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What other fandoms are you in?



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    The other fandoms that I most actively participate in are, RuPaul's Dragrace, Steven Universe, Disney and Nintendo related stuff. A lot of the other stuff I'm into I either need to catch up on or the fandom is dead. 

    Edit: I forgot I also really like McElroy related content i.e. Polygon and TAZ
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    I watch a lot of shows so I would say these are my "fandoms." Supernatural (which is still really good), Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty...

    I also watch a lot of beauty YouTubers and I'm a huge fan Philip Defranco's show. :)

    Edit: I'm also a HUGE Harry Potter fan... I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING SOMETHING

  • Game of Thrones and ASOIAF (I like both) and House of Cards. I'm an ex-harry potter nerd, so it's mostly just nostalgia for me now.
    More into learning + studying fun things (like languages and political science stuffs) than anything, these days.
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    Persona homestuck
    Tower of god
    Disgaea  mob psycho 100 and many more.
    Oh yeah how could i forget jojo bizarre adventure the most fabulous manga and anime known to mankind
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    @stormoftara Okay wow, I totally forgot about Marblehornets. I used to be super invested in that series, but eventually broke off
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    URealms is probably the fandom I'm most active in, otherwise I don't really participate in fandoms much in the sense of interacting with other fans of the content. I'm a lurker through and through, just enjoying the good stuff and maybe producing fan art when I can.
    I was in the Brony community for quite a while; did some fan art, but I have since moved on from that.
    Uh participated in the comment section of a webcomic i enjoy called 'Daughter of the Lilies' for a while... other web comics im super into are 'Trying Human,' 'Namesake,' 'Far to the North,' 'Tigress Queen,' 'Space Boy,' and the completed series 'Archipelago.' I also religiously watched and chatted in the weekly livestreams of the comic 'Strays' being made for YEARS. Good times :)
    I pay pretty close attention to/LOOOOOVVVEEE the mangas "Mahou Tsukai no Yome" and "Takane to Hana."
    Into the tv shows 'Wonder Over Yonder' (<--- love this show to bits, made me giddy when I watched it), 'Adventure time,' 'Steven Universe,' and 'Gravity Falls.'
    Not to mention The Adventure Zone podcast ;)
    Uhhh i think that is pretty much it that I can think of right now
  • I love having all these persona fans here

  • good taste @ the mcelroy bros @Milk
  • CS:GO as an Esport (sorta a fandom I guess..?), Funhaus, Steven Suptic, etc. :D
  • beside urealms (which is the only one i really talk to people in) steven universe, achievement hunter, does markiplier count?, some artists ( too many to name) oddworld and cotnd.
    i honestly follow way too many things to name everything....just...all the arts and indie game stuffs
  • One Piece 
    Game of Thrones
    The 100

  • Yo man, Starcraft I And starcraft II, Warcraft I And warcraft II aswell as-  really just Blizard RTS,
  • Competitive Smash on and off, Nintendo's IP's (mostly Zelda), Community, Rick and Morty, Katawa Shoujo (Emi best girl)
  • All the Rawb stuff. UR Rawb, pkmnRawb, RurikRawb, all that, naturally.

    RT stuff in general is also my thing. Started with Red vs Blue season 6, now it's RvB, RWBY, Camp Camp... pretty much all RT shows. I've also followed Achievement Hunter since Game Time Utopia which was kinda what gave birth to AH. (Let's Play is AH, just in case anyone didn't realize). Less of a constant fan now but I still watch. I've been a sponsor every now and then through the years, when I had the cash. My goal is to some day save up enough money to meet my friends at RTX. Been trying to save since they announced it, and tried to figure a way every year since. Always don't have enough.

    I was a FNaF fan for a while, still kinda am. I don't love the games all that much but the world I enjoy, as well as watching streamers and youtubers try at it.


    I am a procrastinator, have been for years. No! The NerdCubed kind! #HaveAWank

    Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are the shit. BTW, the Earth King has invited you to Lake Laogai.

    Game Theory is great, Gnoggin is better.

    Pro SC II is still THE best esport, though the SPL is a close second. They're two very different breeds, and I've been an avid fan of both. (I even had a few Smite pros talk with me on Twitter. Totally a huge deal! Right?)

    Pokemon. Then again, isn't everyone?

    Then, probably the biggest thing I've been a part of for the longest time and most consistently, even more than Rawb stuff, is YGOTAS and other stuff LittleKuriboh has done. I have more references to LK in my head that I can recall instantly than almost any other people I know. Also: R.I.P. 
    David Bowie-sama-sensei-senpai-san-sama-kun!
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    When it comes to fandoms, I find that much stuff I watch or read does not have a fanbase enthusiastic enough for things such as cosplay or conventions. 

