stand with the delusion of evil that you and others may hold. We are not the gods of ignorance, nor nor malice, nor goodness. We are Gods of Chaos, nothing more. I will not be part of this great evil.

  • The god is already dead. Nothing wrong with a little bit of old fashioned taking credit for it. :p
  • I feel as though fucking with the timeline of the realms, is probably a bad idea. #SparePhanto
  • @TheWolfpirate

    yes he's dead either way. this is neccicary for everything we know and love to happen. but we don't need to be responsible for it. We can't be the gods who play with the mortals like toys, or the ones who hold their hands and keep them safe. We need to let them make their own mistakes and face the consequences for themselves. if we take the blame for it, all it will do is prevent them from learning.
  • I've noticed the theme of Season 3 seems to be 'We, the viewers, are actively making this world worse for everyone involved'.

    As someone with no money, I'm less responsible then the rest of you, but I am still responsible because I am a viewer. In a way, I'm a Jimmy of the Gods. :p

    I guess it's up to you guys; do you want to buy the death of Phanto for a shiny trinket? Or will the Beannu take the blame (and the Trinkets)? I'm fine either way, and just as powerless as the Characters in the Realm...
  • Hmmmmm, I'm not sure. I am on the fence about it. I like causing chaos and killing phantos would be in line for me, but I am also curious to see the inhabitants cause this as well. 
    That spell of breathing though, is definitely happening  >_<
  • This is for sure one of the most interesting events we have had. There is conflict with it and I have no clue what to do. Man I wish I could be at the live show now :(
  • I'm gonna donate to it because the characters likely won't know we're the ones who killed Phanto, only we will, and Phanto's gonna die regardless, so i wanna have some credit for it. They'll probably still think that it was the Beenu which caused it.

    As far as the characters are concerned, unless rob makes it super-obvious we're the ones which caused it, most of the characters in the realms will not really be aware of our influence [They were confused by the Beenu War Machine in Unexpected Discoveries when it tried to reveal our presence], which to me would mean that we'd still have the credit for it as the Old Gods, but it's unlikely that they would be aware we did it.

    That and the Accolade. Gee Rob, that's a pretty neat Accolade, Good Job. :P
  • Y'know, this is a bit  off topic, but the internal conflict between the "Old Gods" is actually fantastic here, I have to say. 

    But ANYWAY #DownWithTheSunGod
  • why this not a dividend decision? but still #DownWithTheSunGod
  • It seems the weaker old gods want those mortals to f*ck up the realm on their own. Me and the others want to have fun and wreak havoc upon the mortal plain! >_<  #DownWithTheSunGod 
  • @Pufflemore
    I mean, if this isn't the divine decision, then who knows what the divine decision will actually be?
    Maybe it's related to Phineas
  • Rob's not gonna let us kill a dragon for a very long time if ever, and the first at that! I'm a try to kill that dragon
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