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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect

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You are given around 50 to 100 words to make a statement that your character reads out to prove their innocence at the elven party you are attending. Speaking in character (whatever you character is in your mind anyway) what do you say to Galen to prove your innocents?


  • Yes yes yes yes. Yes yes yeees. Yes yes! Yes yesss yes? Yes. ....yes.
  • How could I have killed them? I was listening to the musical stylings of The Future Winners all afternoon.
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    It's because I'm a Dwelf isn't it! You noble born bastards blame us for everything. May I ask who it is I am supposed to have murdered? .....Fine don't tell me, doesn't matter anyway Baldyr isn't some knife in the dark, if I had a quarrel with a man I'd face him in a duel to the first blood and shame him in the eyes of the Divine's and men. So point those accusing stares else where Sunsword or be prepared to draw your steel! 
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    WAIT no don't kill me, I know the place king Bopen resides in.
    I can be of use and will pledge my loyalty to you my lord.
    Please let me serve you lord.
    I know if done wrong but please, I have always wished that my life could be of use for someone and if I can use it for Lords revenge it would finally give me a duty in live.
    *on one knee*
  • "What, that is ridiculous! How could you even think I could do such a barbaric act. I am NOBLE elf and I don't need to hear your foolish assumptions."
  • "I would never soil my hands to kill such a peasant, the fact that you think I would stoop to so low is insulting sir! I have never been treated so poorly at an event such as this, how dare you even begin to question innocence"
  • "Please If I was to kill someone Sir Sunsword you wouldn't know about it, secondly I would just pay someone to do it, I mean their are people readily burning down orphanages you really think I wouldn't just find some hit man to do it. Besides I was "Busy" with one of the waiting staff at the time he was killed so Mister High & Mighty Daddy's Boy are you going to charge an innocent person or are you going to move onto your next suspect ?"
  • Me and your sister was in the broom closet making out. Dave walked in on us. He will vouch for me. 
  • Woah I don't know who you are or what I'm doing here but can you please let me go I got to get free so just let me go and that would be cool PLEASE just let me go I'll give you whatever you want just let me go come on LET ME OUT NOW!!!
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    Please sir, have mercy! You have to understand it could not have been me, I was amongst members of the church during the whole day of the crime! (Name), (Other Name), (Third name), and (one more name) can all speak for this! We started our day with a service, thanking the light for all the good it brings. That went until about noon, and then we held our semi annual Open Doors Ceremony, where all are welcome, that runs late into the night, which is long past when the crime occurred, please sir, you must believe that I'm innocent!
  • You're going a little above your station accusing me of this brutality aren't you? You damn Sunswords were always getting in our way and now you're trying to say I murdered Baron Glasgoshire! And without any evidence I might add. Don't forget your place Galen, we all know you're still trying to avenge your wife, but don't pretend you have an honourable soul.
  • @Dragontbone I laughed at that thanks :P
  • Wasn't me me. Do you even know who I am am? You should recognize me from my beard alone, not that people usually see my face in the first place place... My research into the spell of bearding is keeping me busy enough as it is is! Why do you suspect me in the first place place!? Are you envious of my beard beard? Can I interest you in one one? No no? Fine fine. Stay the hairless mongrel you are are. Elves elves... Can't appreciate true art when they see some some!

    - Dvergr beard artist Rollo Parrakas.
  • "FINE! I ADMIT IT! I WAS THE ONE WHO CASTED disguise TO LOOK LIKE YOU GALEN! Wait, it's about the murder of Billy Bob? In that case, I didn't murder the fool. I was with Kevin Barringster. He thought me the values of being a strange elf. Talk to him to prove my alibi!" 
  • I Did Not do it, its not true Its Bullshit I did Nhat DO it I did Naht 

    Oh Hai Galen
  • By the way rawb, you spelled Innocence Wrong
  • @Ozoner
    lol. Thanks. 
  • I wasn't even there that day Galen sir. I was kicked out of my Goblin big band my lord and I headed to the pub that day. Or did I? I can't even remember where I went after the beer that I drank. Someone might've put some EXP in my drink. Those suckers always mess with the Goblin.
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    "Noooooooow you listen here boy! I already now dun told yous I was busy down dere mining that Dragun silva. Now if it aint for me yous wouldn't gots no silver in the nearest 3/4 mile since im the one who operates the area. if yous want my alli-ma-by just talk to Herbert, heeeeeee'll back me up, not like you elven pansies would know tho. Also the ageless did it... probably."

     -Jebediah, the Crazed Dwarven Miner and Over Seer of the Silver Mine's 22nd Precinct 
  • Listen man, I was just practicing for the next battle of the bards. Things do get dangerous, but nothing fatal ever happens. I just was just near the crime scene. Is that a crime? To be in a public area? Listen buddy, you got the wrong elf. You'll know me as the next Battle of the Bards winner. You hear me? I'm not guilty of any murder. Now, just let me practice in some Ouro'ras damned peace.
  • Please...please sir...I could not have committed the murder. I was at home studying the exploding effects of hat rats. There must be a way to harness that energy and to contain that expulsion of magic.
  • Kobold kobold kobold, koooobooooold kobold kobold kobold. Kobold kobold koobold? Kobold KOLBOLD! Kobold kobold koboold kobold cobalt kobold. Kobold kobold kobold. Kobold. kobodl kobold kobold kobold kobooold. Kobolds kobold kobold koobld kobold. Kooboooold. Kobold kobold. KOBOLD KOBOLD kobold KOBOLDD! Koboldbold kobooold kobold kobold. Kobold kkolbold kobold? Kobold coebold kobold. Kobold kobold kooboooold. Kobold.

    i didn't want to spam but i had you use at least 50 words.
  • Clearly I'm not the murder I was speaking with the Briggs family the entire time! Ask any of them, as a respected member of the Vaughns family I am insulted you would even accuse me, after all we've done for King Rohbear Leomaris! Good Day Sir!
  • Galen, I do appreciate your effort in trying to crack down the criminal and must question everyone but you surely must realise that me, your friend, could not have done it. Why would I still be here and not attempting to escape if I was the culprit?

    Tell you what, as your friend let me help you out and lets track down the real culprit together.
  • I want my lawyer.
  • Lord Bopen smiles upon my actions this day elf. Can you say the same of your king?!
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    He was my friend! How dare you accuse me of such a thing! I could never live with myself if I did such a thing. We knew each other since we were children. We played together as children in the forest. We trained in the Elven Army under your father. We saw Golestandt rise from the Silver Mine mountains. I know what death is, and I would not wish it on the most vile elf. I was his oldest friend. I hav-... I had a history with him, lock me away now if that means nothing to you.
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    Listen Galen, I've had a rough week of it, alright? Just take my word that at least half of this red on my rather expensive shirt, is wine. The latest in the series of my misfortunes, this sudden inquisition aside. Honestly, I came here to get away from trouble and yet here I am, being suspected for murdering some bugger who I've talked to maybe once. You want to arrest me for party crashing fine, but...Oh Come On! This is abuse of power! I don't consent! I demand a fair trial!

  • I only kill when porbo tells me to kill, and porbo is out of town.
  • It couldn't have been me, I don't even know what an elf is, or what guilty means, suggesting I couldn't be guilty.. whats my name you ask. Guilty#3
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