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Some Music I drew up.

This is the start of some epic symphony I feel, will have to work on it some more, but I feel like I have most of it figured out. This music was slightly inspired by Bopen's Balad, but it changed so much I don't feel like it's necessary to give credit. But I still did. 


  • It reminds me of a song my Great grandmom used to sing...
  • I like that quite a bit actually. It could do with some expanding upon, but all in all it would make for a great starting point. Great job!
  • Sound good! it seems like a very good starting point before some trumpet goes off to some more epic slow notes as an expansion
  • communism lol, I saw that.
  • I like it, I want more.  :)
  • edited July 2017

    Kinda written myself into a corner here so I kinda think I'm done. Here's also the sheet music if anyone wants it.

    P.S. Also got a title!

  • It's a nice little melody, definitely a good starting point. I just wanted to point out that your sheet music has an error. Notes on a bass clef are in a different place than on a treble clef, instead of FACE in the spaces, it's ACEG, so all of your left hand chords are not the ones written above each bar. The actual chords you've used are C, Am, Bdim, and G.
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