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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • We meet again, yet still for the first time, 
    Tomorrow I join a New Crew, then next day a terrible crime. 

    You had your chance to follow my path, 
    But you chose The Law, instead of blood bath. 

    You create those like me when you over extend, 
    Sins burned into flesh that cause us to ascend. 
    We feel you when you watch, 'Brutality' is your name, 
    To you, the gods above, this is simply all a game. 

    And so enjoy your story, the one you picked over me, 
    She will turn on you soon friend, just wait and you see. 
    We are the Order of Chaos, born from your Sins, 
    Our Vision, your gift, our Body, your skins. 
  • Good sir, I couldn't be guilty of such a crime. I know that I am under consideration as a suspect due to the fact that I am a skilled dark mage, but I can assure you that I would never wish to bring harm to any high ranking and respectable elf, such as the victim. Just because you paladins favor the light doesn't mean there is no power in the dark, Galen Sunsword, mark my words. I do regret their death, however. If need be, I could look into the surrounding cults. Friends in low places and all that.
  • I am a respectful dwarf, I do not murder, I do not steel, all I do is research, yes there are the couple of hat rats that explode, but Experimention is what every dwarf needs. We want to have these high tech dwarven temples that have transmoiflos, we want to be able to have temples in the sky, but after all that, my answer, no i did not kill nobody. Good Day (or night whatever time this party is taking place)
  • Galen, it's been one week since you looked at me
    Cocked your head to the side and said, "I'm angry."
    Five days since you laughed at me saying,
    "Get back together come back and see me."
    Three days since the living room
    I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you
    Yesterday you'd forgiven me
    but it'll still be two days 'til I say I'm sorry
    It's been one week since you looked at me
    Threw your arms in the air
    and said, "You're crazy."
    Five days since you tackled me
    I've still got the rug burns on both my knees
    It's been three days since the afternoon
    You realized it's not my fault
    not a moment too soon
    Yesterday you'd forgiven me
    And now I sit back and wait 'til you say you're sorry.
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    You may call me a "dirty Kobold," you may call me "pirate," but you will NEVER call me a murderer. I'm reasonable ( Airethyst)
    Items are disposable, but people aren't. During the time of this murder, I was with Ghana Ens Sin, Talking about the magical properties of Virgo's eye. I know this has been pretty bad evening, but I think we should get some evidence before we start pointing fingers
  • What was that? Speak up dearie, my hearing ain't what it used to be. A murder? Oh lawks! What a horrid occurrence. Me? Oh I'm sure I don't know anything about this, young man. I've not moved from my chair all evening. My grandson was s'posed to stay and help me if I needed anything, but he's wandered off somewhere, the unhelpful wretch, and after he practically begged me to bring him along over his sister. If you see him, tell him to get his arse over here and help get me home, I'm not staying around if there's a ruddy murderer on the loose.
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    You damned Sunsword....
    I didn't kill the man - I was busy helping our fucking cause. You know, the one you made with my clan, The Lightbeards?
    I was busy trying to find out the location of Bopen The Skeleton King for Rokesh's sake! Galen, I was at Sea for WEEKS! In addition to that, as the report shows, the man was murdered one week after I had departed from that port!
    Galen, don't waste our time. We got shit to do.*00000000H6Mz1N1Q1L1U1P0bBt0000

    ((My character in this scenario btw))
    ((Companion should have Follower of Rokesh and my character should also have Ironskin))

  • I wanna cast charm
  • @Rob As the son of a dwarven King I do not have to take part in such nonsense. If you wish to include me in your enqiery please contact my personal butler. Thank you

