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Conspiracy about the nuts

I think we have all seen the signs, July 3, 2017 "but we have a lot down the pipeline next campaign is NUTS." - Robert Moran, later that same day Robert released a vine like video of a squirrel going nuts over some bread that he had given him. hmm.... things are getting suspicious now... Early to day a stream on another member of the Urealms cast, Sixelona at 45 minutes and 56 seconds in she claims something very suspicious..... Later Later however she goes back on what she says by saying she cant give any spoilers, but in those suspicious moments is quoted saying "its Gonna be NUTS!" What does this mean? well to me its all quite clear.
The season 3 campaign 2 will be a campaign where the guys play as squirrels trying to gather nuts for winter. How do we know this? well the Squirrel in Robs video depicts the squirrel gathering food and hiding it away and the Nuts have always been to describe what we all want the "next campaign"  as such it will be the treasurer of the end boss, and it has all been off offhandedly confirmed by Sixelona.
I got you!   @Rob  @DeadBones  @Sixelona ;


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