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Post your daily roll for exp/gold



  • Day 0: 1
    Day 1: 11
    Day 2: 5
    Day 3: 2
    Day 4: 13
    Day 5: 5
    Day 6: 2
    Day 7: 16
    Day 8: 14
    Day 9:  9
    Day 10: 6
    Day 11: 4
    Day 12: 2
    Day 13: 7

    I don't remember the exact day and the "gold history" doesn't go back that far, but I'm pretty sure I rolled a 1 before all of these.
  • Day 41: 19
    Day 42: 3
    Day 43: 15
    Day 44: 15
  • Enough to get a 6000 icon hhehheehehewwhalallll ywaaah
  • I rolled another 1 today. Seems my luck is as bad as Roamin's when it comes to dice.
  • Today is a great day, we finally got our xp from the first campaign AND I rolled my first 20! :) Hype!
  • yesterday got a 20 today a 10
  • I would list my Dice Rolls from last time, but now all the Dice Rolls are getting lumped together into weeks, and I don't remember the numbers off the top of my head. I know I got an 18 today.
  • I got a 20 today :D
  • wow I got a 8 today.  :)
  • Rolled a 9 today. Also I added some cool stats to my list on the first page of this topic.
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    Brah I know how you feel. I rolled my only twenty 46 days after I joined the forums (48 days after forums came out). Only makes it that much more rewarding when you do get it though, and I'm excited to roll a second one hopefully soon.
  • I think I had 3-4 20 and one or two 1s in my rolling history.
    I am too lazy to check my post in this thread :P
  • I still never rolled a 20, I have rolled several ones, and I my average roll is below a ten...send help.
  • Today is a 2.
  • I just rolled my first 20 in a while :smilebold:
  • Day now- 
  • got a 1 today :(

  • Today was the first time I've ever rolled a 20, I also met an internet friend today for the first time irl, so it's safe to say this is one of the best days I've ever had
  • Todays roll: 
  • Got another 1 Today. Whippie. 3 1's and only 1 20...
  • I rolled a two 20s in a week it was nice. Rolled a 4 today. So K4, nice to see you again

  • Just call me V1lla1n
  • Heyyyy rolled my second ever 20!
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    I got double twenty  last two days so thats neat
  • I just got an 18 which I swear is the first roll I've gotten above 10 in the past 2 weeks :|  
    I wasn't keeping exact track over the weeks, but I definitely got two 1's.  Which means I've gotten a total of three 1's since this site started, and only one 20  :(
  • 20 oday nice start of the day. let see if luck will follow me.
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