  • Ok so I might have a knife, and I might have some blood on it, and I might even have been near the crime scene but I think we all know it was a kobold. Case closed.
  • Nah, couldn't have been me. I was out drinkin that night with my cousin Emile. Staff down at the Ol' Waterin Hole can attest to that. Iffin it makin ya feel any better I ain't plannin on leavin on town anytime soon, you can always stop by if ya come up with somethin else ya need.
  • It wasn't me! i was to busy killing goblins!
  • It's because I'm a goblin isn't​ it?
  • Galen i could never kill someone, I was to busy torturing the waiter in the basement, who spill wine red wine on my coat staining it forever. You can ask him, he can show you his scares. Next i started to flirt with an elf you should know of. Yes it was your mother, someone have to console after your father's death. Finally i grabbed all the children's pot puppy who were at the party and put them in a bag, next I throw them in the river while they all watch. I am innocence of murder you can trust me. 
  • I'm sorry sir Galen, I didn't see what happened. When you go around accusing people you should probably tell them what you are accusing them off though. As long as you fill me in on the details I'll be happy to help you in your search for this person though. I'm at your command.
  • It wasn't me sir Galen, I swear, I can prove it! *Starts undressing* See! 100% trust here, I am not the man you're looking for. It was probably one of those, over there, the clothed ones! If they aren't able to trust you and take off their clothes then how can we trust them?!
  • Galen i changed your fucking diapers you really think i care about your ruddy elven politics that much? there's more important stuff i could be doing. 
  • "Galen Sunsword... I have been expecting you. A respectable authority such as yourself deserves a respectable answer: it could not have been me, because I was not even present at the time of the crime. Here are a few documents assisting my alibi, including an explanation of my line of work. However, I would not wish to leave you empty-handed, so I have compiled various letters and observations which should put you on the right track. Consider my information service free of charge... this time."
  • *attempts best tiny gnome voice*
    Oh okay! It's one of those type of Murder Parties again right? Well I'll play along this time.

    You don't have no dirt on my Elf! Look at my shoes see! No Dirt. I always clean my shoes whenever I go, so you won't see anythin wrong with me. Obviously I'm not the murderer here, someone else must have gone and killed that person, we gotta go find some clues!
  • May I roll to start crying, please?
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    I don't even know what murder is!

    -Murderer #4

    Edit: I just unintentionally copied another poster.. I'm sorry ;-;
  • Mister pointy ears anger issues! I would like to declare my alibi! For you see, I could not have possibily murderified the murder victim for this trial in question! Not because I have no motive! Not because I have no capability! But because I was too busy committing a different crime! So! I plead not guilty, but, also technically not innocent!
  • Murder? I was playing my lute at the local pub! I get that Kobolds are pretty easy to blame, but come on! You want me to play you a tune? Huh? Here you go.
  • KOBOLD KOBOLD (not today sunsword!) I cast invisibility  
  • I didn't do it, I was unconscious out back. The garbage man'll vouch for me. We're buddies, the garbage man and I. They likes to bring me drinks. But I'm not a drunk! If that's what your thinking. I am an sophisticated gentlemen of the fine wine. Like beer, and ale. So, you see, I couldn't have done it, becuase of my alibi. So, ha! In your stupid sunsword face!
  • i was in The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry that day
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    Character, Tneconni the Elder Veteran elf Warrior.

    "Murder? Pah! My hands will only be covered in the blood of my enemies. I took an oath to never harm an unarmed civilian. Besides, my sword was confiscated when I walked in, no weapons allowed, remember? Now if you'll excuse me, some young ladies require my attention." 

    Yes, His name is Innocent backwards, therefore he can spell it backwards and is not the traitor.

  • W-w-what you're accusing ME of murdering him? That's preposterous! I would never, in fact, how do I know you didn't murder him and you're just doing this to throw me off huh? *roll for perception to see if I think he's lying* anywhos why would i murder him like THAT, I'm much more creative and delicate than the brute who did this, if you do find him send him my way so I can teach him to be a better murderer. 
  • Sevedus_Kirkbride

    Hello, Galen, is it? Yes, well the night of the murder I had been in the tavern making some coin with a little... card play. I do however know the victim... he was a rather shifty fellow. He came up and tried making ME use HIS deck of cards! What kind of man does that!? If I remember correctly he been talking about a very scary man following him... i could tell ya, for a little gold? *reaches out his small gnomish hands with greed in his eyes*
  • How could this murder have been me, Sir Sunsword? I was with Ms Gwenyth as her bodyguard at the time in question. It was my first day on the job, but I was there. I humbly request you have mercy, ask your sister.
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