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Post your bad puns here

Let me start off

What do you call the prices in the urealms store



  • Hey there, how good is Urealms?

    Your name

    *Drops Mic*

  • Hmm, let me crack a cold pun with the boys here.

    This Justin, Bopen is ahead of Virgo in the fan favorite poll!

  • Why would a templar prefer chainmail armor?

    Because it's holy armor!

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    Hey lord fifty why did you use the user Lord_Fifty as your user?
    are you lord of only fifty?
  • @helperbot0613  Yes, I am the Lord of only fifty, but fifty what? I shall not tell, we'll just say...fortune favors the bold. The Kobold! :smilebold: 
  • As you may or may not gnoll, there quite a few companions and creatures we haven't seen in any campaigns. With so many we have not the time to gerrymander, that said I will try my best not to funk it up. 
  • Why did the Urealms character get lost? 
    Because he hit a PORK in the road!
  • boooo @Tmarrsy good bad pun
  • You look familiar, do I gnome you?
  • What does a Goblin and an Elf have a common? They always hob a good time! 
  • Why should you never fight a short gnome?

    Because they have keen senses!

  • What do you call a druggie dragon


  • Why are Wyrms so hard to kill?

    They have a knack for dragon out the fight!

  • Why did lance willikers lose to gwyneth in the divine descision

    because he was DWARFED by the competition

  • What did the skeleton crew say after Bopen told one of them to meet in private.

    "You're dead bones."

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