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Which characters have defied death the most?

Since the beginning of Season 2, Death Rolls have showed up in pretty much every Campaign, creating the risk of death that chat loves to see, but with very few player deaths (there were several failed death rolls, but only 2 player characters actually died while under the control of the players).
Now, I'm really wondering about the characters of URealms, dead or alive, that have been able to defy the odds of death the most, surviving multiple Death Rolls and living to tell the tale or eventually falling to the dice. I know there are people out there who keep track of all sorts of things, like the amount of points from Okagnoma Guild Hall and the total time of all URealms videos combined. Maybe they could find a little more stuff for us.

I'm interested in knowing, with all the Death Rolls combined and all the math done, which characters had the lowest overall chance of surviving their adventures, and also which of the players had the most Death Rolls and the lowest odds of their own characters surviving campaigns.


  • Virgo.... oh wait
  • There's the fun moment from Woodcarvers when the doomed kid was one of the only children to not die.
  • I think it would be Jebidiah from Den of Devils because of his Empavision powers.
  • In one of my fan campaigns a player that died came back to life because someone across the room wanted to try bringing him back to life by shooting his grappling hook at his chest to make a pump of CPR... he rolled a 20.
  • Oh I had a player come back from the dead 3 times each time they died they were like can I pray to Saten and rolled 20s all 3 times, at first it was a joke but it got rediculace, he also saved another player from dieing by doing the same thing.
  • There's the moment in The Cobblers where Deadbones rolls three 20's when attacking Justin, and Justin rolls a 20 to counter. I feel like if Justin had rolled anything besides a 20 there would've been a real argument for Rob to just kill him.
  • @Asanthri This!
    Rob was trying to kill her the whole campaign but in the end she was the only one to be left alive, was absolutely hilarious!
  • Deadbones's kid survived too, though he almost died near the end, which honestly would've made it even funnier
  • Johnny Fayo defied death the most by simply avoid so many critical failures with all in. Dude should have died 15 times over.
  • Jo Krysstal. He appeared in Den of Devils.
    Nope he died.
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    I decided to take it into my own hands, rewatching the S2 campaigns while looking for all the Death Rolls the players did for their characters. I might be slightly off, but I think this is accurate for the most part, so here you go!
    I counted stuff like the E.X.X.X.P. trips, the Dalfgan fight, and even the Ultimate Showdown, but I didn't include the obviously fake death coin flips from the train.
    Justin - 2 (5%), 8, 1 (25%), 1 (50%), 1 (roll-off)failed 3
    Deadbones - 2 (5%), 7, 2 (50%), failed 2
    Coestar - 3 (5%), 4, 1 (40%), 1 (50%), failed 1
    Roamin - 3 (5%), 2
    Nisovin - 3 (5%), 4
    Millbee - 2 (5%), 1, failed 1
    Total: 15 (5%), 26 (20%), 1 (25%), 1 (40%), 4 (50%), 1 (roll-off), 7 failures

    Have some fun facts while you're here, mostly for the main cast:
    -The standard death rolls (1-4) were used from campaigns 1-6, while the attrition death rolls (1, 1-4, 1-10) were done for campaigns 7-10.
    -That's at least 48 times the death roll music was real for the players.
    -Rob has a secret vendetta against Justin.
    -The most death rolls a player performed in a campaign was 5, by Nisovin.
    -Justin death rolled in 7 campaigns, more than everyone else, while Roamin had the least at 4.
    -Justin failed 3 death rolls (dalfgan, showdown, chess) but none of those characters are dead, even now.
    -The campaigns with the least player death rolls were The Skeleton King (none) and The Cobblers (2, poor Justin). The campaigns with the most were Buckeroos (11) and Fall of Dundinborough (9).
    -All other failed death rolls: Dead Bones, Coe, Millbee
    -No one will ever be able to successfully utilize the unordered list without death rolling in the process.
  • Thanks for gathering that info and sharing! @knguy
  • so, Millbee is the person with the worst luck, with a 50% fall rate on death rolls.
  • Well he was in only two campaigns
  • @knguy but.... If no Kobolds failed... and one of Justin's failed deathrolls was as Conner..... What?
  • Oh whoops lemme change that.
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