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Are sins of the unforgotten triggered by creation magic?

The two times we've seen Sins, they have been in a battle with a massive amount of creation magic, once against Dalfgan, and another at the end of Den of Devils. To me, it looks like the two are linked, and if we're seeing any more Sins, then we'll see more campaigns with creation magic. What do you think about this?


  • That would definitely make sense, that's also implying that creation magic is basically the power the "watchers" have as individuals, which is an equally interesting concept 
  • This is a really interesting idea! I'm sure we'll see more of this in s3 and learn more about it! 
  • dragon gold is really the donation money confirmed
  • I just binge watched all of the original Unforgotten Realms, which BTW is awesome and makes me understand so many references I didn't know were references. But in there i'm pretty sure a Sin of the Unforgotten happened every time a player cheated. Once it was used to teleport a character when that shouldn't have been able to happen, and multiple times it was used to win battles that the player was probably going to lose, and once when a player peeked ahead in the GM's campaign.
  • I think it's when Creation magic is used when it shouldn't be to save someone. Like a person watching them fight and using a creation magic spell to save them when they shouldn't
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