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Rare Avatars

Hello! I've recently saved up enough gold to buy my favorite avatar Jenathorn Barringster, and I realized that the only other person I remember seeing having this icon was Rob on the test website! Does anyone else have a rare avatar they think is unique to everyone else?


  • This one, I barely see anyone else with it which is perfect because it helps me find my old comments, or get other people confused because its so rarely used.
  • Empusa is pretty rare. I actually haven't seen any other empusas.
  • I think Sergio Fabioso is rare, I was going to get him but saw Jo and I loved him alot.
    I might changed to him but at the same time, I prefer Jo, and because I like kobolds. 

    Maybe or maybe not in 'that' way though.

  • I've only seen 1 or 2 more Ghanas
  • Fetchthewater is pretty rare; so rare, that no one has him. Heck, I have him as an avvie and even I don't have him!
  • I don't think I have seen a single person with the Nisovin avatar 
  • i haven't seen To much kinny boots. but im not on this alot.
  • I believe that I'm rare
  • I don't think I've seen any other Philepes.
  • @Shadow Ghana was actually going to be my first because he's one of my favorite elves, but I decided on Jenathorn since few people have it.
  • I know DeNada is a pretty popular choice, but he is just too cool for me to pass up. Especially since I already bought Karl Landers.

    Speaking of which, not a bunch of Karls...
  • I haven't seen a single Cecilia Granger icon. (though I am saving to get Empusa so there probably won't be any Cecilias after I do :P )
  • To be honest I think ill use this one forever.
  • I have seen a few of mine but since sharpswords are cool I had to get him.
  • @NevaMoore ; Are you gonna make me less rare?
  • Not many people have Trandon avatar, I've only seen one other person besides me with him
  • @Vikenikes xd you thought
  • edited July 2017
    I am saving up for Jenathorn! Only 800 to go!

    Edit: Finally got her a few days ago!
  • Ive only seen 1 or 2 Virgo's
  • I've only seen one other Phineas, but thats probably because he's a 10k
  • I like this one cause it kinda matches my name
  • For one of the portraits which you get for only 1000 Gold, the basic male dwarf feels alot rarer than I would think it to be, and currently I feel the basic dwarf matches the main thing i kinda post about on the forums, Making Cards and Expansions to let my Creativity loose.

    But like really, this is only a 1k, I'm surprised i don't see more of it. I guess it's because it's a dwarf and alot of people might think dwarves are boring though.

    Although I do plan on switching in due time, depending on if I like any other profiles coming up [Like good ol' Fjord Stormstick maybe?]
  • No love for Kristy Cobbler? I don't really want to buy anything else until the season is over anyways.
  • Sly's are kinda rare, only seeing a few.
  • Raynel is actually not that rare even though it costs 6000
  • @Firelie Raynel will probably be my second choice, I think her new artstyle really makes her look bad ass.
  • @loveland yeah its really cool
  • ive seen 1 other porbo.... porbo is best porc...
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