    However, I do participate in the following:
    URealms: If that was not obvious enough
    Star Trek: This is probably the most active one I'm in, though mostly because of its size. It's the only on I've cosplayed for (on a day other than Halloween).
    Father Ted: I made the opening song a ringtone on my phone.
    Blackadder: I keep a DVD collection of it in my room.
    M*A*S*H: This is a more recent one. I like to do a lot of research on the franchise.
    All movies from Studio Ghibli: One time in school, I had to do a math assignment where I make a drawing on a calculator from functions. I made Totoro and it looked horrifying. I also watch interviews and videos regarding the studio and its famed director.
    The Browncoats (Firefly): I almost joined a browncoats group in my local area once. 
    Scrolls (The Mojang Game): This is probably the earliest thing I did fandom things for. I did drawings of characters as well as fan characters. This is also probably the smallest fandom I'm in (and I may be its only member).
    Scrubs: I did some school projects on it, also made a music playlist of songs played on the show.
    Community: I made some fan drawings.
    Jethro Tull (The band, not the inventor): Some school projects were done on them.
    Futurama: Again, here I made some fan-art.
    Europa Universalis IV: I made some memes on the matter. 
    Scandinavia and the World: I made some (terrible) fan art.
    Sweden: At the point I was once at, I had weeboo level support for Sweden. I listened to ABBA (and I still do), I tried to learn Swedish, I asked for a Swedish flag for my birthday, and I tried to imitate a Swedish accent. Thankfully 60% of that is gone.
    Elder Scrolls: Skyrim: The latest edition to my fandoms. Still much to do. I play some games with a Skyrim mod on. 
    Mindcrack: Well, back at its peak, I would watch over a dozen of them, go on PlayMindcrack, and listen to their podcast. I still watch some of the Mindcrackers still.
    Stargate: I think of myself as being adjunct to it. So far, I had just watched the movies and the first episode, but I like the franchise. 
    Team Fortress 2: One of my favourite games. (Comedic) Animations and Smexuals are something I like to watch.
    Youtube Poop: I am good fan of YTPs. If I had the commitment, I'd make my own.
    The Legend of Zelda: I like to look at fan made content. I am no way an extreme fan of the franchise. I care little about the timelines and theories, and I have played few of the games.
    Furries: Yeah, this has some interest in me. I do some furry drawings and sometimes play furry characters in roleplays (outside URealms). Don't think of me as one of those extreme, creepy, furries, I am a very moderate one. I do not have a fursona, I have no intentions of attending a furry convention or making a fursuit, and it was a year after its release that I first saw Zootopia.

    Well, those are the fandoms I am in. To be honest, they kind of contradict what I said before about having little things with such a fanbase (though I actually watch and read many of things that have fans that mostly do not do much more than saying "I like that").
  • Personally, besides urealms, I like dark souls a lot, I take a passing interest in polygon (especially the mcelroys), overwatch, tf2, and I'm not sure if it counts but there are some artists who have communities that I enjoy hanging out in
  • Communities I still follow: Undertale/Au's, Bleach, AOE 3. new community I follow: Rimworld

    The weirdest one I follow has to be Age of Empires 3. I have stuck with that game and it's players since they were my summer breaks in 2012 2011. listening to the radio and playing custom map games and ranked got me through boring summers. I always come back and play for a few weeks at a time every once and awhile it's really cool to see people I played with back then still play the game today. age of empires games have that effect on people tho :P

    As for undertale I currently follow a bunch of Au's, I always love seeing what kinda ideas people can come up with to further grow that multiverse.

    Bleach has always had a place in my heart I have watched the entirety of that series more times then I reasonably should. as well as having read the full manga a few times now.
  • Also, although it's definitely faded over time, I'd still consider myself part of the mindcrack fandom, and the hermitcraft fandom mostly for the mindcrack members who migrated there
  • Hmm.. Doctor Who, AHS, Pokemon, HermitCraft, Hello!Project(Bunch of J-pop groups)
  • Marvel is a big one, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Friends, and Hamilton :3
  • ...furry...
  • Dang. Fandoms. Fandoms. Fandoms.

    Just naming the biggest, Megaman I suppose, even though it's on life support now. My Hero Academia, anything by the saviors of anime Studio Trigger, Transformers because anything with robots turns me on, and also Homestuck until it ended. Still waiting for Hivebent when that comes out.

    Also Jojo. Read the Manga.

    Or don't, I don't actually care. Part 5 was ruined for me by the "read the manga" fans because all we've ever had up until a few weeks ago were shitty blind idiot scanlations of Vento Aureo, and Jojo's colored adventure team ONLY JUST finished translating Part 5, after completing literally every other part beforehand. Still mad. Narancia didn't deserve this kind of treatment.

  • RageGamingVideos & Co.

    No specific order, just listed as they came to mind
  • Like actually participating in the fandom online? I guess Milo Murphy's Law and Wander Over Yonder. I typically have enough friends/family into the things I'm into to not go online to share my opinions. This helps me avoid gatekeepers, I've had a few run ins with gatekeepers in the past and it's much easier this way (well for me anyway). I guess offline I'd count Pokemon, Game of Thrones, and a whole plethora of modern cartoons, even the "bad" ones like Pickle and Peanut and Future Worm. Currently trying to get more folks to be interested in Disney Ducks and Rickety Stitch. Actually, I think a whole bunch of folks here might enjoy Rickety Stitch too if anyone's looking for a graphic novel to pick up.
  • Steven Universe yo. Just a dank TV show. /r/Stevenuniverse is a ton better than Tumblr tho.
  • @CookiesAndMil_ The NLSS is pretty hilarious, and I've been following those guys for years.
  • Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Danganronpa, Jojo
  • I have like 1500 hours in TF2 so Im part of that
  • Pokémon, Old school anime like Big O, Cowboy Bebop, DBZ and DBS. New anime like Hokusai no hero, black clover etc.

    kingdom hearts, Zelda, and anything about comics. Movies, tv shows. Flash, Supergirl etc.

    Game of Thrones is basically the only non-comic tv show I watch.
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    • Doctor Who
    • Super Smash Bros.
    • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • My Little Pony (Bring on the haters!)
    • Used to like Minecraft until the children took over
    • Legend of Zelda
    Judge me. I dare you!

    Edit: Also sometimes Yogscast
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