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Sync's URealms song covers

New: Vampire Hunters made into a horror theme, my goal with this was to just get bigger and louder as the song went on.

URealms theme done in an electronic somewhat ambient and droney style.It has a bit of a Perfect Dark feeling to it I think.

Hopen 4 Bopen done in an e-pop style (heavily inspired by Korean singer Neon Bunny) 
In retrospect I think I should have made this one a bit shorter but I do like the morphing vocal lines as the song goes on.

I worked on a Fuck the Kobolds cover in an electrogaze style but I couldn't get the vocals right because I'm bad. I'll keep trying though. Anyways...

Hope y'all enjoy


  • Some good stuff here dude. Hope to hear more soon!
  • Awesome work! Thanks for sharing :)
  • You really nailed both themes you were going for here. I really enjoyed it, keep it up
  • Really cool work, man! I hope to hear more (especially a Fuck the Kobolds cover)
  • I always love seeing musical talent! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your stuff! ~_~
  • This is awesome dude!
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    Really like your cover of the theme song! Reminds me of Timesplitters and Unreal Tournament.
  • Thanks for all the love dudes :heart: 
  • Ooooh! i like it, the first one has a sinister-creepy vibe to it. as if Rob is plotting something nefarious. while the second one is more ominous, keeping the feel of how ominous bopen himself is. i like them alot, and cant wait till i hear more!
  • Hi all, just uploaded a horrory version of Vampire Hunters.
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    Oooo I quite like the new one. The steady notes throughout the song gives me an idea of exploring a recently abandoned area steadily going into some kind of dark discovery. It would be a nice instrumental for a video trailer as well.
    Well done! Definitely something I would listen for some inspiration 
  • @Jnixz Thanks, glad you like it. That was kinda my approach, build up to something that sounds off. I initially had the song ending with a lot of the instrumentation  dropping away and back to the starting sound and then just the banjo for one last riff. But then I thought, it's a horror piece, I'm not giving any resolution to it, you should feel uneasy at the end.
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