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What other fandoms are you in?

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Just wondering.

I myself used to be in Supernatural's fandom until the 12th season when I just got bored of it, also watched Hannibal, which ranks as one of my favorite shows of all time. Also Homestuck for a long ass time.

(Not to mention I'm in for Urealms till the grave)


  • @Kiko Yeah homestuck is a big meme that im still into. The McElroy Brothers and buds' podcasts and videos on the Polygon youtube channel are amazing and hilarious. There's also this smaller YouTube group called the Pro Crastinators who are all super talented and cool (for the most part.)  Check em all out!
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    I was into Undertale for a while; even did an AU Comic for it (Didn't get far into it, you can see it here if you want. I was planning on rebooting it, but I'm not sure if I am anymore, what with my personal life).

    Other then that, I never really was into Fandoms. Doesn't mean I didn't like Stuff, but I never really got too into Communities for Fictional Works, beyond this and UT.
  • Urealms (Totally not obvious...)
    Persona Series (A part of the Shin Megami Tensei)
    Fire Emblem (First game was Awakening)
    RWBY (Looks like this show will allay, or disARM haters! Am I right? Kill me now)
    Red VS Blue
    Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Gotham

  • Doctor who Destiny FMA (somehwhat) Rwby and that all i cna think of
  • the Persona series
  • hmm...
    Well, it began with persona, like Fire and Gushy48, but does dark souls count as a "fandom"? Thats been my top favorite game series for a while. 
  • Mostly nintendo stuff for me if you can call that a "fandom" I love every pokemon game and all the fire emblems up until Awakening and Fates, although Echoes was amazing. Honestly though my life is basically just pokemon I say while wearing a pokemon shirt, a pokemon hat, and being surrounded by pokemon figures on my desk, while playing pokemon moon breeding for a ralts...
  • Not really fandoms really, but I'm a big fan of Mega 64 and the Procrastinators on youtube. I was into Supernatural as well, but yeah it got old a long time ago unfortunately. I was also in the mlp fandom back when that was a big thing a few years ago.
    I guess currently the big 3 (aside form Urealms) is RWBY, Dark Souls, and Berserk.
  • Erfworld. Which is weird for me, since both Urealms and Erfworld are run by guys named "Rob"
  • Other than Urealms,
    The McElroy brothers and their podcasts (Mbmbam, The Adventure Zone)
    Critical Role is pretty cool,
    Persona series
    Let Me Tell You About
    I was into Homestuck, Steven Universe, and RWBY but it kinda died down for me and got bored of it.

    I did some art but don't really interact.
  • Hearthstone if that counts 

    All the various TV shows I watch (all the good stuff on Netflix + HBO)

    Kinda math forums like the stack exchange and overflow (I don't understand much on the latter)
  • I'll ad mcelroy brothers to that too, I love MBMBAM.
  • Oh yeah hearthstone I guess, I have like 6 legendarys
  • I'm still heavy into Homestuck.
    I was swept up into Undertale for a while, but I peek my head in now and again.
    I could think of a few different ones but are basically inactive for me now.
  • Rwby,Glitchtale(Au),Planetside 2,Marvel, Dc, Pokemon, Sid meier's beyond earth, Terraria, Minecraft, Paragon, Critical role, Danganronpa, red vs blue, Halo in general, the list is as long as my subscription box if not more.
  • I think I might add the now late warhammer fantasy series as well (beastmen ftw)
  • pokemon 
    marvel (pity much all of it)
    the darker side of batman
    too meany you-tubers (ragegaming drawfee rwab)
    and i'm happy with all the rwby love 
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    Camp Camp
    Worm (If you are looking for an epic to read, would recommend highly.)
    Was hugely into Undertale for quite some time, but have fallen off since. Still love the game.
    Dresden Files
    Game Of Thrones (TV series not books, the books were too dry for me.) 
    Mass Effect previously, still not over how poorly ME3 ended.
  • @Gushy48 Love to see other RWBY watchers
  • Besides Urealms,
    MSPaintAdventures (following Homestuck since it's inception were the golden years of my early internet life)
    Berserk (fuck boats)
    Song of Ice and Fire series
    NLSS show
    Nasuverse and Jojo to some extent (have a hate/love relation with both of those fandoms)
    also Mindcrack when it was still a cohesive whole

    The shitty part of getting older is that you don't have a lot of free time to check out let alone hang out with peeps from other fandoms.   :(
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    First fandom was Minecraft, before I really got the concept of a fandom. My most heavily involved one was Undertale, hung around for a year and even worked on a fangame (UnderRacer if you're interested). Now I'm mostly hanging around in TF2, Overwatch and Steven Universe.
  • @Noubi Yo my guy, NLSS is the shit. Love their Quiplash segments. 
  • I guess my big ones that I still poke around in a bit would be Doctor Who (old and new!), FMA, Touhou, Nasuverse, Homestuck (my av on tumblr is still myself in the Witch of Void godteir so I should probably change that ahaha), some smaller LPers but also Raocow, and some idol stuffs in Japan.
    More currently though, as in things I want to produce content for, or have already in a fashion, is Final Fantasy XIV, and, well, Urealms! I still gotta find my tablet before I can do any art though, weeh. :(
  • URealms
    Camp Camp
    High Rollers

    Imagine if you lost a Penny for each fandom you are a part of. That would be a bummer.
  • URealms(obviously)
    I'm a proud Tim of the Hello Internet Nation
    I'm a big fan of the Kingkiller Chronicle series
    Superwholock(Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock)
    Umm... I think that's everything that I'm a hard core fan of.
  • There are quite a lot I guess.
    Doctor Who,
    Steven Universe, Adventure time, and other TV shows, I'll most likely love any TV show if it isn't bad.
    I have recently gotten into Mcelroy Brothers content, like Mbmbam, the TV show Mbmbam, Polygon channel and their beautiful series such as Carboys, Monsterfactory, and such. I've started their DnD podcast, The Adventure Zone, and it is amazing.
    I have gotten through half of homestuck, then I gave up on the thing.

    And ofcourse, DvZ.
  • There is a lot of stuff I love and the like, but getting in fandoms I do only for some things.

    One piece is a exemple I adore to max, together with urealms. The two things share my number one place of things I love to watch and read.
    But I am involved in Urealms fandoms, and not in one piece.

    I am surprised but Danny phantom fandom is still keeping my attention.Ever so often I write something for it.

    Marvel is fandom I am falling in and out depending on the movie that inspires me XD I am sitting on half written chapter for my spiderman fic in the tab beside this one... 

    A few weeks ago I had a strong obsession with undertale to the point I wrote a really good fic I am proud of. And once I was done with it I am pretty much out of that fandom again.
  • Homestuck... and that's really it. I don't usually associate with the fandom. This and Homestuck are exceptions.
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    Thrilling Intent. It's a webseries that's a lot like URLive, but it's weekly and they are playing a modified version of pathfinder.  There are animations sometimes too! It's really great, check out this video to learn more!

    Prior to that I was in the Marble Hornets fandom, you know slenderman and all that, but Marble Hornets was really good.

    I also wander in and out of other fandoms randomly. I write a lot of fanfics for them. You can see those here.
  • Ooh boy, let's see how many weird faces i get.
    So excluding the usual RAWB stuff.

    I am of course in the Homestuck fandom (And hiveswap, if you count them separate, i don't.)
    It's been a really fun place, met lots of cool people and got to watch my favourite character die and die. I'm also into Don't Starve, weirdly enough, I enjoy viewing artwork and videos people do and any theory based on the world, like Charlie.
    In addition i'm still in TF2 since i'm kinda still way too into the game. I just love how whacky it is. Even though i'm more competitive, but cba to get overwatch now.
    Of course we can't forget Rick and Morty! That's the real stuff!
    I'm also currently in Touhou fandom. Surprisingly I've finally beaten my first lunatic stage a week ago without continues.

    And heres one where i'm kind of like bisexual with it, and that is FNaF since that was one of my main big fandoms I was in but at the same time I didn't like it a whole lot when the kid nation attacked, awkwardly enough it was my first start to finding out what a roleplay was, if it weren't for that I'd be one of those competitive fucks in teams just pub-stomping. I'm still apart of it, but at the same time I sorta aren't because of how stupid it has become, well hopefully the kids leave it and all the mature people stay even when it dies, maybe. Glad nobody here is from it as from what I can tell, so nobody may know me. :P

    And I believe that is all.
    Before you ask, OldFredBear did not originate from the FNaF fandom, it came before oddly enough.
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